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The accredited facilitators of Education Support Services offer responsive and focused support to schools to address the literacy demands of the New Zealand Curriculum in all learning areas. Literacy support is evidence-based, comprehensive and designed to address reading, writing and oral language to support students to meet the language demands across the curriculum.

We support schools by:

  • Providing professional development in literacy leadership across primary and secondary schools
  • Collaborating with teachers to build pedagogical practice in literacy across the curriculum
  • Developing capability in the use of effective literacy assessment practice and the use of relevant assessment tools
  • Building teacher capability that supports learners to meet the demands of the NCEA literacy requirements
  • Supporting teachers to inquire into the impact of their literacy practice

Facilitation may include:

  • In-depth support for a team of teachers in a school, which includes regular contact in-person or online to meet with focus teachers, carry out observations, and wānanga to share progress of learners
  • Building literacy capability within learning areas
  • Working with groups of schools and Kāhui Ako
  • Sharing practices that support students to learn
  • Reviewing current programmes and collaborating to design new learning experiences
  • Building skills in data analysis and ways of using the data to improve literacy achievement, including the use of the Curriculum Progress Tools (Learning Progression Frameworks and PaCT) in Reading and Writing
  • Developing culturally responsive pedagogies and practices
  • Tailoring a programme to meet the needs of individual teachers, school or cluster

Accredited Facilitators

Years 1–8

Lauren Latimer

Mob +64 21 165 7324

Years 1–13

Denise Hitchcock

Mob +64 21 912 947

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