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Students may select from EDUC, EDSU and/or other approved disciplines and subjects.

What are Electives?

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Elective papers being offered:

The following papers are offered by the College of Education. Each paper is worth 18 points.

EDSU 110 Children in Action Not offered in 2023
EDSU 111 Children, Science and Play Not offered in 2023
EDSU 115 Exploring the Visual Arts Through Drawing and Painting Semester 2 (Invercargill)
Students might also like to consider:
EDUC 105 Disability Studies: An Introduction Semester 1 (Dunedin)
MAOR 110 Introduction to Conversational Māori Summer School & each semester (Dunedin), semester 2 (Invercargill)
Catechetical Studies:
BIBS 215 Special Topic: The Bible in Religious Education Not offered in 2023
CHTH 111 Doing Theology Semester 1 (distance learning & on campus, Dunedin)

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2023 Calendar and supplementary material.

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