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An opportunity for teachers of the HPE Learning Area to extend their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values essential to tailoring teaching to address the intent of in the New Zealand Curriculum.
We support teachers by:

  • Providing professional development in the teaching, learning and assessment of HPE Year 7–13
  • Building pedagogical practices to support 21st century learning and thinking
  • Helping teachers to inquire into their practice by using their knowledge, data and tools
  • Evaluating the impact of an inquiry into practice

This will be achieved through working in-depth with a team of teachers in a school, or with a group of schools as a cluster. The support includes regular visits to meet with focus teachers, observations, wananga each term to share progress of target students, online forums and professional development with curriculum groups.

The facilitation support might include:

  • Developing teachers' knowledge and understanding of the concepts and context critical to the HPE Learning Area. e.g. The Underlying Concepts, Sexuality Education
  • Using data and student voice to improve learning and achievement in the three subjects
  • Sharing practices that help students to learn and achieve in the HPE learning Area
  • Tailoring a programme to meet the needs of students using authentic and innovative practices. (Year 7-13)
  • Reviewing the quality of teaching and learning and leadership in the department or faculty
  • Developing culturally responsive programmes in the context of HPE
  • Understanding the requirements of Health Consultation and meeting the requirements of the Education Act.
  • Developing quality Health Consultation in your community.

Accredited Facilitators: Libby Paterson


Libby Paterson
Phone: 021 279 4931

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