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Title Author First line Date Note
A Ballad Against Malicious Slanderers Anon Trolle into the way / trolle in and retrolle 1540 [STC] Ringler 1323.5 and TP 2059. Single sheet folio. Facs. John A. Kingdon, _Incidents in the Lives of Thomas Poyntz and Richard Grafton_, 1895. UMI microfilm reel 1861
A Ballade of the Scottysshe Kynge Skelton, John Kynge Iamy, Iomy your joye is all go 1513 [Scattergood] Ringler 22593 and TP 1008. An earlier version of TP 76 ("Agaynst the prowde Scottys claterynge"). Brown and Robbins 1822.5. UMI microfilm reel 19
A Comparison Between Four Birds Saltwood, Robert Lamentyng my sorowes with syghes depe 1533-34? Ringler 21647 and TP 1013. Saltwood fl. 1530-48 [CBEL]. UMI microfilm reel 1005
A Complaint of Them that be Too Soon Married Copland, Robert For as moche as many folke there be c. 1505? [Erler, p. 44] Ringler 5729 and TP 432 (also TP 608 "Here endeth a full dolefull complaynte ..." [rhymed colophon of Copland or de Worde] and TP 1528, "Ryght dere frendes louely I do you submite ..." [Copland's envoy with acrostic]). The text is a translation of "La complainte de trop tost marie", c. 1500, probably by Pierre Gringore. An acrostic at B4r-v reads: "Robertus Coplande". TP 1528 and TP 608 ed. M. C. Erler, _Robert Copland: Poems_ (Toronto, 1993), pp. 43-5. UMI microfilm reel 133
A Couplet on Wolsey's Dissolution of the Convocation at St Paul's Skelton, John Gentle Paule lie doune thy sweard 1523 [Scattergood] Ringler 12721 and TP 453. A couplet on Cardinal Wolsey's dissolution of the Convocation at St Paul's, called by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in late April 1523. Ed. Scattergood, p. 358. UMI microfilm reel 47
A Dialogue Between the Plaintiff and the Defendant Calverley, William O excellent prince of my lyfe chefe patron 1535? Ringler 4370 and TP 1261. UMI microfilm reel 132
A Dialogue Defensive for Women Burdet, Robert In the moneth of December when phebus the bright 1542 [E4v] Ringler 24601, TP 925 ("In the moneth of December...") and TP 2050 ("To you maystres Arthur..."). "By Robert Burdet, ed. Robert Vaghane" (Ringler). Answers STC 12104.5 (Anon, _The School-house of Women_, 1541). "Based heavily on Sir Thomas Elyot's 'Defense of Good Women'. 1540" (Ringler). UMI microfilm reel 157. Order no. 10191
A Dialogue Touching the Unstableness of Harlots Anon What a world is this/ I trow it be acurst 1530? Ringler 6807 and TP 2112. Rpt. William Beloe, _Anecdotes of Literature_, 1 (1807-12), 389; ed. Charles Hindley, _Old Book Collector's Miscellany_, 1 (1871), 6. UMI microfilm reel 239
A Dialogue of Proverbs Heywood, John Of myne acquayntaunce a certayne yong man 1546 [STC] Ringler 13291 and TP 139 ('Among other thyngs ...'). Rpt. (1562 ed. of Heywood's _Works_) _The Proverbs and Epigrams of John Heywood_, Manchester, 1867 (Spenser Soc.). UMI microfilm reel 134
A Garlande or Chapelet of Laurell Skelton, John Arectyng my syght toward the zodyake 1495-1523 [Scattergood] Ringler 22610 and TP 366 ("Arectyng my syght ..."); also TP 68, 280, 288, 816, 1004, 1166, 1469, 1977, 2012, 2139, 2304 and 2345 (12 songs separately indexed), noted in the text in their respective positions. Ed. Dyce1.361-427; ed. Scattergood, pp. 312-58. UMI microfilm reel 19
A Good Lesson for Young Men Anon Myne owne dere chylde, I rede and counseyle the c. 1540 Ringler 15525 and TP 1134. Cambridge, University Library, Syn.5.52.3 (A1-2 only). UMI microfilm reel 447.
A Goodly Dialogue Between Knowledge and Simplicity Anon God saue you my frende simplicitie 1548 [STC] Ringler 6806 and TP 497. UMI microfilm reel 378.
A Joyful Meditation Hawes, Stephen The prudent problems, the noble werkes [O God alone in heuen werynge crowne] 1509, 24 June Ringler 12953 and TP1824. UMI microfilm reel 49
A Lamentation of the Death of Henry the Eighth Anon If the riuer Phison and Euphrates 1547 [STC] Ringler 13089 and TP 856. Single sheet folio. UMI microfilm reel 889
A Lawde and Prayse Made for Our Sovereigne Lord the Kyng Skelton, John The Rose both white and Rede 1509 [Scattergood] Ringler L11: E 36 /228 and TM 1588. Brown and Robbins 3456.5. PRO, E 36-228 is a single folded sheet (fols. 7-8), "autograph copy of John Skelton, congratulatory poem on the accession of Henry VIII, 1509" (Ringler). Ed. Dyce 1.ix-xi; ed. Scattergood, pp. 110-12. Facsim. and transcript in P. J. Croft, _Autograph Poetry in the English Language_, 2 vols. (London, 1973) 1:6-8
A Little Gest of Robin Hood Anon Lithe and lysten gentylmen c. 1500 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 1915 (see esp. Suppl.). Ringler 13689 and TP 1052.3. Rpt. Joseph Ritson, _Robin Hood_, 1 (1795), 1-80; Laing, _Knightly Tale of Golagros_, 1827; Stevenson, _STS_ LXV. 267-90; Gutch, _Robin Hood_, 1847, I. 145-219; Child, _Ballads_, 1864, 1878, V. 44-123; and _Pop. Ballads_, no. 117, III. 56-78; Sargent and Kittredge, _Pop. Ballads_, pp. 256-78; Gummere, _OE Ballads_, pp. 1-68; Pollard, _XV C. Prose and Verse_, pp. 35-80; Morley, _Shorter Eng. Poems_, pp. 82-101; ed. Ewald Flu"gel, _Neuenglisches Lesebuch_ (Halle, 1895), 171-86. Child _Ballads_ no. 117b; ed. R. B. Dobson and J. Taylor, _Rymes of Robyn Hood: an Introduction to the English Outlaw_ (London, 1976), pp. 79-112. No MS. extant (BR). Child's ed. is in _The English and Scottish Popular Ballads_, ed. F.J. Child, 5 vols. (1884-98), III, 39-89. UMI microfilm reel 49. Order no. 1331
A Little Treatise Against Sedicious Persons Smyth, Thomas Of late I perused/ two purposes seuerall 1540 [STC] Ringler 22880.4 and TP 1415. Single sheet folio, printed on both sides. Contribution to the Gray-Smith flyting, reprinted and answered in STC 22880.7. Rpt. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 6; ed. John A. Kingdon, _Incidents in the Lives of Thomas Poynty and Richard Grafton_, 1895; ed. Ernest W. Dormer, _Gray of Reading_, 83-6. Reel 1861
A Little Treatise That Shows How Every Man and Woman Ought to Fast on Wednesday Anon The wednesdayes/ astynence and holy fast 1500 [Ringler] Ringler 24224. Brown and Robbins 3496.6. Rpt. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 4. UMI microfilm reel 484
A Little Treatise for to Learn English and French Anon c. 1497 [STC] Ringler 24866, Brown and Robbins 1920. Cf. Ringler TP 1052.7 ('Lytell chyldren here maye ye lerne'). Incorporates _The booke of curtesye_ with interlinear French translation, B1-4v. Ed. Jean Gessler, _Deux Manuels de Conversation imprimŽs en Angleterre au XVe sicle_ (Bruxelles, 1941). UMI microfilm reel 13.
A Little Treatise of Merlin Anon Cryste on crosse his blode that bled late 15th century? [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 611.5. Ringler 17841 and TP 307.5. An anon. trans. from the French Prose _Merlin_ (by Robert de Boron?), c. 1300. Fragments of an earlier ed. (de Worde, c. 1499) have now been identified: see STC 17840.7, and O. D. Macrae-Gibson, 'Wynkyn de Worde's _Marlyn_', _The Library_ 6th ser. (March, 1980), 73-6. The MS texts from which the variants are drawn are printed in vol. I of _Of Arthour and of Merlin_, ed. O. D. Macrae-Gibson, 2 vols. (London, 1973-79), EETS OS 268, 279. UMI microfilm reel 1178
A Merry Gest of the Friar and the Boy Anon God that dyed for vs all/ And dranke bothe eysell and gall ante 1475 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 977, Ringler 14522 and TP 500.5. Facsimile ed. F. Jenkinson, Cambridge, 1907; ed. W.C. Hazlitt, _Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England_ III, 54-81; ed. Joseph Ritson, _Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry_, 1791, 31-56. For another version publ. in the Textbase of Early Tudor English, see Richard Hill's Commonplace Book, Oxford, Balliol College, MS 354, fols. 98-100v. For bibliographical information, see E. Fluegel, _Anglia_ XVI, pp. 104-5. UMI microfilm reel 1384.
A Metrical Declaration of the Seven Petitions of the Paternoster Anon Though I be wyllynge and feruent of desyre c. 1530? Ringler 16816 and TP 1966. UMI microfilm reel 1385.
A New Year's Gift Crowley, Robert As bread to the hungry is better than golde [Ringler: Haue here (gentle reader) a thinge verie small 1549? [STC] Ringler 6087 and TP 543 ('Haue here (gentle reader) ...'). Signature nos. wanting. UMI microfilm reel 133.
A Pamphlet Compiled by G. C. "G. C." The fynest wyt that is alyue c. 1540 [STC] Ringler 4268.5 and TP 1714. Rpt. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 12. "Against Cromwell and his defense by Smyth and Gray" (Ringler). Single sheet folio
A Plaster for a Galled Horse Ramsey, John The horse that is galled wyll wynse and kycke 1548 [STC] Ringler 20662 and TP 1756; also TP 1066 ("Loke what here in ..." [titlepage verse]). Signature nos. wanting. Order no. 2824; UMI microfilm reel 140.
