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We provide opportunities for teachers of English to develop and enhance their English teaching capabilities in order to provide high quality learning experiences.
We support teachers by:

  • Providing professional development in the teaching and learning of English
  • Building pedagogical practice in the English learning area
  • Helping teachers to inquire into their practice by using their knowledge, data and tools
  • Evaluating the impact of an inquiry into practice

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing teachers' knowledge of English language, literature and literacy skills
  • Building skills in ways of using data to improve literacy in English
  • Tailoring a programme to meet the needs of students using authentic and complex settings

Support may be provided in-person or remotely providing support for a team of teachers in a school, or working with a group of schools as a cluster. This support includes contact in-person or online to meet with focus teachers, and regular wananga to share the progress of learners and discuss the impact of effective teaching practice.

Accredited Facilitators

Denise Hitchcock
Phone: 021 912 947

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