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Te Pokai

This comprehensive primary bicultural teacher education programme enables graduates to teach in primary, intermediate, bilingual and/or Māori-medium schools (depending on a graduate's ability in te reo Māori). Applicants for the programme do not need to be fluent in te reo Māori.

Successful applicants require enthusiasm for children and learning and a commitment to increasing their understanding of te ao and te reo Māori.

The programme addresses professional teaching issues, subject knowledge, education theory, the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum and practical teaching experience. It also includes components that are based in te ao Māori and develops proficiency in te reo Māori to enable graduates to deliver curriculum which is encased in whakaaro Māori.

Bachelor of Teaching – Te Pōkai Mātauranga o te Ao Rua (Primary Bicultural Education)

The title of this unique three-year programme comes from a Māori world view. It reflects the philosophy of the Te Pōkai Mātauranga o te Ao Rua programme: “the folding together of two worlds of knowledge”, likened to a child's knowledge development – the potential knowledge (mohiotanga), the gaining and shaping of it through learning and teaching experiences (mātauranga) and then the understanding/application of that knowledge (maramatanga).

Offered in Invercargill only.

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For further information, please contact the Kaiārahi o Te Pokai Matauranga o te Ao Rua, or

Tel 0800 TO TEACH (0800 868 3224)

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