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Interested in future postgraduate study?

If you wish to keep the option of studying Economics at postgraduate level (i.e., Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, etc.), there are certain papers that you must include in your undergraduate degree programme. Not all of these papers are compulsory for a standard Economics major and so, to avoid delaying your entry into postgraduate study, your undergraduate major should be designed as shown below.

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Preparatory papers for postgraduate study in Economics

The following papers are required for admission to postgraduate study in Economics.

100-level papers required

BSNS113 Economic Principles and Policy (18 points)
ECON112 Principles of Economics 2 (18 points)
FINQ102 Business Mathematics (18 points)


MATH160 Mathematics 1 (18 points)
BSNS102 Quantitative Analysis for Business (18 points)


STAT110 Statistical Methods (18 points)

Take a look at the complete list of Economics 100-level papers.

200-level papers required

ECON202 Macroeconomics (18 points)
ECON210 Introduction to Econometrics (18 points)
ECON271 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (18 points)

Take a look at the complete list of Economics 200-level papers.

300-level papers required

ECON375 Econometrics (18 points)
ECON377 Mathematical Economics (18 points)

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