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Economics at Otago produced a bi-annual magazine containing articles of interest on contemporary issues in the field of Economics, from July 1998 to August 2019. The articles in EcoNZ@Otago were intended to promote thought and discussion on topics relevant to our everyday lives. The stories were written for a general audience in a lively and engaging style, and are suitable for use as learning materials in schools.

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EcoNZ@Otago Issue 43

  • Rare-earth elements: A primer, by Murat Üngör
  • An online tool for valuing people's health, including valuing 'dead', by Paul Hansen, Franz Ombler & Trudy Sullivan
  • New free trade agreements in the age of Trump, by Tom Fraser & Murat Üngör
  • Some highlights from recent research on economic growth, by Murat Üngör
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

Read this issue 43 August 2019

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 42

  • Electric or petrol/diesel? Which car would you choose?, by William Ogden and Paul Thorsnes
  • Population ageing, global warming and the Sinbad Century, by Andrew Coleman
  • Why more Kiwis are not effective altruists, by Stephen Knowles
  • Reflections from the 2018 WAMS-LAEF in Queenstown, by Murat Üngör
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

Read this issue 42 February 2019

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 41

  • Deconstructing Auckland's housing shortage: Too few builders of too large houses for too many people, by Andrew Coleman and Özer Karagedikli
  • Towards the knowledge society: Fostering and measuring skills, by Susanna G. Campbell and Murat Üngör
  • Politics, profits and books, by David Fielding
  • A new era of uncertainty in the age of globalisation, by Tom Fraser and Murat Üngör
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

Read this issue 41 August 2018

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 40

  • Taking ownership of ecosystem services, by Viktoria Kahui
  • The world's deadliest diseases: The WHO priority list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, by Paul Hansen
  • Who cares? Some insights into the Japanese and New Zealand elderly care sectors, by Arlene Garces-Ozanne
  • Structural transformation in CHINDIA: A comparison of the emerging giants, by Murat Üngör
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

    Read this Issue 40 February 2018

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 39

  • Back to the future: The long-run persistence of social attitudes, by David Fielding
  • How do people's values for cold water corals affect fisheries management?, by Claire W. Armstrong, Viktoria Kahui, Godwin K. Vondolia, Margrethe Aanesen and Mikołaj Czajkowski
  • Housing and taxes, by Andrew Coleman
  • Global population ageing, by Murat Üngör
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

Read this Issue 39 August 2017

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 38

  • Dirty dairying and rising water scarcity in New Zealand, by Thomas Benison
  • Infrastructure: A dead end or a way to prosperity?, by Murat Üngör
  • Otago researchers win the 2016 Economics Ig Nobel Prize!, by Shelagh Ferguson
  • To emphasise the problem or the solution, that is the question!, by Stephen Knowles
  • Is older age an endless bargain? Consumption, age and prices in New Zealand supermarkets, by Angus Milne and Andrew Coleman
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

Read Issue 38 February 2017

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 37

  • China's changing comparative advantage: Trends and implications, by Murat Üngör
  • Central bank communication and Twitter #FED, by Marc-André Luik and Dennis Wesselbaum
  • Better decision-making!
  • Terms of trade and real income changes, by Murat Üngör
  • Philosophy, Politics & Economics @ Otago
  • Economic psychology applied to business: Designing a mobile-banking app, by Roel Wijland, Paul Hansen and Fatima Gardezi
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

Read Issue 37 August 2016

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 36

  • To give at home or abroad? That is the question, by Stephen Knowles and Trudy Sullivan
  • What do New Zealanders want from their retirement income scheme?, by Andrew Coleman
  • The return of the dragon: China's growth experience, by Murat Üngör
  • Global competitiveness and higher education and training, by Hilal Yıldırır Keser
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King
  • EcoNZ@Otago Essay Competition 2016

Read Issue 36: February 2016

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 35

  • Home economics, by Dan Farhat
  • Squeezed in and Squeezed out – How might population ageing affect New Zealand's housing market?, by Andrew Coleman
  • Who is counting LGBTIQs? Queer populations in national statistics, by Karin Schönpflug, Christine M. Klapeer and Roswitha Hofmann
  • What determines academic performance in introductory economics?, by Nathan Berg and Daniel Hamill
  • Who will win the Rugby World Cup?, by Niven Winchester
  • Commentary on the NZ economy, by Alan King

Read Issue 35: August 2015

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 34

  • The cost of delaying leaving the parental home, by Robbie Bell
  • The motherhood wage gap over the life cycle, by Tarja Viitanen
  • Diminishing marginal utility, by David Fielding
  • Which drugs, medical procedures and equipment should be funded?, by Trudy Sullivan and Paul Hansen
  • Once we were an ecosystem people: lessons from resource management by indigenous Māori, by Viktoria Kahui and Amanda C. Richards

