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Education is the fundamental tool with which countries, communities, and individuals can improve their well-being.

The study of education is concerned with how societies ensure that their children and adults become knowledgeable citizens. It provides a critical analysis of educational theories, policies and practices, to promote understanding of education in its social context.

The study of Education is diverse and inter-disciplinary. It equips graduates with a range of sought-after skills including critical thinking, problem solving, strong interpersonal skills, and both written and verbal communication skills.

Career Opportunities

Education provides a foundation for all teaching programmes and for careers that require critical thought, interactions with people, an understanding of human development and learning, policy analysis and advanced communication.

Education can be an especially useful background for careers in research, policy analysis, social work, the counselling professions and many areas of public service.

Degree Options

The University of Otago College of Education offers a range of papers contributing to the study of Education, as a subject major or minor in a Bachelor of Arts degree, or as a minor subject included in other degrees.

Students find that Education papers are a useful complement to other degrees including Arts, Physical Education, or Social Work and Community Development. Education papers can enhance any degree, as all professionals are involved in learning.


Entrance and Admissions Requirements

View the University entrance requirements.

Entry pathways:please refer to this page for the two pathways for admission; preferential and competitive entry.

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