A Poor Help Shepherd, Luke Wil none in al this lande/ Step forth and take in hand 1548? Ringler 13052 (cf. 13051.7) and TP 2282. STC 13051.7 supplies verses wanting on A2 and A5. Attributed to Shepherd by John Bale. STC 13051.7 rpt. W. C. Hazlitt, _Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England_, 4 vols. (1864-66), 3:249-66; STC 13052 rpt. John Strype, _Ecclesiastical Memorials_, 2 (1734), 34-8. UMI microfilm reel 49
A Pretty Complaint of Peace Anon As one vnworthy to write or dedicate 1538? [STC] Ringler 5611 and TP 181 ('As one vnworthy ...'). UMI microfilm reel 920
A Proper Dialogue Between a Gentleman and a Husbandman Barlow, William, Bp. of St. Asaph and of Chichester. With soroufull harte/ maye I complayne 1529? [STC] Ringler 1462.3 and TP 2305. Also TP 203.5 (=BR 455.8), title-page verses, "Anon. [attrib. William Thorpe, d. 1407?], _An A.B.C. to the spiritualte_" (Ringler); and TP 1256, Prologue (10 stanzas), Anon. The main text is also attrib. to W. Roy, and to Jerome Barlow (Ringler). Pages in Bodleian copy stained and torn with some loss of print. UMI microfilm reel 1784.
A Replycacion Agaynst Certayne Yong Scolers Abjured of Late Skelton, John A lytell ragge of Rethorike/ A lesse lumpe of logyke 1528? [Scattergood] Ringler 22609 and TP 24. Brown and Robbins 3772.5 ("In the honour of our blessed Lady", line 18 of verse). Ed. Dyce 1.206-24; ed. Scattergood, pp. 372-86. UMI microfilm reel 1363
A Rhyme Against Richard III and his Advisors Collyngbourne, William The Rat, the Catte and Louell our dogge 1485 Ringler 12721 and TP 1695.5. Brown and Robbins 3318.7. William Collyngbourne's rhyme against Richard III and his advisors for which he was executed in 1485, quoted by Halle
A Short Recital of Certain Holy Doctors Mardeley, John It is marueled moche/ Mens myndes in soch 1548? [STC] Ringler 17318 and TP 965. UMI microfilm reel 137
A Song of the Lord's Supper "E.T." (Tilney, Emery) O God who is worthy thy great loue to expresse 1550 Ringler 24078 and TP 1283. UMI microfilm reel 635. Order no. 10114
A Translation of the Verses in Honour of Charles V Anon The great triumph, howe shulde one man descryue 1522 [Ringler] Ringler 15606.7 and TP 1744. "Anon. tr. of Latin verses by William Lily" (Ringler). Rpt. C. R. Baskervill, _Huntington Lib. Bul._ 9 (1936), 8-24. Some of the Latin verses are also ptd. in the account of the pageant in Edward Halle, _The Vnion of the two noble and illustrate famelies of Lancastre and Yorke_ (R. Grafton, 1548), RRr1-2, STC 12721 (=H). UMI microfilm reel 132
A Treatise Declaring the Despite of a Secret Seditious Person Smyth, Thomas Why I thus do wryte/ is greatly to be mused 1540 [STC] Ringler 22880.6 and TP 2276. Rpt. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 6; ed. John A. Kingdon, _Incidents in the Lives of Thomas Poynty and Richard Grafton_, 1895; Ernest W. Dormer, _Gray of Reading_ (Reading, 1923), 87-90. Single sheet folio
A Treatise of Things Abused in the Popish Church. Moone, Peter Grace whiche is the mercy fauor and acceptation 1548? [STC] Ringler 18055 and TP 518. UMI microfilm reel 124
A Warning for the City of London Samuel, William To speake the truthe, Let me nothynge spare c. 1550? [STC] Ringler 21690.8 and TP 2037. Signature nos. wanting. UMI microfilm reel 1840
A Warning to the Duke of Norfolk Anon Iack of Norffolke be not to bolde 1485 Ringler 12721 and TP 982.5. Brown and Robbins 1654.5. The text of an anonymous warning to John Howard, first Duke of Norfolk, before the battle of Bosworth in 1485, quoted by Halle
A complaynt of a dolorous louer Anon O what dyscomforte/ o what dueyll 1531? Ringler 5608 and TP 1384 (also 911). Ed. Edward F. Rimbault, Percy Soc. 27 (1842), 57-62. UMI microfilm reel 1169
Against Dundas Skelton, John Gup Scot/ Ye blot/ Laudate/ Caudate c.1515? [Scattergood] Brown and Robbins 1021.5. Not in Ringler
Against Venemous Tongues Skelton, John Al maters wel pondred and wel to be regarded 1515-1516 [Scattergood] Brown and Robbins 193.5. Not in Ringler
Agaynst the Scottes Skelton, John Agaynst the prowde Scottys claterynge 1513 [Scattergood] Ringler 22598 and TP 76. Brown and Robbins 1931.3. UMI microfilm reel 19
Agaynste a Comely Coystrowne Skelton, John Of all nacyons vnder the heuyn 1495-1500 [Scattergood] Ringler 22611 and TP 1400 [Brown and Robbins 2609.5]; also TP 2311 [Brown and Robbins 4217.3] ("Womanhod wanton ...") and TP 2344 [Brown and Robbins 4284.5] ("Your vgly tokyn ..."). Ed. Dyce 1.15-21; ed. Scattergood, pp. 36-41. UMI microfilm reel 860
Agenst Garnesche Skelton, John Sithe ye haue me chalyngyd Master Garnesche 1514? [Scattergood] Brown and Robbins 3154.5 [individual poems not numbered separately]. Harley 367 is not listed by Ringler
Alexander the Great Anon To Aristotell in bookys as I fynd ante 1300? [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 683; Ringler 321 and TP 348.5 ("[Diuers is this myddellerde]"). Printed copytext is fragmentary (leaves O2, O7 only). Rpt. Karl D. Bühlbring, _Englische Studien_ 13 (1889), 145-53; ed. G. V. Smithers, EETS os 227 (1952), 288-96. Anon. tr. from French, a condensed adaptation of Thomas of Kent's _Roman Toute Chevalerie_. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 622 consulted in Smithers's ed. UMI microfilm reel 21
Alterations of Kingdoms Anon The fyrst deuision/ In Paradise begon c. 1550 Ringler 14999.5 and TP 1715. Single sheet folio, trimmed along upper, lower and right margins.
An ABC to the Christian Congregation Knell, Thomas Abstayne from pryde, abstaine from fornication 1550? Ringler 15029 and TP 58. Single sheet folio. Printed on verso of STC 9512.8. Rpt. Herbert L. Collman, ed., _Ballads & Broadsides_, Roxburghe Club 160 (Oxford, 1912), no. 56. UMI microfilm reel 134
An Answer to Master Smyth "W. G." [Gray, William] Whereas of late two thinges ye parused c. 1540 [STC] Ringler 12206a.3 and TP 2216. Rpt. Ernest W. Dormer, _Gray of Reading_ (Reading, 1923), pp. 91-4. A contribution to the Gray-Smyth flyting. Single sheet folio, printed on both sides. UMI microfilm reel 1861
An Answer to a Papisticall Exhortation Bale, John? Euery pylde pedlar / Wyll be a medlar 1548? Ringler 1274a; TP 379 ('Euerye pylde pedlar...'); and TP 1170 ('My mynde can not ...'), the original "Exhortation", an attack on Dr. Robert Barnes, burned 1540, which Bale reprints (in blackletter) and answers here (in roman font). Rpt. W. C. Hazlitt, ed. for Henry Huth, _Fugitive Tracts Written in Verse_, 1st series, 1875, no. 17. UMI microfilm reel 22
An Artificial Apology Smyth, R. Moued wyth mercy, by pytye prouoked 1540 [STC] Ringler 22877.6 and TP 1147. Single sheet folio. 'Ostensibly a reply to W. G. in [STC] 12206a.3. Literally an attack on Thomas Smith' (Ringler). Rpt. W. C. Hazlitt for _Fugitive Tracts_, No. 11, ed. John A. Kingdon, _Incidents in the Lives of Thomas Poynty and Richard Grafton_, 1895. (Ringler). UMI microfilm Reel 1861
An Envoy from Thomas Smyth Smyth, Thomas Nowe with no less salutacyon, that to such doth pertayne c. 1540 [STC] Ringler 22880.2 and TP 1244. Rpt. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 9; John A. Kingdon, _Incidents in the Lives of Thomas Poynty and Richard Grafton_, 1895; Ernest W. Dormer, _Gray of Reading_ (Reading, 1923), pp. 195-8. Single sheet folio, printed on both sides. A contribution to the Gray-Smyth flyting: see STC entry for the order of items in this controversy.
An Exclamation Upon the Spirit of Heresy Anon O heresy, with frensy, disobedience and pride 1553? [STC] Ringler 10615 and TP 1294. Ptd. Hyder E. Rollins, _Old English Ballads_ (Cambridge, 1920), no. 6. See also D. Leades, _Politics, Censorship and the English Reformation_ (London, 1991), pp. 141-42. Single sheet folio.
An Interlocution Betwixt Man and Woman Anon When Phebus reluysant/ most ardent was and shene 1525? [Ringler] Ringler 14109 and TP 2181. Translated from Guillaume Alexis, 'Le debat de l'omme et de la femme', 1460? UMI microfilm reel 54; Order no. 1410
Antipus Shepherd, Luke As verily as Adam created firste his God 1548? Ringler 683 and TP 187. Attributed to Shepherd by John Bale. Single sheet folio, rpt. STC 5605a (1548?). UMI microfilm reel 867
Antipus and Antigraphe Shepherd, Luke and Sir John Mason? As verily as Adam created firste his God 1548? Ringler 5605a and TP 187 ('As verily as Adam created firste his God'); TP 188 ('As verely as Adam was create by God'); and TP 1533 ('Right rougheli ...'). "The 1st poem, which is a reprint of [STC] 683, and the 3rd are attrib. to L. Shepherd; the 2nd poem, the Antigraphium, is possibly by Sir John Mason" [STC]. UMI microfilm reel 17
Book of Ballads, A Wyatt, Sir Thomas, and Anon var. Ringler 26053.5 and TP 831, 1098, 1168, 1173 and 1558. "This fragment contains five short lyric poems, two of which are incomplete. Numbers 1, 4, and 5 are by Sir Thomas Wyatt. No. 2 expands a poem of Wyatt's in the Devonshire MS, and probably represents the poet's final version. No. 3 is of uncertain authorship" (Fraser, p. 142). Restored readings in square brackets are supplied from Fraser's ed. Ptd. Reginald H. Griffith and Robert A. Law, _Univ. of Texas Stud. in English_, 10 (1930), 7-11.
