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Otago Studies in English

The Otago Studies in English is an occasional series of texts and studies relating to English language and literature. Its declared objectives are:

  • to promote the teaching of English through the publishing of resource materials for students and teachers;
  • to produce editions of literary texts suitable for teaching purposes;
  • and to issue scholarly monographs, particularly ones that advance the study of New Zealand literature and New Zealand English.

Otago Studies in English issues:

  • The Phoenix and the Parrot: Skelton and the Language of Satire, by Douglas Gray (2012). Otago Studies in English 10. ISBN 978-0-473-23503-1, ISSN 1170-6082
    The poems of John Skelton are justly considered some of the finest written in English in the early Tudor period. Skelton is regarded as an important representative of late fifteenth-century humanism. He is a poet who not only breathed new life into late medieval genres but also adopted radical techniques - disjunctions, rapid transitions of tone, wordplay and a calculated ambiguity - that anticipate modern poetry.
    Douglas Gray takes his title from two emblematic birds that feature in Skelton's oeuvre. The transcendent and immortal Phoenix sits atop the laurel tree and is concerned "with fame and eternal verities," while the exotic Parrot is concerned with "flux, particularity and play."
    Douglas Gray's deep learning and close engagement with medieval and early modern poetry are evident throughout his book, providing a clear and accessible exploration of Skelton's distinctive poetic qualities and his place in the literary and political controversies of his time.
  • New Windows on a Woman's World: Essays for Jocelyn Harris, ed. Colin Gibson & Lisa Marr (2005). Otago Studies in English 9. ISBN 1-877139-89-0 Download table of contents.
  • Milton as Multilingual: Selected Essays 1982-2004, by John Hale, introd. by Beverley Sherry (Univ. of Sydney) and ed. Chris Ackerley and Lisa Marr (2005). Otago Studies in English 8. ISSN 1170-6082, ISBN 1-877139-75-0
  • Samuel Richardson of London Printer: A Study of His Printing Based on Ornament Use and Business Accounts, by Keith Maslen (2001). Otago Studies in English 7. ISSN 1170-6082, ISBN 0-473-07760-4
  • World and Stage: Essays for Colin Gibson, ed. Greg Waite et al.(1998). Otago Studies in English 6. ISSN 1170-6082, ISBN 1-877139-11-4
  • Six Renaissance Tragedies, ed. Colin Gibson (1997). Otago Studies in English 5. ISBN 0-333-60923-9
  • Playlunch: Five Short New Zealand Plays, ed. Christine Prentice and Lisa Warrington (1996). Otago Studies in English 4. ISBN 1-877133-01-9
  • Thomas Malory, Le Morte Darthur, ed. Greg Waite (1993). Otago Studies in English 3. ISSN 1170-6082, ISBN 0-9597914-9-3
    The stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have appealed to generations of readers. Of the many versions of the Arthurian legend written down in the Middle Ages, Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur (completed around 1469) has proved the most popular witih readers, and the most influential upon writers who have retold the tales or woven threads from them into their own stories.
    This book provides a new edition of Malory's concluding seventh and eighth tales, which trace the love affair of Lancelot and Guinevere and other events leading up to the rebellion of Mordred and the death of Arthur. The text is designed for students beginning work in medieval literature and other readers who wish to experience Malory's evocative pose in its original form.
  • Sonnets from Four Centuries 1500-1900: An Anthology for Students of English Literature, ed. John Hale (1992). Otago Studies in English 2. ISSN 1170-6082, ISBN 0-9597914-6-9
  • How to Study Literature in English: A Guide for the Advancing Student, ed. Alistair Fox et al. (1989). Otago Studies in English 1. ISSN 1170-6082, ISBN 0-908569-90-4

ENGL404 Collections

  • In Her Hand: Letters of Romantic-Era British Women Writers in New Zealand Collections, by the Otago Students of Letters (2013). ISBN 978-0-473-24891-8
    Take a look inside
  • Culture of Change: Beginnings at the University of Otago, by The Departments of English and History (2006). ISBN 1877139971
  • Tower Turmoil: Characters and Controversies at the University of Otago, by The Time Keepers (2005). ISBN 187713984X.
    Available for free as a PDF

New Zealand Colonial Texts

Series Editor Shef Rogers

  • Alone in the World, an 1866 sensation novel by Mary Ann Colclough, edited with notes and an introduction by Jenny Coleman. ISBN 978-0-473-42332-2
  • The Passionate Puritan, a 1921 novel by Jane Mander, edited with an introduction by Damien Love. ISBN 978-0-473-26979-1
  • The Merry Marauders, a 1913 novel by Arthur J. Rees, edited with notes by Julian Kuzma and Lisa Marr. ISBN 978-0-473-13040-4
  • Lenore Divine, a 1926 novel by Jean Devanny, edited with notes by Kirstine Moffat. ISBN 978-0-473-21286-5
  • Tom Hungerford, an 1872 serial melodrama by William Baldwin, edited with notes by Jim Sullivan. ISBN 978-0-473-18077-5
  • The Two Lawyers, an 1871 goldfields melodrama by W. M. Southan, edited with notes by Jim Sullivan. ISBN 978-0-473-51257-6
  • Morganeering, a 1913 satire on the evils of capitalism, by the first professor of Chemistry at Canterbury University, edited with an introduction by Lyman Tower Sargent. ISBN 978-0-473-55007-3
  • A Thousand Pities, a 1901 meditation on place and settlement in the lower North Island by Ellen Taylor, edited with an introduction by Kirsty Carpenter. ISBN 978-0-473-59513-5

Other Programme publications

  • Samuel Richardson, Sir Charles Grandison, ed. Jocelyn Harris, Oxford World's Classics, 1972, 1986, 2001, 513 pp.
  • All three parts of Jocelyn Harris's original edition of Sir Charles Grandison (1972) have been reprinted in paperback with the permission of Oxford University Press. The cost is $126.50 (NZD) plus postage and packing.
  • To order, please contact UniPrint, 161 Albany Street, Dunedin, New Zealand, Tel 64 3 479 8043, fax 64 3 479 8177, or email
  • Deep South - Graduate Students' Electronic Journal
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