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How do I access a facilitator for support?

In the first instance contact the people below. They will be able to guide you to the most suitable way to access support, dependant on your needs.

What if the support I want isn't here?

Education Support Services will work in partnership with you to develop a tailor made professional and learning development programme.

How much will it cost to 'buy' for support not funded by the Ministry of Education?

The final cost will depend on the professional learning and development programme that is designed for your school or organisation. Please contact staff below to discuss this further.

Will you work outside of Otago and Southland?

We certainly will. In fact Education Support Services is part of a consortium that is delivering Professional Learning and Development (PLD) throughout New Zealand.

If you would like to discuss professional learning and development needs that you might have and tailor a programme to suit please contact Hamish McDonald.


Hamish McDonald
Director Education Support Services
Phone: 03 479 4907

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