Book of Nurture, The Rhodes, Hugh Al ye that wolde learne, and wolde be called wise ante 1545? Ringler 20953 and TP 118 [1st line: 'Al ye that would learn and then would be called wise'] (See also TP 576, 581, 585, 587, 868.5.) Surviving copy (Bodleian) lacks A2 and A3. Other eds.: STC 20954 (A. Veale, [1560?]; STC 20955 T. Colwell [1560?], collated here and supplying text of A2 and A3, lost from STC 20953; STC 20956 (T. East, 1568); STC 20957 ([London, c. 1570]). Ptd. from revised and enlarged version STC 20958 (1577) by F. J. Furnivall, EETS os 32 (1868), pp. 61-113. UMI microfilm reel 142
Book of a Ghostly Father Anon Ihesu Cryst heuen kynge 1520 or 1521 [Sig C5r] Ringler 3288 and TP 987, 1236. 'C5r is dated 8 Mar. 1520 [o.s.?] and has, in the last 6 lines of text, an acrostic on the author's name: Higgis' [STC]. (Ringler suggests this may refer to John Hyggs, M.A. Oxon, 1505.) Draws freely on J. Mirk's Instructions for Parish Priests; Ringler treats the section headed "De modo inquirendo de venialibus" as a new poem (TP 1236, "Nowe of synnes venyall"). UMI microfilm Reel 11. Order no. 425
Brief Apology or Answer to a Certain Crafty Cloyner, A Anon Ser, though ye be a smythe 1540 Ringler 22880.7 and TP 1582 (also TP 1415, 'Of late I perused ...' [Smythe's poem]). Sigs. A1-B2v only (rest wanting). Reprints and answers STC 22880.4. Roman font is used for the main text and headings ("An answere") throughout, whereas the quoted text of Thomas Smythe and associated headings (along with the title to the poem and the motto beginning "God saue the kynge") are printed in blackletter. UMI microfilm reel 1861
Brief Chronicle of the Bishop of Rome's Blessing, A Anon Who lyste to loke aboute 1548? Ringler 11842a and TP 2235. Attributed to Thomas Gibson, printer (Ringler). UMI microfilm reel 49
Brief Confutation of Anabaptistical Opinion, A Becke, Edmund So subtile is sathan, our Enemy Immortal 1547-1550 Ringler 1709 and TP 1604. Rpt. John P. Collier, _Illustrations of Early English Popular Literature_, 2 (1864), No. 3. UMI microfilm reel 71
Calliope Skelton, John Calliope/ As ye may se/ Regent is she/ Of poetes al after April 1512 [Scattergood] Brown and Robbins 585.5. Not in Ringler
Canticles or Balades of Solomon, The Baldwin, William O that my love whome onely I desyre 1549 [sig. A3v] Ringler 2768 and TP 1373 (also TP 1578, 'Syng to the lord sum plesaunt song' [titlepage epigraph]). UMI microfilm reel 88. Order no. 1958
Capystranus: A Metrical Romance Anon O Myghty fader in heuen on hye 1456-1515 Ringler 14649 and TP 1351. Not in Brown and Robbins. The siege of Belgrade, the subject of the romance, was raised in 1456. A fragment, A2-C3 only. Selection vv. 360-521, _Oxford Book of Late Medieval Verse and Prose_, ed. Douglas Gray (Oxford, 1985), pp. 199-203. Two further fragments in STC 14649.5 (W. de Worde, 1527?; rpt. Karl D. Bülbring, _Englische Studien_ 13 (1889), 154-55) and STC 14650 (W. de Worde, 1530?). UMI microfilm reel 754.
Castle of Labour, The Anon [attrib. to Alexander Barclay by Bale] In musinge an eueninge with me was none [Ringler: Ye mortall people that desyre to obtayne] c. 1503 Ringler 12380 and TP 2322 ('O ye mortall people...'). No Brown and Robbins entry. Translated c. 1503 from _Le chasteau de labour_ by Pierre Gringore (1499), itself closely based on _Le chemin de povrete et de richesse_ by Jehan Bruyant, 1342 (_Dictionnaire des lettres francais_ (Paris, 1964), I, 398-99). Lacks 8 leaves. UMI microfilm reel 20. Order no. 685. BM ref. no. Huth 29. STC 12379 comprises two fragments of a single leaf, B5? (Ringler)
Christ's Cross Me Speed Anon Chryste crosse me spede .A.B.C [Ringler: The grace of the graye distaffe, with the spyndelles all at a raffe] 1534? Ringler 14546.5 and TP 1741. The text is a fragment, A1 and A4 only (Ringler). Bernard Quaritch's Catalogue 920 (1973), item 100 (with facsimile of title). Now in Robert H. Taylor Collection, Princeton University Library. Ptd. Thomas F. Dibdin, _Typographical Antiquities_, 4 vols. (1810-19), vol. 2, pp. 367-9.
Christmas carols Anon [CC1-2, 4-6]; Copland, W. [CC3, Ringler] A woman a mayd in thought and deede c. 1500 (CC2) [Ringler, MED] Ringler 5205. CC1: Brown and Robbins 107; Ringler TP 53. No MS extant. CC2: Brown and Robbins 1841; Ringler TP 1015 ("[Late as I wente one myne pleynge]"). Lacks vv. 1-9; see version in MS Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson C.86, fol. 65. CC3: Brown and Robbins 3112; Ringler TP 1574. No MS. extant. CC4: Brown and Robbins 905.5; Ringler TP 454. No MS. extant. CC5: Brown and Robbins 3927; Ringler TP 2164. No MS. extant. The text is defective at the beginning so no burden is preserved. CC6: Brown and Robbins 1575.5; Ringler TP 937. No MS extant. Facs. ed. Edward B. Reed, _Christmas Carols_ (Cambridge, Mass., 1932), pp. [G]-[N]. Copytext is Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce fragments. f. 48 (leaves 1, 4, 5, 8 only). UMI microfilm reel 61
Chronicle of John Harding in Metre, The Hardyng, John The mooste substaunce of power and of myght 1464 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins [3437.5]. Also BR 710 ("Edward the thyrde that was king of this land"). Ringler 12767 and TP 1805.5 ("The moste substaunce of power and of myght" [Proeme]); also TP 137 ("Emonges all wryters ..." [Grafton's Preface]), and TP 1084 ("Lorde Thomas of Norffolke ..." [Grafton's Dedication]). Ed. Sir Henry Ellis, _The Chronicle of John Hardyng_ (Printed for F. C. and J. Rivington [etc.], 1812). Also ed. Curt F. BŸhler (New York). See C. L. Kingsford, "The First Version of Hardyng's Chronicle", _EHR_ 27 (1912), 462-82 and 740-53. After ch. xxx, the chapters in this text are misnumbered according to the following sequence: xxx c8, xxxi d1v, xxx d2, xxxi d2v, xxxi d3v, xxxii d4v, xxxiii d5, xxxiiii d5v, xxxvi d7, xxvii d8, xxxvii d8v, xxxix e1, xl e3, xli e3v, xlii e4, xliii e5, xliiii e5, xlv e6, xlvi e7, xlvii e8, xlviii f1 (...) lx, lxi f8, lxii f8v (...) lxviii g8, lxix h1v (...) lxxv i3, lxxvii i4, lxxvii i5 (...) lxxxix l4v, xc l4v (...) cxviii p8v, cxviii q2, cxix q3v. The correct sequence has been restored by emendation in the text. UMI microfilm reel 44
Chronicle of the Brutes, The Kelton, Arthur As the worthy, prudent Secretary(R) (In the Golden tyme when al thynges florished) 1547(?) Ringler 14918 and TP 184. UMI microfilm reel 70
Cock Lorell's Boat Anon She had a desyre ofte to be wedde 1506-10? [Baumgartner], 1518? [STC] Ringler 5456 and TP 1561. The unique copy in the British Library is imperfect, comprising signatures B1-6 and C1-4 only. Rpt. Roxburghe Club, 1817; ed. Edward F. Rimbault, _Cock Lorell's Bote: A Satirical Poem_, Percy Soc. 6 (London, 1843); J. P. Edmond, Aberdeen, 1884. Paul R. Baumgartner, _Studies in Bibliography_ 19 (1966), 175-81, argues that the work was composed and printed between 1506 and 1510 (Ringler). Order no 917. UMI microfilm reel 32.
Collyn Clout Skelton, John What can it avayle/ To dryve forth a snayle 1521-1522 [Scattergood] Ringler 22601 and TP 2114. STC 22601 is the source of the copytext (=K), owing to the unavailability of G, which is here collated from Scattergood's edition. UMI microfilm reel 19
Collyn Clout Skelton, John What can it avayle/ To dryve forth a snayle 1521-1522 [Scattergood] Ringler 22600.5 and TP 2114. The text is edited from Scattergood's ed., since the copytext, the sole extant copy of which is housed in the library at Woburn Abbey, is not available for reproduction. Selections ed. Kinsman, pp. 96-127; ed. Scattergood, pp. 246-78
Commendation of Welshmen, A Kelton, Arthur Loue and desire/ Dooeth me require 1537-1546 Ringler 14919 and TP 1090. Huntington copy lacks first two leaves. Order no. 2481; UMI microfilm reel 134
Complaint and Testimony of a Popinjay, The Lindsay, David Who clymmis to hyghe perforce his fete 1530 [Sig F3] Ringler 15671 and TP 1648. UMI microfilm reel 301
Controversy Between a Lover and a Jay, A Feylde, Thomas In an arbere/ Late as I were [Ringler: Thoughe laureate poetes in olde antyquyte] 1527? [STC], 1529? [Ringler] [1st ed.] Ringler 10838.7, 10839 and TP 1969. Order no. 2436; Reprint of STC 10838.7 by T. F. Dibdin, Roxburghe Club, 1818; modernized Edward Arber, _Dunbar Anthology_, 1901. UMI microfilm reel 134. Illegible readings supplied from STC 10838.7 (1st ed., 1527? [STC], 1529? [Ringler]), British Library copy
Court of Venus, The Wyatt, Sir Thomas, and Anon In the moneth of may when the new tender grene Ringler nos. in order are: TP 1173 (=TM 1067); TP 1168 (=TM 1061) [Wyatt]; [not in Ringler]; TP 348 (=TM 355) [Wyatt]; TM 440; [not in Ringler]; TP 831 (=TM 717) [Wyatt]; [not in Ringler]; [not in Ringler]; TP 1098; TP 1117 (=TM 991) [Wyatt]; TP 1558 (=TM 1396).
