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For people who wish to be inspiring teachers or want to understand the educational influences in our society better, the College of Education offers a wide range of programmes.

We offer Teacher Education programmes or, for those who don't necessarily want to become teachers, but are interested in education, we offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a major (specialisation) in Education.

Teaching is a career that offers a range of exciting opportunities for people who want to work with children and young adults. A teaching qualification also gives graduates a broad range of skills in communication, organisation, management, creativity and adaptability.

Graduates of our teaching programmes not only become successful teachers, but many also move into other exciting careers: museum educators, zoo education officers, Ministry of Education policy analysts, journalists, children's television presenters, college/university/polytechnic lecturers, youth support workers, teachers of English overseas, children's advocates and more.

Our approach

At the University of Otago, we recognise that teachers are the single most important ingredient in our school system and we are committed to nurturing the best, the brightest, and the most effective teachers in New Zealand.

Our rigorous academic programmes combined with the residential nature of our campus environment and our strong Treaty partnership with Ngai Tahu makes us ideally placed to provide future teachers with the intellectual, personal, and cultural maturity that they will need to succeed in the 21st century.

Our initial teacher education programmes are characterised by a relentless focus on learning, the creation of a strong culture of research, a lifelong commitment to professional development, highly productive relationships with local schools, and a deep appreciation of the socioeconomic and cultural diversity of the young people in classrooms throughout the country.

We see teachers as an essential driver of prosperity and well-being in New Zealand—our goal is to be the leader in teacher education.

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