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Students may select from EDUC, EDSU and/or other approved disciplines and subjects.

What are Electives?

Electives are selected papers from other approved disciplines and subjects to develop in-depth knowledge in selected subject areas or specialisation, to enrich teaching in your chosen field.

  • BTchg Early Childhood Education students must select elective papers worth 18 points
  • BTchg Primary Education, Te Pōkai Mātauranga o te Ao Rua (Primary Bicultural Education) student teachers are not required to select electives for their programme, but they may be taken as additional papers

Elective papers being offered:

The following papers are offered by the College of Education.  Each paper is worth 18 points.

EDSU 110 Children in Action Semester 2 (on campus, Invercargill)
EDSU 111 Children, Science and Play Not offered in 2024
EDSU 115 Exploring the Visual Arts Through Drawing and Painting Not offered in 2024
Students might also like to consider:
EDUC 105 Disability Studies: An Introduction Semester 1 (on campus, Dunedin)
Paper  Co-ordinator: Sylvia Robertson
EDUC 251 Education in New Zealand: Policy and Treaty Issues Semester 2 (on campus, Dunedin)
Paper Co-ordinator: Susan Sandretto
EDUC 254 Family Resources, Culture, and EducationSemester 1 (on campus, Dunedin)
EDUC 259 Educating Global Citizens for the 21st CenturySemester 2 (on campus, Dunedin)
MAOR 110 Introduction to Conversational MāoriSummer School and each semester (on campus, Dunedin); Semester 2 (on campus, Dunedin and Invercargill)
Catechetical Studies: 
BIBS 215 Special Topic: The Bible in Religious Education Not offered in 2024
CHTH 111 Doing Theology Semester 2 (Distance learning and on campus, Dunedin)

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2024 Calendar and supplementary material.

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