Read Issue 34: March 2015

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 33

  • The 2014 EcoNZ@Otago Secondary Student Essay Competition winning submission, by Rachael Grant (Napier Girls' High School)
  • Is this working? A review of the traditional labour market model, by Molly Rebekah Benson
  • Fighting fires: The rise of Keynesian thinking, by Shanae Sherriff
  • Steering the ship or rocking the boat? Monetary versus fiscal policy for economic stabilisation, by Rajvir Singh
  • Off target? Can four-percent inflation help us avoid the Liquidity Trap?, by Edmund Lou
  • Commentary on the New Zealand economy, by Alan King

Read Issue 33: October 2014

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 32

  • Venture capital and patenting, by Simona Fabrizi, Steffen Lippert, Pehr-Johan Norbäck & Lars Persson
  • Giving to charity, but only if you have time, by Stephen
  • Knowles & Maroš Servátka
  • The economics of propaganda, by Trent Smith
  • The economics of gender equality and female empowerment,
  • by David Fielding
  • Shaking things up: The regional effects of the Canterbury
  • earthquakes on productivity and tourism, by Evan Miller &
  • Christopher Hajzler
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 32: April 2014

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 31

  • Charitable giving: How recipient-country characteristics influence donors' behaviour
  • Expectations versus reality
  • Harvesting solar energy in sunny Dunedin
  • What do EFTPOS data reveal about the state of the NZ economy
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 31: September 2013

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 30

  • The rise and fall of 'economics'
  • Who wants to be a criminal?
  • Zapped by the Death Star
  • Little orphan antidote
  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • Rubber duckie, you're the one
  • Tuition conspiracies
  • Virtual economics: Not quite there?
  • Prosumers to the left
  • Commentary on NZ economy

Read Issue 30: March 2013

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 29

  • Economic liberalisation and obesity
  • Tracking alcohol affordability
  • Wellbeing: Foundation for a vibrant future
  • The existence of cows and the tents of capitalism

Read Issue 29: Sept 2012

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 28

  • The costs and benefits of emigrating to New Zealand
  • Climate change and crop yields in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Pay-as-you-go retirement schemes
  • 2011 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 28: April 2012

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 27

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Is it time for time-of-use electricity pricing?
  • Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Giving to Africa
  • Commentary on the NZ economy
  • Highlights

Read Issue 27: August 2011

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 26

  • Akrasia
  • Turkey in the Union
  • Sea lion by-catch
  • 2010 Nobel Awards
  • Commentary on the NZ economy
  • Highlights

Read Issue 26: March 2011

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 25

  • International student location choices
  • Freer trade with the US
  • Fiscal crisis in Greece
  • NZ tax reforms
  • Commentary on the NZ economy
  • Highlights

Read Issue 25: August 2010

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 24

  • Education and trust
  • A guide to opportunity cost
  • 2009 Nobel Awards
  • Highlights
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 24: March 2010

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 23

  • The value of marine resources
  • The NZ Emissions Trading Scheme
  • The climate change impact of tourism
  • The value of avoiding childhood illness
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 23: October 2009

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 22

  • The global financial crisis
  • House prices, sunshine and insulation
  • Immigration and house prices
  • A classroom teaching experiment

Read Issue 22: February 2009

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 21

  • Prioritising health care
  • The price of oil
  • Test match cricket
  • Crime and stock market returns

Read Issue 21: July 2008

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 20

  • New Zealand beneficiaries
  • The end of oil
  • Measuring Trust
  • Inflation and monetary policy
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 20: February 2008

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 19

  • Poverty and the Grameen bank
  • Exchange rate intervention
  • Super Rugby Competition points
  • NZ's current account deficit
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 19: August 2007

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 18

  • Food Miles
  • A common currency with Australia
  • The growth rate of cities
  • Globalization and the nation state
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 18: February 2007

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 17

  • Football refereeing and inconsistency
  • Social capital
  • Global trade liberalisation and NZ
  • An interview with a Nobel Prize winner
  • Commentary on the NZ economy
  • Studying economics

Read Issue 17: September 2006

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 16

  • Immigration to NZ
  • Efficiency of NZ's secondary schools
  • Economic development
  • Monetary policy in the Caribbean
  • Commentary on the NZ Economy

Read Issue 16: March 2006

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 15

  • Baseball and cricket batting
  • Foreign aid and debt forgiveness
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Answers about financial options
  • NZ's terms of trade
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 15: September 2005

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 14

  • Marine reserves and paua
  • 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics
  • Trade liberalisation and NZ
  • Financial options
  • Commentary on the NZ economy

Read Issue 14: February 2005

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 13

  • Whaling
  • Compliance Costs
  • Bilateral Trade
  • A New Land Tax
  • Commentary on the NZ Economy

Read Issue 13: July 2004

EcoNZ@Otago Issue 12

  • Trade Liberalisation
  • The Phillips Curve
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Futures Contracts
  • Commentary on the NZ Economy

Read Issue 12: February 2004

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