De Cursione Lune Anon God that all this worlde hath wrought ante 1500 [Ringler] Ringler 768 and TP 499.5. Brown and Robbins 970. An anonymous translation of the _De Astronomia_, attrib. to Aristotle. UMI microfilm reel 2. Order no. 230
Doctor Double Ale Shepherd, Luke Although I lacke intelligence 1548? Ringler 7071 and TP 131. Attributed to Shepherd by Bale. Rpt. Charles H. Hartshorne, _Ancient Metrical Tales_ (1829), pp. 227-45; ed. W. C. Hazlitt, _Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England_, 4 vols. (1864-66), 3:297-321. UMI microfilm reel 1377
Dyvers Balettys and Dyties Solacyous Skelton, John var. 1495-1500 Ringler 22604 and TP 478, 1009, 1154, 1676 and 1976. Ed. Dyce 1.22-7; ed. Kinsman, pp. 1-8; ed. Scattergood, pp. 41-46. UMI microfilm reel 860. JSBal1 [=Ringler TP 1154, Brown and Robbins 2231.5] JSBal2 [=Ringler TP 1676] JSBal3 [=Ringler TP 1009] JSBal4 [=Ringler TP 1976, Brown and Robbins 3707.5] JSBal5 [=Ringler TP 478] Page nos. of the following reference ed. are entered: _John Skelton: The Complete English Poems_, ed. John Scattergood (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1983), pp. 41-46 (no. IV)
Eclogues Alexander Barclay Forsooth frende Cornix nought can my heart make light 1510-1530 Ringler TP 2068. Eclogues 1-3 are translated from _De Miseria Curialium_ by Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini [later Pope Pius II]. UMI microfilm reel 915. Fragments of quire D only survive of the earliest ed. [Eclogue 1], Cambridge, J. Siberch, 1523? (STC 1383.5) [UMI microfilm reel 1826].
Elegy on the Death of Henry VII Anon O Wauering Worlde all wrapped in wretchydnes 1509 Ringler 13075 and TP 1382. Oxford, Bodleian Library Douce e.20. Single sheet folio, imperfect. This and /or STC 13075.5 may be by S. Hawes (STC). Ptd. Alexander Dyce, _The Poetical Works of John Skelton_, 2 (1843), 399-400; complete version from Dean and Chapter of Durham MS, Registrum Parvum II, 174-78v ptd. G.V. Scammell and H.L. Rogers, _Review of English Studies_ new ser. 8 (1957), 167-70. Order no. 1302; UMI microfilm reel 80
Elynour Rummynge Skelton, John Tell you I chyll/ If that ye wyll c. 1517 [Scattergood] Ringler 22598 and TP 1661. Brown and Robbins 3265.5. Ed. Kinsman, pp. 53-70; ed. Scattergood, pp. 214-30. UMI microfilm reel 19 Page nos. of the following reference ed. are entered: _John Skelton: The Complete English Poems_, ed. John Scattergood (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1983), pp. 214-30 (no. XVII)
Epigrams and Spirituall Sentences Anon A Man is lyke/ A blaste of wynde c. 1545? Not in Ringler. An anonymous translation of the work by Gregory of Nazianzus. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce Fragment f.28. The text is set out as printed, the rhyme-scheme being a(4)b(3)c(4)b(3)=aa(7) [Common Measure]. UMI microfilm reel 510.
Epitaphe Skelton, John Of dis Adam degebat/ Dum vixit falsa gerebat 1506? [Scattergood] Brown and Robbins 3645.3. Not in Ringler
Excellent Epitaph, An Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey; Anon Wyat resteth here, that quicke coulde neuer rest. 1545? [STC] Ringler 26054, TP 2319 (=TM 2021), TP 2163 and TP 1208. TP 2319 (=Rollins 31) ptd. from STC 26054 in Rollins, ed. _Tottel_, 2 (1929), 155. This text is also found in Tottel's _Songes and Sonettes_ (1557), sig. D2v; and in London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 15v. UMI microfilm reel 303
Ghostly Psalms and Spiritual Songs Coverdale, Miles [42 Ringler entries--see Ringler 5892] 1524-25? Ringler 5892 [and 42 TP entries]. Forty-one translations by Miles Coverdale from German hymns by Martin Luther and others, with the possible exception of "Let go the whore of Babilon", which may be Coverdale's own. The leaves containing the verse texts are foliated i-lvi. Ed. G. Pearson, _The Remains of Bishop Coverdale_ Parker Soc. (Cambridge, 1846); ed. George Rylands, 1926; selections ed. E. Clapton and G. C. Richards, _Our Prayer Book Psalter_, 1934. Forty-one songs, with music; perhaps the earliest metrical version of the Psalms in English. The majority of these songs appeared in the _Enchiridia_ of 1524-25. See E. R. Riegler, "Printing, Protestantism and Politics; Thomas Cromwell and Religious Reform", Unpub. UCLA PhD. Diss., 1978. UMI microfilm reel 879.
Guistarde and Sigismonde Walter, William Prynce of Salerne somtyme was one Tancerde ante 1523 [Sir Henry Marney died 1523 (Wright, p. lxxvii)] Ringler 3183.5 and TP 1491 (also TP 1903, "Thynflammate desyre ..." [Prologue, four passages of moral comment, and Envoy]). Translated By William Walter from L. Bruni's Latin translation of Giovanni Boccaccio's _Decameron_, 4th day, tale 1. Rpt. _The Life of St. Ursula. Guiscard and Sigismund_ Roxburghe Club (London, 1818); ed. Herbert G. Wright, _Early English Versions of the Tales of Guiscardo and Ghismonda and Titus and Gisippus from the Decameron_ EETS os 205 (London, 1937), 101-129. Copland's additions ed. Mary Carpenter Erler, _Robert Copland: Poems_ (Toronto, 1993), pp. 149-59. UMI microfilm reel 1746
History of King Boccus, The Hugo of Caumpeden Men may fynde in olde bokys/ Whoso therin lokys Mid-15th century? [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 2147, Ringler 3186 and TP 1122.5. See also Edward Scott, _Index to the Sloane Manuscripts in the British Museum_ (London, 1904), p. 101. Translation by Hugo of Caumpeden of an anon. work in French, probably composed in the mid-15th century (Ringler). Signatures C3v-C4 and M1v-M2, and some illegible readings, supplied from Huntington copy. Two manuscript versions are edited, and others collated, in _Sidrak and Bokkus: A Parallel-Text Edition from Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 559 and British Library, MS Lansdowne 793_, ed. T. L. Burton (Oxford: Early English Text Society, 1999). (Godfray's edition is discussed on pp. lxix-lxxiii.) UMI microfilm reel 26. Order no. 814.
How the Ploughman Learned his Paternoster Anon Sometyme in fraunce dwelled a plowman ante 1510 Brown and Robbins 3182. Ringler 20034 and TP 1622. Ptd. James O. Halliwell in Thomas Wright and James O. Halliwell[-Phillipps], _Reliquiae Antiquae_, 1 (1841), 43-47; ed. Hazlitt, _Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England_, 1 (1864), 209-16. No MS. extant (Brown and Robbins). Signature nos. wanting. UMI microfilm reel 1114
Howe the Douty Duke of Albany Skelton, John Reioyse Englande/ And vnderstande 1523 [Scattergood] Not in Ringler. Ed. Dyce 2.68-84
Jill of Brentford's Testament Copland, Robert Proface maistrise Iyllian with your company c 1535 [Erler, p. 164] Not in Ringler. STC 5731 rptd. in _Jyl of breyntford's Testament_, ed. F. J. Furnivall (London, 1871). Ed. Robert Copland, _Poems_, ed. Mary Carpenter Erler (Toronto, 1993), pp. 164-86. UMI microfilm reel 526
Johan Splynter's Testament Anon The more subtyler disceyuer 1520? Ringler 23102 and TP 1802; UMI microfilm reel 147
John Bon and Mast Person Shepherd, Luke A lasse poore fooles, so sore ye be lade (R) (What Iohn Bon good morowe to the) July-October 1548 [See Spurgeon, _An Edition_, p. 11] Ringler 3258.5 and TP 88 ('Alasse poore fooles ...'). Attrib. to Shepherd by Bale. Facsim. in _Three Tudor Dialogues_, ed. Dickie Spurgeon (Delmar, New York, 1978). Rpt. J. Smeeton, 1807; ed. W. C. Hazlitt, _Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England_, 4 vols. (1864-66), 4:1-16; Edward Arber, _An English Garner_, 1 (1903), 159. Ed. Dickie Spurgeon, _An Edition of Three Tudor Dialogues_, Ph.D. Diss. (Univ. of Illinois, 1967), pp. 1-25. Ed. John N. King, "Luke Shepherd's _John Bon and Mast Person_", ANQ 5 (1992), 87-91. UMI microfilm reel 1746
La Connaissance d'amours Anon The thyrde idus/ in the moneth of Iuly [Ringler: In tyme of May, whan Flora the fresshe quene] 1528? [STC, CBEL] Ringler 5631 and TP 939 ('In tyme of May...'). Includes the story of Pyramus and Thisbe, paraphrased from Ovid, _Metamorphoses_ 4.55 (Ringler). UMI microfilm reel 953
Little Treatise of the Beauty of Women, A Anon The sonne of the mayde whome neuer none resembled c. 1525 [STC] Ringler 1696 and TP 1837. An anonymous translation from an anonymous work in French. UMI microfilm reel 874
Magnyfycence Skelton, John Al thyngys contryvyd by mannys reason 1515-1516? [Scattergood] Ringler 22607 and TP 115. Copytext taken from the Cambridge University Library copy (C) collated with the imperfect British Library copy (B) and with the two pages from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce Fragments d.7 (D), which preserve lines 2198-2364 (sigs. G2, G3). UMI microfilm reel 483. Ed. Dyce 1.225-310; ed. Robert L. Ramsay, EETS es 98 (1908); ed. Paula Neuss (Manchester, 1980); ed. John Scattergood, _John Skelton: The Complete English Poems_ (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1983), pp. 140-214
Manerly Margery Mylk and Ale Skelton, John Ay beshrewe yow Be my fay 1490s? [Scattergood] Ringler L: Additional 5465 and TM 232. Brown and Robbins 456.5. With musical setting by William Cornish
O Lord, Thy word is our sure touchstone Anon O Lord thy word is our sure touchstone 1549? [STC] Ringler 14554.5 and TP 1341. Two fragments (printer's waste?) remaining from a single sheet folio. The fragments are identical portions of the same text, save that Fragment 1 contains 20 lines and Fragment 2 has 19. The copytext is based on Fragment 1, with the first two lines supplied from Fragment 2
Of Misrule's Contending with God's Word Kethe, William I heare saie, that some saye, ther chaunsed of late 1553? [STC] Ringler 14941 and TP 753. Ptd. J. Payne Collier, _Old Ballads_, Percy Soc. 1 (1840), 9-13. Single sheet folio.
