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The Department of Economics hosted a range of in-house seminars in 2013. Please see the full list of seminars below for more details.

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Semester 2

Date: 15 July
Presenter: Joe Sabia, San Diego State University
Topic: "When War comes Home: The Effect of Combat Exposure on Domestic Violence"
Read the paper (PDF, 317KB).

Date: 19 July
Presenter: Andrea Menclova, University of Canterbury
Topic: "Returns to Early Years of Formal Education: How the Date of Birth Affects Later Educational Outcomes in New Zealand"
Read the abstract
(PDF, 11KB).

Date: 26 July
Presenter: Susmita Das, University of Canterbury
Topic: "The effect of adoption of pro-women domestic violence policy on dowry violence: evidence from India"
Read the extended abstract (PDF, 81KB).

Date: 9 August
Presenter: Ken Kletzer, University of California, Santa Cruz
Topic: "National Public Debt and Fiscal Insurance in a Monetary Union with Ramsey Taxes"
Read the paper (PDF, 814KB).

Date: 16 August
Presenter: Daryna Grechyna, University of Auckland
Topic: "Technological Progress and Financial Stability"
Read the paper (PDF, 247KB).

Date: 23 August
Presenter: Barry Sopher, Rutgers University
Topic: "Social and Economic Dimensions of Resource Management: Experiments on Public Goods and Common Pool Resources with Endogenous Risk and Benefits"
Read the abstract (PDF, 31KB).

Date: 26 August
Presenter: Peter Moffatt, University of East Anglia
Topic: "The Panel Hurdle Model"
Read the abstract (PDF, 63KB).

Date: 30 August
Presenter: Catherine Ris, University of New Caledonia
Topic: "Employment in New Caledonia: How to Explain Ethnic and Gender Disparity?"
Read the abstract (PDF, 48KB).

Date: 6 September
Presenter: Paul Thorsnes, University of Otago
Topic: “Heterogeneity in homeowner preferences for energy efficiency improvements”

Date: 13 September
Presenter: Stephen Knowles, University of Otago
Topic: “Transaction Costs and Inertia in Charitable Giving”
Read the abstract (PDF, 20KB).

Date: 20 September
Presenter: Bob Reed, University of Canterbury
Topic: "On the practice of lagging variables to avoid simultaneity".
Read the paper (PDF, 185KB).

Read the paper: “Meta-analysis of the effect of fiscal policies on long-run growth” (PDF, 231KB).

Date: 27 September
Presenter: Dave Mare, MOTU
Topic: "Linkage Spillovers of Foreign Direct Investment on domestic firm productivity in New Zealand industries"

Date: 4 October
Presenter: Kuntal Das, University of Canterbury
Topic: “The Effects of Financial Structure and Development on Banking Crises”

Date: 11 October
Presenter: Pauline Grosjean, University of New South Wales
Topic: "Rule of Law, Riches, and Rogues: The Homicide Resource Curse"

Date: 18 October
Presenter: Vladimir Petkov, VUW
Topic: "Continuous Mixed Strategy Equilibria in Static and Dynamic Tournaments"
Read the paper (PDF, 174KB).

Date: 25 October
Presenter: Gunes Kamber, RBNZ
Topic: “International spill-overs of uncertainty shocks: Evidence from a FAVAR”

Date: 8 November
Presenter: Kevin Staub, University of Melbourne
Topic: "Online accessibility to academic articles and the diversity of economics"

Date: 15 November
Presenter: Jeff LaFrance, Monash

Date: 6 December
Presenter: Frank Bohn, Radboud University Nijmegen
Topic:"Unconstrained by a Constitutional Balanced Budget Constraint - Retrospective and Rational Voting in a Political Forecast Cycle Model".

Semester 1

Date: 25 February
Presenter: Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim
Topic: "Who Does (Should) Buy Certification - Buyers or Sellers?" (joint with Roland Strausz)
Read the paper (PDF, 263KB).

Date: 1 March
Presenter: Arlene Ozanne and Trudy Sullivan, University of Otago
Topic: "Expectations and Reality: what you want is not always what you get"

Date: 8 March
Director: Lorenzo Ductor, Massey University
Topic: "Does Co-authorship Lead to Higher Academic Productivity?"
Read the paper (PDF, 331KB).

Date: 15 March
Presenter: Onur Koska, Tuebingen University
Topic: "Foreign Direct Investment as a Signal"
Read the paper (PDF, 437KB).

Date: 22 March
Presenter: Joep Sonnemans, University of Amsterdam
Topic: "Strategies and Evolution in the Minority Game: A Multi-Round Strategy Experiment"
Read the paper (external link)

Date: 27 March
Presenter: Niven Winchester, MIT
Topic: "Market Cost of Renewable Jet Fuel Adoption in the United States"
Read the paper (PDF, 1.4MB).

Date: 5 April
Presenter: Trent Smith, University of Otago
Topic: "The U.S. Obesity Epidemic: New Evidence from the Economic Security Index"

Date: 12 April
Presenter: Tony Blakely, University of Otago, Wellington School of Medicine
Topic: "Burden of Disease Epidemiology, Equity, and Cost-Effectiveness Programme (BODE3)"

Date: 19 April
Presenter: John Panzar, University of Auckland
Topic: "Economies of Scope and Vertical Integration"

Date: 26 April
Presenter: Dan Farhat, University of Otago
Topic: "An agent-based model of interdisciplinary science and the evolution of scientific research networks"

Date: 3 May
Presenter: Doug Allen, Simon Fraser University
Topic: "The Grounds For Marriage: Differences Across Sexual Orientation"
Read the paper (PDF, 361KB).

Date: 10 May
Presenter: Tim Hazledine, University of Auckland
Topic: "Patriots or Pirates? the causes and consequences of top-1% income shares around the OECD"

Date: 17 May
Presenter: Alan King, University of Otago
Topic: "Can a moving target anchor inflation expectations?"

Date: 24 May
Presenter: Friedrich Schneider, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria (William Evans Visiting Fellow)
Topic: "Shadow economies in highly developed OECD countries: What are the driving forces?"
Read the paper (PDF, 397KB).

Date: 31 May
Presenter: Christoph Thoenissen, University of Victoria, Wellington
Topic: “News and business cycles in open economies with financial frictions”

Date: 7 June
Presenter: El Hadj Bah, University of Auckland
Topic: “Impact of the Business Environment on Output and Productivity in Africa”
Read the paper (PDF, 363KB)

Date: 24 June
Presenter: Professor Maurice Obstfeld, University of California, Berkeley
Topic: "Finance at Center Stage: Some Lessons of the Euro Crisis"
Read the paper (PDF, 729KB).

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