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An understanding of Economics is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of careers

Economics is:

  • Essential to business students achieving a 'well-rounded' education
  • A base discipline from which each of the functional areas of business (such as Finance, Marketing, Accounting or Operations Management) has derived some of its principles and ideas
  • An excellent complement to courses such as Law, Political Studies, Philosophy, History, Geography, Languages, Psychology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Mathematics and Statistics
  • An excellent complement to any degree. Try a few papers, or a minor in Economics - even if you don't have room for a full major in Economics

Take a look at the complete list of economics papers available.

The choice is yours with Economics at Otago!

You can study Economics as a major, within an Arts, Commerce or Science degree. The Department of Economics offers a wide range of papers at 200- and 300-level, giving you the flexibility to design your major to fit your interests and career aspirations.

Please contact the Department of Economics with any questions about incorporating a major or minor in Economics into your degree programme.

Study for a Major in Economics at Otago

Read on for essential information to help you choose your path of study.

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