One and Thirty Epigrams Crowley, Robert As I walked alone/ and mused on thynges 1550? [STC] Ringler 6088 and TP 170 (also TP 1, 3, 6, 12, 33, 35, 142, 148, 151, 170, 627, 818, 823, 838, 926.8, 956, 969, 1193, 1412, 1413, 1608, 1614, 1682, 1683, 1729, 1763, 1821, 1835, 1836, 2069, 2116, 2175, 2191, 2192). There are actually 33 epigrams. Ed. J. M. Cowper, EETS es 15 (1872), 1-51; 15 rpt. John Strype, _Ecclesiastical Memorials_, 2 (1721), 465-72. UMI microfilm reel 34
Pathose Shepherd, Luke? What hatefull hap/ What carefull slap 1548? Ringler 19463 and TP 2119. Copies in University Library, Cambridge (C) and National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth (A). A is copytext except for A1-A1v (where A is wanting). A3-A6v are wanting in C. A is not noted in STC. Rpt. Friedrich Germann, _Luke Shepherd_ (Augsburg, 1911), pp. 104-11. UMI microfilm reel 519
Petronilla Anon [Lydgate, John?] The parfite lyfe to put in remembraunce ante 1449? [Lydgate's obit] Brown and Robbins 3446. Ringler 19812. Ptd. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 1; rpt. H. N. MacCracken, EETS es 107 (1911), 154-9. "Attributed to Lydgate by MacCracken on basis of style" (Ringler). Signature nos. wanting. UMI microfilm reel 1033.
Philargyrie of Great Britain Crowley, Robert Geue eare awhyle/ And marke my style [Ringler: If Poetes maye proue and trye theyr owne wytte] 1551? [STC] Ringler 6089.5 and TP 843 ('If Poetes maye proue ...'); also TP 1828 (titlepage motto). Ed. W. A. Marsden, 1931; ed. John N. King, _Eng. Lit. Ren._ 10 (1980), 47-75. King prints the text of the copy in the Beinecke Library, Yale University (=Y), collating it with the British Library copy (=B), with which it is identical except for one variant, and with the copy in the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh (=E), which incorporates corrections that may be Crowley's own (King, p. 52). UMI microfilm reel 1749.
Philogamus Shepherd, Luke Gyue place ye Poetes fine/ Bow doune now and encline 1548? Ringler 19882 and TP 463. A1 wanting. Attributed to Shepherd by Bale. Rpt. Friedrich Germann, _Luke Shepherd_ (Augsburg, 1911), pp. 101-4. UMI microfilm reel 1882
Phyllyp Sparowe Skelton, John Pla ce bo/ who is there who 1505? [Scattergood] Ringler 22594 and TP 1468. Brown and Robbins 2756.5. Ed. A. Dyce, _Poetical Works of Skelton_, 1 (1843), 51-94; vv. 1-845 ed. Robert S. Kinsman, _John Skelton: Poems_ (Oxford, 1969), pp. 29-52; ed. Scattergood, pp. 71-106. UMI microfilm reel 19
Pleasure and Pain Crowley, Robert When Christ shall come/ To iudge vs all 1551 [sig. A1] Ringler 6090 and TP 2155. The text is laid out in half-lines in the copytext, but has here been set out in stanzas of Rhyme Royal. Ed. J. M. Cowper, EETS es 15 (1872), 105-27. Order no 11993. Reel 213
Poems of Sir Thomas More More, Thomas var. ca. 1503-1535 Ringler 18076 and TP 2291, 725, 1392, 180, 2260, 328, 1718, 1296, 1850, 1844.5, 385 and 1063. Facsim. ed. W. E. Campbell et al., 1931. UMI microfilm reel 438 TMP1: "A Merry Jest". Brown and Robbins 4180.3. Ringler TP 2291. Rpt. from STC 18091 (rpt. Hazlitt, _Remains_ 3 (1866), 119-29); also ed. in our file Mylner_abyngton.sgml (STC 79). Composition date: ca. 1503 [Brown and Robbins (suppl.)] TMP2: "Nine Pageants". Brown and Robbins 1270.6. Ringler TP 725. Composition date: ca. 1503 [Brown and Robbins (suppl.)] TMP3: "A Rueful Lamentation". Brown and Robbins 4263.3. Ringler TP 1392. Composition date:1503 [Ringler] TMP4: "Verses for the Book of Fortune". Brown and Robbins 2183.5. Ringler TP 180. This version omits stanzas 1-5 (see STC 18078.5, where the text begins: 'As often as I consydre, these olde noble clerkes') [See Ringler, Fox, p. 18]. Composition date: 1503-04? [A. Fox, _Thomas More: History and Providence_ (Oxford, 1982), p. 28] TMP5: "Twelve rules of John Picus Earle of Mirandula", by Giovanni Francesco Pico della Mirandola, trans. Sir Thomas More. Ringler TP 2260. Translation date: 1504? [A. Fox, _Thomas More: History and Providence_ (Oxford, 1982), p. 28] TMP6: "The Twelve Weapons of Spiritual Battle", by Giovanni Francesco Pico della Mirandola, trans. Sir Thomas More. Ringler TP 328. Translation date: 1504? [A. Fox, _Thomas More: History and Providence_ (Oxford, 1982), p. 28] TMP7: "The Twelve Properties or Conditions of a Lover", by Giovanni Francesco Pico della Mirandola, trans. Sir Thomas More. Ringler TP 1718. Translation date: 1504? [A. Fox, _Thomas More: History and Providence_ (Oxford, 1982), p. 28] TMP8: "A Prayer of Picus Mirandula unto God", by Giovanni Francesco Pico della Mirandola, trans. Sir Thomas More. Ringler TP 1296. Translation date: 1504? [A. Fox, _Thomas More: History and Providence_ (Oxford, 1982), p. 28] TMP9: "An Epigram of Martial", by Marcus Valerius Martialis, trans. by Sir Thomas More. Ringler TP 1850. Translation date: 1534-35 [A. Fox, _Thomas More: History and Providence_ (Oxford, 1982), p. 223]. A trans. of an epigram of Martial to a friend about his verses; ptd. in _A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation_, Bk. III, c. x. TMP10: "A Devout Prayer". Ringler TP 1844.5. "A deuoute prayer, made by sir Thomas More knight, after he was condempned to die, and before he was put to deth" (1-6 July 1535), printed as prose [Ringler]. According to Ringler, not by More. TMP11: "Lewis the Lost Lover". Ringler TP 385. "Here folow two short ballettes which sir Thomas More made for hys pastime while he was prisoner in the tower of London" [_Lewis the Lost Lover_ is the first]. Composition date: 1534 TMP12: "Davy the Dicer". Ringler TP 1063. "Here folow two short ballettes which sir Thomas More made for hys pastime while he was prisoner in the tower of London" [_Davy the Dicer_ is the second]. Composition date: 1534
Read me and be not Wroth "P.G." [Barlow, William?] Ieffraye hardest thou oure master 1528 [STC] Ringler 1462.7 and TP 1501 ('Rede me and be nott wrothe ...'). "Probably _The buryall of the masse_, suppressed in 1529 by Royal Proclamation No. 122" (Ringler). Attrib. to William Roy by Bale (Ringler). Also attrib. to Jerome Barlow (STC, Addenda). In the 1546 ed. a new preface replaces the original dedication (STC). Ed. T. Park, _Harleian Miscellany_ 9 (1812), 1-83; E. Arber, _English Reprints_ 28 (1871), 19-124. UMI microfilm reel 143.
Rueful Complaint of the Public Weal to England, A Anon ["I.M."] Ah moste noble realme of Englande c. 1550 [STC] Ringler 5611.4 and TP 82. Signature nos. wanting. UMI microfilm reel 1749
Signs and Tokens of the Last Day Crowley, Robert Repent, repent, I say repent Your misse, and it amende 1546, rev. 1566 Ringler 6088.5 and TP 1518.5. Ptd. S. R. Maitland, _Early Printed Books ... at Lambeth_, 1843, pp. 266-80. The Lambeth fragments (Variant source 1) comprise two imperfect copies of sheet D, including the text wanting in STC 6089.
Sir Degarre Anon Lordinges and ye wyll holde you styll c. 1330 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 1815. Ringler 6470 and TP 1052.1. Rpt. E. V. Utterson, ed., _Select Pieces of Early Popular Poetry_, 2 vols. (London, 1817), 1:113-55, from STC 6472.5 [1565?]. Two early MS. versions of _Sir Degarre_ have been consulted: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson F. 34 (=R), ptd. _The Breton Lays in Middle English_, ed. Thomas C. Rumble (Detroit, 1965), pp. 45-78; and the Auchinleck MS., Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates' 19.2.1 (=A), ptd. _Medieval English Romances_, ed. A. V. C. Schmidt and Nicolas Jacobs, 2 vols. (London, 1980), 2:57-88 (see also _Middle English Metrical Romances_, ed. Walter Hoyt French and Charles Brockway Hale, 2 vols. (New York, 1964), 1:288-320). Where A is deficient, Schmidt and Jacobs print the text of Cambridge, University Library, Ff 2.38 (=C). UMI microfilm reel 1170
Sir Isumbras Anon Lordynges listen, and you shal here ante 1350 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 1184. Ringler 14280.5 and TP 605.5. Ed. E. V. U[tterson], _Select Pieces of Early Popular Poetry_, 2 vols. (1817), 1:73-112. VT2 is reproduced in facsim. in _The Gardyners Passetaunce_, ed. Franklin B. Williams, Jr. (London: Roxburghe Club, 1985), p. 73. Written in mostly 12-line tail-rhyme stanzas, but length varies from 3-15 lines [Ringler].
Sir Isumbras Anon Lordynges lysten all that wyll here ante 1350 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 1184, Ringler 14280.5 and TP 605.5. Harvard University Library fragment (=H) supplemented by two leaves from Westminster Abbey Library, B2 and B3 (=W). Three very fragmentary pages of H not recorded. H and W are fully collated in the complete version of this text in the file "Isenbras14282.sgml".
