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If you are interested in education, but not necessarily wanting to be a teacher, Education Studies might be the right pathway for you. The study of education at Otago is concerned with how societies ensure that their children and adults become knowledgeable citizens.

A range of topics are addressed in Education Studies

  • Biculturalism and the Treaty of Waitangi in Aotearoa New Zealand education
  • Educational Psychology (how infants, children, young people and adults learn)
  • The role of education in the lives of families and communities
  • The cultural, social, historical and political influences on curriculum
  • Social justice and inclusive education including issues of gender, disability, interculturalism and information and communication technologies
  • Education and social science research methods
  • How education systems evolve and how they function

Students with a major in Education Studies are able to apply for a diverse range of jobs in most fields open to Arts graduates. Education can be an especially useful background for careers in research, policy analysis, social work, the counselling professions and many areas of the public service. Educational processes are important in almost all settings and Education graduates have a valuable role in most organisations.

Many students find Education papers complement their studies in other disciplines and degrees or to undertake alongside another major.

Programme and other requirements, and details about the Bachelor of Arts degree

Programme requirements, minor subject requirements and papers

About the Bachelor of Arts degree

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