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Support for Years 9 - 13 Teachers

We provide the following services to give the opportunity for secondary teachers to extend their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values through working in a Teaching as Inquiry methodology.

We will support teachers by:

  • Providing professional development in teaching and learning of subject specific learning areas
  • Building pedagogical knowledge and practice in the essential learning areas
  • Assist teachers to inquire into their practice by using their knowledge, evidence and data
  • Evaluating the impact of an inquiry into practice

This will be achieved through workshops, inquiry clusters, face to face and online delivery and webinars that:

  • Develop teachers' knowledge of the New Zealand Curriculum and subject specific content pedagogical knowledge
  • Support teachers to plan and deliver engaging and relevant 21st Century programmes of learning
  • Support the development of digital fluency

Support for Secondary teaching and learning can be through Learning Areas as indicated under the following headings:

The Arts; English; Health and Physical Education; Mathematics; Sciences; Social Sciences; Technology; Learning languages; Secondary Literacy

Accredited Facilitators

Secondary Facilitation Team: Denise Hitchcock, Libby Paterson, Cheryl Pym, Kate Rice, Derek Smith and Stephen Williams.

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