Sir Tryamour Anon Heven blys that all schall wynne ante 1500 [Ringler] Ringler 24301.5 and TP 599.5. Brown and Robbins 1177. In tail-rhyme stanzas of variable length. Rpt. E. V. U[tterson], ed., , 2 vols. (1817) I, 9-72. Very close to Copland's version is the MS version in London, British Library, Addit. 27879, ed. John W. Hales and Frederick J. Furnivall, , 3 vols. (London: Trübner, 1868), II, 78-135. UMI microfilm reel 1040
Spare Your Good Anon Euen aboute the moneth of maye / I wene it was the thirde day c. 1515 [STC] Ringler 23013, 23014a and TP 369. 1st ed., W. de Worde, c. 1515 (STC 23013), has A1 only; rpt. J[oseph] H[aslewood] in Sir Egerton Brydges, _Censura Literaria_, 9 (1809), 373-5 (as a 2-leaf fragment). STC 23014a rpt. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 20. Order no. 17948
Speke Parott Skelton, John My name ys Parott, a byrde of Paradyse 1521 [Scattergood]
The Assault of the Sacrament of the Altar Hogarde (Huggarde), Miles 1549 [sig. A1] Ringler 13556 and TP 1552. UMI microfilm reel 385
The Battle of Agincourt Anon God that all this worlde dyde make c.1443 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 969, Ringler 198 and TP 499.3. Ptd. Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, History of the Battle of Agincourt_ (2nd ed., 1832), pp. 69-77; W. C. Hazlitt, _Remains_, 2 (1866), pp. 93-108. Read for OED. UMI microfilm reel 906.
The Book of Maid Emlyn Anon Wyll ye here of meruaylles/ Drawne out of gospelles 1510? [1st ed.] Ringler 7681 and TP 2283. UMI microfilm reel 770
The Bowge of Courte Skelton, John In autumpne whan the sonne in vyrgyne (R) (The sayle is vp fortune ruleth our helme) 1498 [Scattergood] Ringler 22597 and Brown and Robbins 1470.5. Ed. A. Dyce, _The Poetical Works of John Skelton_, 1 (1843), 30-50; ed. Robert S. Kinsman, _John Skelton: Poems_ (Oxford, 1969), pp. 11-28; ed. John Scattergood, _John Skelton: The Complete English Poems_ (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1983), pp. 46-61. UMI microfilm reel 1188
The Castle of Pleasure Neville, William Tornyng and trauersynge hystoryes unstedfaste c. 1515 Ringler 18475 and TP 2063; also TP 1659 ("Take ye in gre..." [printer's apology]); and TP 2343 ("Your mynde consydered..." [printer's preface]). UMI microfilm reel 967 Page nos. of the following reference ed. are entered: _The Castell of Pleasure: the text of the first issue of the poem [by Wynkyn de Worde (n.d.)] with variant readings from the reprint of 1518_, ed. Roberta D. Cornelius, EETS os 179 (London: Early English Text Society, 1930), pp. 75-115.
The Chance of the Dolorous Lover Goodwyn, Crystofer Upon a certayne tyme as it befell [As it fortuned me for to passe] 1520 [sig. A1] Ringler 12046 and TP 2079. UMI microfilm reel 1896
The Comfort of Lovers Hawes, Stephen The gentyll poetes vnder cloudy figures [Whan fayre was phebus / with his bemes bryght] c.1510 Ringler 12942.5 and TP1734. Order no. P43506; UMI microfilm reel 961
The Complaint of Them That be Too Late Married Copland, Robert After playes sportes and daunces of solace 1505? Ringler 5728.5 and TP 73; also TP 609 ("Here endeth the complaynt of to late maryed") and TP 1524 ("Rychenes in youth with good gouernaunce"). 'Tr. of Pierre Gringoire, "La Complainte de trop tard mariŽ", c. 1505, with four original stanzas at beginning and three at end, including acrostic and rhymed colophon of Wynkyn de Worde' [Ringler]. Ed. Payne Collier, _Illustrations of Early English Popular Literature_ 2 (1863), no. 8. TP 609 and TP 1524 rpt. F. C. Francis, _Robert Copland_ (Glasgow, 1961), pp. 38-9; and M. C. Erler, _Robert Copland: Poems_ (Toronto, 1993), pp. 46-8. UMI microfilm reel 32
The Complaint of the Lover of Christ, Mary Magdalen Anon Plonged in the wawe of mortall dystresse 1520? Brown and Robbins 2759 (no MS extant), Ringler 17568 and TP 1472. Lacks sig. A1. Rpt. with erroneous attribution to Chaucer, STC 5088 [Pynson, 1526] and again STC 5068 [Thynne, 1532], entitled 'The lamentatyon of Mary Magdaleyne'. UMI microfilm reel 604.
The Confutation of the Misshapen Answer Crowley, Robert What meaneth this gyse, I woulde faine here 1548 [Sig A1] Ringler 6082, TP 514 ('Good readers all ...') and 2125 ('What meaneth this gyse...'). The work comprises Crowley's prose 'Confutation' of the 'Aunswer' by Myles Hoggard (TP 514) to the anonymous 'Ballade' (TP 2125), which Hoggard quotes and answers stanza by stanza. D8 cancelled without apparent loss of text.
The Conversion of Swearers Hawes, Stephen The fruytfull sentence and the noble werkes 1509 Ringler 12943 and TP1730. UMI microfilm reel 44
The Court of Venus. With the Pilgrim's Tale Wyatt, Sir Thomas?[poems 1-2]; Shyngleton, Robert?[poem 3] Which had me in the snare 1536-1539? [The Pilgrim's Tale] Ringler 24650 and TP 2219, TP 357 and TP 904. Sole copy in Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce g.3 (E1-8, F1-7 only). Rpt. F.J. Furnivall, Chaucer Soc., ser. 2, no. xiii (1876), pp. 77-93, 127. The first poem is probably by Wyatt, the second almost certainly by him (Fraser). UMI microfilm reel 718
The Debate between Summer and Winter Andrew, Laurence? Euery thynge of my comynge is desirous 1528? Ringler 6445 and TP 380 (also TP 878, 1014, 1801, 2034 [see below]). Translated from _Le debat de liuer et de leste_ by Laurence Andrew(?). Additional material on A3v-A4 is printer's filler (Ringler). Ed. James O. Halliwell[-Phillipps], priv. ptd. 1860; ed. Hazlitt, _Remains_, 3, 29-41; facs. Edmund W. Ashbee, 1869. Order no. 963, UMI microfilm reel 34
The Epitaph of Jasper Smerte, ? Rydynge al alone with sorowe sore encombred 1495 [Brown and Robbins] Ringler 14477 and Brown and Robbins 2818.6. Rpt. (from a transcript of the unique copy in the Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge.) A. Dyce, _The Poetical Works of John Skelton_, 2 vols. (London, 1843), 2:388-98. "Introduction and 20 sections each in a different verse form" (Ringler). UMI microfilm reel 483
The Example of Evil Tongues Anon With pyte moued to my payne I dyde me dres c. 1510 [STC] Ringler 10608 and TP 2302. Brown and Robbins 4198.5. Order no. 672; UMI microfilm reel 20. The earlier ed., STC 24115.5, is not available on microfilm, although a photocopy of approximately two-thirds the text, A2v-A4, has been used for collation.
The Example of Virtue Hawes, Stephen Whan I advert in my remembraunces [In Septembre in fallynge of the lefe] 1503-04 [Ringler] Ringler 12945 and TP 2165. UMI microfilm reel 483
The Extirpation of Ignorancy Bushe, Paul 1526? Ringler 4186 and TP 1145. UMI microfilm reel 96
The Fall and Evil Success of Rebellion Holme, Wilfred When Phoebus abated from the abundant fragiditie 1537 [Sig. I4v] Not in Ringler. H. Binneman, 1572 (STC 13603) is a reprint. UMI microfilm reel 346
The Fall of the Whore of Babylon Kethe, William Now good tom bestirre the (Ty the mare, tom boy/ Ty the mare tom?) 1548? Ringler 14942 and TP 1228 (and TP 1362, 'O papysts repent you' [exhortation]). UMI microfilm reel 441
The Fantasy of Idolatry Gray, William [of Reading] Dauid Daruell Gatheren 1538 Ringler 12721 and TP 93. Stanzas 37-8 on the execution of Friar John Forest in 1538, quoted by Halle and ptd. in double columns
The Fifteen Joys of Marriage Anon The fyrst Ioy of maryage is this ante c. 1507 Ringler 15258 and TP 1647 ('Somer passed ...'). An anonymous translation of _Les quinze joyes de mariage_ by Antoine de La Sale, ptd. 1480-90 (Ringler). The copytext concludes on L8v, after the '13th Joy'. An earlier edition, also ptd. by de Worde c. 1507 (STC 15257.5), has signatures C4-5 only. UMI microfilm reel 774.
The Foundation of the Chapel of Walsingham Anon Of this chapell se here the fundacyon 1496? Ringler 25001; Brown and Robbins 2664.5 ("Of this chapell..."). Rpt. Huth, _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 2. No MS. extant (Brown and Robbins). Sig. A1 wanting
The Gardener's Pastance Barclay, Alexander? In a gardeyn booth goodly and pleasaunt c. 1512 [Williams] Ringler 11562.5 and TP 876.5. Based on James Whytston's Latin, STC 25585 (Ringler). 'Propaganda for Henry VIII's attack on Louis XII of France' (Ringler). Facsimile and transcription in _The Gardyner's Passetaunce [c. 1512]_, ed. Franklin B. Williams, Jr. (London, 1985), pp. 1-12 and 27-35 (=P). STC 11562.7 (=G), which Williams dates 1512, consists of fragments only (A1-4).
The Highway to the Spittlehouse Copland, Robert To wryte of Sol in his exaltacyon [Ringler: To dyspyse poore folke is not my appetite] 1529-34 [Erler], 1531-1536 [Judges] Ringler 5732, TP 2017 ('To dyspyse poore folke ...') and TP 2254 ('Who so hath lust ...'). The text is adapted from Robert de Balsac's _Le chemin de l'ospital_ (1502) [Ringler]. Rpt. Edward F. Utterson, ed., _Select Pieces of Early Popular Poetry_, 2 vols. (London, 1817), 2:1-50; A. V. Judges, ed., _The Elizabethan Underworld_ (London, 1930), 1-25; Mary Carpenter Erler, ed., _Robert Copland: Poems_ (Toronto, 1993), pp. 187-245. Illegible readings are restored from the Huntington copy. UMI microfilm reel 32.
The History of Jacob and his Twelve Sons Anon All yonge and old that lyste for to here 1510? Ringler 14323 and TP 122. Ptd. from STC 14326 (1570?) by J. P. Collier, _Illustrations of Early English Popular Literature_ 1 (1863), no. 3. Damaged passages restored from STC 14324. Other eds.: STC 14323.3 1510?; 14323.5 c.1520; 14324.5 c.1530. UMI microfilm reel 53 (STC 14323, 14324)
The Jousts of May [and] The Jousts of June Brandon, Charles [and others] The moneth of May with amerous beloued 1507? Ringler 3543 and TP 1800, TP 433; Rpt. Charles Hartshorne, _Ancient Metrical Tales_ (1829), 246-55; Hazlitt, _Remains_ 2, 113-30. UMI microfilm reel 96
The Life of Joseph of Arimathea Anon Ihesu the royall ruby moost hye of renowne c. 1502 [Skeat] Ringler 14807 and TP 997. Ed. in W. Skeat, Joseph of Arimathie (London, 1871), EETS o.s. 44, pp. 35-52. UMI microfilm reel 69
The Life of Saint Gregory's Mother Anon Somtyme in Rome a pope there was c. 1500 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 3183.5. Ringler 12353 and TP 1623.3. "A quatrain version of the story of the Middle English Trental of St. Gregory in couplets (BR 86, 1653, 3184)" [Ringler]. Crit. ed. William A. Ringler, Jr., _Studies in Honor of DeWitt T. Starnes_, (Austin, Texas, 1967), 131-61. Variants from the two imperfect eds. listed below are taken from Ringler's ed. UMI microfilm reel 134
The Life of St George Barclay, Alexander O Father of heuen / in myght omnypotent 1515 [Sig. A4v] Ringler 22992.1, TP 1262 and TP 1678. Sigs. E2 and F3 are wanting and F5 and F7 are damaged. Barclay's source, Baptista Spagnuoli's Georgius (1507) is printed as a marginal text in Pynson's ed. and is not reproduced here.
The Life of St Werburge Bradshaw, Henry 1513 [see Sig. S2v] Ringler 3506 and TP 2179; also TP 631 ("Honour / ioye / and glorie / the toynes organicall"), TP 1266 ("O frutefull histore / o digne memoriall"), TP 1375 ("O thou disciple of Tully most famous") and TP 2298 ("With hert contrite accepte my supplicacion"). Ed. Edward Hawkins, Chetham Soc. 15 (1848); ed. Carl Horstmann, _The Life of Saint Werburge of Chester, by Henry Bradshaw_ (London, 1887), EETS o.s. 88. Although the work is not a translation of any one identifiable text, Bradshaw drew on a Latin Life of St. Werburg attrib. to Goscelin, in addition to a number of other sources (see Horstmann, pp. xvi-xxvi). UMI microfilm reel 27
The Life of St. Alban Lydgate, John To call Clio my dulnesse to redresse 1439 [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 3748; Ringler 256 and TP 2014.5 ("To call Clio my dulnesse to redresse"). Also TP 156 ("And so longe continued tyll at the last / ... O Prothomartyr of Brutis Albion"), "stanzas added by the 1534 reviser of Lydgate's _Seint Albon and Saint Amphabel_ after lines 4217 (23 sts.), 4320 (18 sts.), and 4466(56) (2 sts. substituted)" (Ringler). Translated by Lydgate from various texts in Latin and French (see sig. Z1v and Van Der Westhuizen's ed., pp. 45-59). "Prologue and three books; the print, published to correct a Latin prose 'De ... Protomartyris Anglie Albani' (Cologne, 1502) omits 22 of Lydgate's stanzas and adds 43 new stanzas (TP 156)" (Ringler). Ed. C. Horstmann, _Festschrift zum 50-jŠhrigen Bestehen der KšnigstŠdtischen Realschule zu Berlin_ (Berlin, 1882); crit. ed. _The Life of Saint Alban and Saint Amphibal_, ed. J.E. Van Der Westhuizen (Leiden: Brill, 1974), who prints, pp. 286-95, the 43 new stanzas added by the 1534 reviser. The variant sources listed below are collated from Van Der Westhuizen's ed. UMI microfilm reel 21
The Life of St. Margaret Anon Olde and yonge that here be/ Listyn a whyle vnto me ante 1475? [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 2673 ('Olde and yonge that here be ...'). Ringler 17325. A fragment of 4 leaves, one blank, and with signature nos. wanting. A manuscript version in Oxford, Bodleian Library 6922*, fol. 145r is ed. C. Horstmann, _Altenglische Legenden: Neue Folge_ (Heilbronn, 1881), pp. 236-41. UMI microfilm reel 137. Order no. 2612
The Lover Disceived by his Love Repenteth Him of the True Love he Bore Her Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey Though I regarded not/ The promise made to me Ringler 13861, TP 784 and TM 689; Rollins 282. Found also (with the omission of the final stanza) in London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 30v [signed "H S"]. Facsim. of the only known copy of the 1st ed. of Tottel's _Songes and Sonettes_ (STC 13860, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford) ptd. by Scolar Press, 1970; the poems that appeared for the first time in the 2nd ed. (dated 31 July 1557) are ptd. as an appendix. The poem ed. here is the only new poem by Howard to appear in the 2nd ed.
The Maiden's Crossrewe Anon IAnus Byfrons, amyddes Ianuary 1540? Ringler 17192 and TP 985. UMI microfilm reel 137.
The Maiden's Dream Goodwyn, Christopher Beholde, you yonge Ladyes of high parentage [In the lusty, fresshe moneth of may] 1542 [Sig. A1] Ringler 12047 and TP 232 ('Beholde, you yonge Ladyes ...'). Largely translated from _Le songe dorŽ de la pucelle_. UMI microfilm reel 517.
The Meeting of Doctor Barons and Doctor Powell Anon [Barnes, Robert] It is sene often 1548? Ringler 1473 and TP 970. UMI microfilm reel 24. Order no. 774
The Milner of Abington [and] A Merry Jest, How a Sergeaunt Would Learn to be a Friar Anon [sometimes attrib. to A. Borde]; [and] More, Sir Thomas Ihesu Christ our heuen kynge/… 1532-1534? [Ringler, STC 78]; 1503? [IMEV (suppl.)] TMMJ1: Ringler 78 and TP 988 [STC 78]. Ptd. by Thomas Wright, _Anecdota Literaria_ (1844), 105-16; critical ed. Josef Raith, _Aus Schriftum und Sprache der Angelsachsen_, 4 (1936), 125-60. A retelling of Chaucer's _Reeve's Tale_. UMI microfilm reel 96. The poem is written in 8-line stanzas, rhyming aaabcccb, but with considerable irregularity evident.
The Mirror of Good Manners Barclay, Alexander At the fyrste begynnyng our lorde omnypotent ante 1518 [STC] Ringler 17242 and TP 197; also TP 1530 ("Right honorable mayster..." [Barclay's Prologue]); TP 1914 ("This playne lytell treatyse..." [Barclay's Preface]); and TP 2225 ("Who coueteth to knowe..." [Barclay's tr. of 'Petri Carmeliani exasticon...']). Translated by Alexander Barclay from the Latin of Dominicus Mancinus. Mancinus' Latin text ptd. in the sidenotes has been omitted. UMI microfilm reel 56.
The New Nutbrown Maid Anon Ryght and no wrong/ It is amonge 1535? [STC] Ringler 14553.7 and TP 1525. Ed. George Isted, Roxburghe Club, 1820 and Hazlitt, _Remains_ 3 (1866), 1-22. A parody on 'The Nutbrown Maid', first pub. in STC 782. UMI microfilm reel 1728.
The Parliament of Devils Anon As Mary was grette with Gabryell c. 1450 [Ringler, MED] Brown and Robbins 3992. Ringler 19305 and TP 2175.5. Rpt. W. Nicol for Richard Heber, 1820(?) but never circulated. Ed. from London, Lambeth Palace Library MS 853, pp. 157-82 by F. J. Furnivall, EETS os 24 (1867), 41-57. UMI microfilm reel 138. Order no. 2745.
The Passion of the Fox Anon Amyddes Nouember that moneth mysty 1530? [STC] Ringler 10685 and TP 135. Rpt. _Fugitive Tracts_, no. 5. UMI microfilm reel 49
The Pastime of Pleasure Hawes, Stephen Whan Phebus entred was in Gemyny 1505-06 [Ringler] Ringler 12949 and TP 1531. The word "Pleasure." appears as a guide for the printer alongside each signature. UMI microfilm reel 246
The Pathway to a Virtuous Life "L.V." [Lynyng, Urban; Leigh, Valentine?] Ye that in youthe desyre to knowe (R) (It chaunced that on the eleuenth daye) 1552? [STC] Ringler 15113.5 and TP 2330 ('Ye that in youthe ...'); also TP 1357 ('O my loue Grace', E1). Formerly STC 15421. The first two leaves lack signature nos. and leaves B2 and B3 have been transposed. UMI microfilm reel 134; order no. 2491
The Plowmans Tale Anon A Sterne stryfe is stered newe [The ploweman plucked vp hys plowe] early 15th cent.; early 16th cent. [see above] Brown and Robbins [95.7], Ringler 5099.5 and TP 47.5 ('A sterne stryfe ...') [Tale proper]; Brown and Robbins 3448(1), Ringler TP 1818 ('The ploweman plucked ...') [Prologue]. "Prologue and vv. 205-28 probably added in the early 16th century" (Ringler); see Andrew N. Wawn, _Yearbook of English Studies_, 2 (1972), 21-40. Attr. to Chaucer. Lacks A1, containing title and vv. 1-36; supplied from STC 5100. Variant source 2 (_Chaucer's Works_, ed. W. Thynne) not consulted directly, but ptd. W. W. Skeat, _Supplement to the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer_ (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1897), pp. 147-190. UMI microfilm reel 132
The Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey var. 1530-47 Facsim. of the only known copy of the 1st ed. (in the Bodleian Library, Oxford) ptd. by Scolar Press, 1970; the poems that appeared for the first time in the 2nd ed. (dated 31 July 1557) are ptd. as an appendix. In the ed. presented here, Howard's poems have been excerpted from the miscellany. The canon of Surrey's poems accepted here is that based on Frederick M. Padelford, _The Poems of Henry Howard Earl of Surrey_, rev. ed., (New York, 1966) and ptd. in _Index of English Literary Manuscripts_, Vol. I (1450-1625), Pt. 2, comp. Peter Beal (London and New York, 1980), pp. 533-42 and 634-35. There are two major MS. sources of Surrey's poetry extant: London, British Library, Add. 36529; and the Arundel Harington MS., Sussex, Arundel Castle, MSS (Special Press), 'Harrington MS. Temp. Eliz.', ptd. in _The Arundel Harington Manuscript of Tudor Poetry_, ed. Ruth Hughey, 2 vols. (Columbus, Ohio, 1960). The Arundel Harington MS. was not available to Padelford and Rollins, who used a transcript made in c. 1810 for George F. Nott, London, British Library, Add. 28635. For chronology, see William A. Sessions, _Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey_ (Boston, 1986). Page nos. of the following reference ed. are entered: _Tottel's Miscellany (1557-1587)_, ed. Hyder Edward Rollins, 2 vols. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1928-29, rev. ed. 1966). HHSP1: "Description of the Restless State of a Lover, With Suite to his Lady, to Rue on his Dying Heart". Ringler TP 1843; Rollins 1. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 50r (ptd. Hughey, _Arundel_, 2:86-88); the Arundel Harington MS., fol. 49 [lines 50-55 only] (=London, British Library, Add. 28635, fol. [24r]); and London, British Library, Hargrave 205, fol. [115] HHSP2: "Description of Spring, Wherein Each Thing Renews". Ringler TP 1838; Rollins 2. "Adapted from Petrarch 310: 'Zephiro torna'" [Ringler] HHSP3: "Description of the Restless State of a Lover". Ringler TP 2202; Rollins 3. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 54r HHSP4: "Description of the Fickle Affections, Pangs and Sleights of Love". Ringler TP 1641 and TM 1466; Rollins 4. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 53r; the Arundel Harington MS, fols. 50-51 (=London, British Library, Add. 28635, fol. [26r]); and Dublin, Trinity College, 160 (D.2.7), fols. 177-78v, ptd. Kenneth Muir, 'Surrey Poems in the Blage Manuscript', _Notes & Queries_ 205 (1960), 368-70 (=TM 1466) HHSP5: "Complaint of a Lover That Defied Love". Ringler TP 2188; Rollins 5 HHSP6: "Complaint of a Lover Rebuked". Ringler TP 1094; Rollins 6. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 55v. "Tr. from Petrarch 140: 'Amor che mal penser'" [Ringler] HHSP7: "Complaint of the Lover Disdained". Ringler TP 886; Rollins 7. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 56r HHSP8: "Description and Praise of his Love Geraldine". Ringler TP 445; Rollins 8. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 55r. Composition date: after July 1537 [Rollins 2:137]; 1541 [Hughey 2:78-83, Sessions, p. 63] HHSP9: "The Frailty and Hurtfulness of Beauty". Ringler TP 274; Rollins 9. Also found in Arundel Harington MS., fol. 212v. "Doubtfully ascribed to Surrey and possibly written by Thomas, Lord Vaux: see Hughey, _Arundel_, II, 444-6, and Rollins, II, 137" (Beal). HHSP10: "A Complaint by Night of the Lover not Beloved". Ringler TP 89; Rollins 10. "Adapted from Petrarch, 'Or che 'l ciel'" [Ringler] HHSP11: "How Each Thing Save the Lover in Spring Reviveth to Pleasure". Ringler TP 2200; Rollins 11. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 55r. Composition date:1537 [Padelford] HHSP12a: "Vow to Love Faithfully Howsoever he be Rewarded". Ringler TP 1554; Rollins 12. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 57r (edited separately in howard3.sgml), and in London, British Library, Egerton 2230, fol. 62. "Tr. from Petrarch 145: 'Pommi ove 'l sole'" [Ringler] HHSP13a: "Complaint that his Lady after she Knew of his Love Kept her Face Alway Hidden from Him". Ringler TP 767; Rollins 13. Another version is found in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 55v, and is edited separately in howard3.sgml. "Tr. Petrarch 11: 'Lassare il velo'" [Ringler] HHSP14: "Request to his Love to Join Bounty with Beauty". Ringler TP 1739; Rollins 14 HHSP15: "Prisoned in Windsor, he Recounteth his Pleasure there Passed". Ringler TP 1598; Rollins 15. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 51r; and London, British Library, Hargrave 205, fol. [117]. Composition date: 1537 [Padelford] HHSP16: "The Lover Comforteth Himself with the Worthiness of his Love". Ringler TP 2184 and TM 1887; Rollins 16. Found also in Yale University, Osborn music 13, fol. 40v [incipit only, with music] HHSP17: "Complaint of the Absence of her Lover, Being Upon the Sea". Ringler TP 1288 and TM 1160; Rollins 17. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 17492, fol. 55r-v; London, PRO SP 1 /246, fols. 28v-29 [lines 1-7, with music]; London, British Library, Add. 30513, fol. 107 [incipit only, with music]; London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 30v [lines 1-7]. Composition date: 1544-45? [Sessions, p. 78] HHSP18: "Complaint of a Dying Lover Refused Upon his Lady's Injust Mistaking of his Writing". Ringler TP 944 and TM 813; Rollins 18. Found also in London, British Library, Royal 7 C.9, fol. 40 [vv. 1-2 only]; London, British Library, Royal Appendix 58, fol. 52 [incipit only, with music]; Yale University, Osborn music 13, fol. 41v [incipit only, with music]; Washington, Folger Library, V. a. 159, fol. 13 [incipit only, with music] HHSP19: "Complaint of the Absence of her Lover, Being Upon the Sea". Ringler TP 510; Rollins 19. Found also in the Arundel Harington MS., fol. 54r-v (=London, British Library, Add. 28635, fol. 31r) HHSP20: "A Praise of his Love, Wherein he Reproveth Them That Compare Their Ladies with His". Ringler TP 462; Rollins 20 HHSP21: "To the Lady That Scorned her Lover". Ringler TP 130; Rollins 21 HHSP22: "A Warning to the Lover, How he is Abused by his Love". Ringler TP 2054 and TM 1769; Rollins 22. Found also in Yale University, Osborn music 13, fol. 36 [with music] HHSP23: "The Forsaken Lover Describeth and Forsaketh Love". Ringler TP 1303; Rollins 23 HHSP24: "The Lover Describes his Restless State". Ringler TP 179 and TM [898]; Rollins 24. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 53v; probable variant version in London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 27v (=TM 898). Stanzas 3, 5 and 8 are wanting in 1557 and are supplied from London, British Library, Add. 36529 (which lacks stanza 6) HHSP25: "The Lover Excuseth Himself of Suspected Change". Ringler TP 1967; Rollins 25 HHSP26: "A Careless Man, Scorning and Describing the Subtle Usage of Women Toward their Lovers". Ringler TP 2317; Rollins 26. Answered by TP 457 HHSP27: "The Means to Attain Happy Life". Ringler TP 1116 and TM 1036; Rollins 27. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 12049, p. 150 [here beginning, 'Warner the things for to attayn']; London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 54v; London, British Library, Cotton Titus A.24, fol. 80 [beginning, 'My frende the thinges for to attayne']; London, British Library, Add. 30513, fol. 65v [incipit only, with music]; London, PRO SP 1 /246, fol. 22v [incipit only, with music]; Washington, Folger Library, V. a. 249, pp. 200-1 [beginning, 'Warner the things for to attayne']; Cambridge, Trinity College, Capell W. 1. A MS version is also found in a copy of Martial, _Epigrammata_ (Venice, 1501), sold by Sotheby's, 14 March 1979, Lot 443 [beginning, 'Warner the things for to obtayne']. First ptd. as "My frende, the thynges that do attayne", Wyliam Baldwyn, "The thinges that cause a quiet life, written by Marciall" (62.50), in _A treatise of Morrall phylosophye_ (London, 1547(8)), Q1v (STC 1253). "Tr. of Martial Epig. 10.47" [Ringler] HHSP28: "Praise of Mean and Constant Estate". Ringler TP 1422 and TM 1281; Rollins 28. Found also in London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 29r. "Tr. Horace Odes 2.10, 'Rectius vives'" [Ringler]. Composition date: 1544? [Sessions, p. 76] HHSP29: "Praise of Certain Psalms of David, Translated by Sir T. W. the Elder". Ringler TP 1743; Rollins 29. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 56r; London, British Library, Egerton 2711, fol. 85v [so Padelford, but not in Ringler]. Composition date:1542? [Sessions, p. 101] HHSP30: "Of the Death of the Same Sir T. W.". Ringler TP 349; Rollins 30. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 57r. Composition date: 1542 [Wyatt's obit] HHSP31: "An Excellent Epitaph of Sir Thomas Wyatt" [STC 26054 title]. Ringler TP 2319 and TM 2021; Rollins 31. Found also in STC 26054, _An excellent Epitaffe of syr Thomas Wyat, with two other compendious dytties, wherin are touchyd ... the state of mannes lyfe_ (I. Herforde for R. Toye, 1544?), A1-A1v; London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 15v. Composition date: 1542 [Wyatt's obit] HHSP32: "Of Sardinapalus' Dishonourable Life and Miserable Death". Ringler TP 1664; Rollins 32. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 56v HHSP33: "How No Age is Content with his Own Estate". Ringler TP 1010 and TM 876; Rollins 33. Found also in London, British Library, Cotton Titus A.24, fol. 83 [vv. 1-12 only] (=TM 876); and the Arundel Harington MS., fol. 50r (=London, British Library, Add. 28635, fol. 26r) HHSP34: "Bonum est Mihi Quod Humiliasti Me". Ringler TP 1842; Rollins 34. Composition date: 1546-47? [Sessions, p. 101, 114-15] HHSP35: "Exhortation to Learn by Others' Trouble". Ringler TP 1174; Rollins 35. Composition date: 1544? [Sessions, p. 122] HHSP36: "The Fancy of a Wearied Lover". Ringler TP 1712; Rollins 36. Composition date: Sept. 1545-March 1546 [Rollins 2:159] HHSP37: "Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey". Ringler TP 1570; Rollins 262 HHSP38: "A Praise of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder for his Excellent Learning". Ringler TP 926; Rollins 263. Found also in London, British Library, Add. 36529, fol. 56v. Composition date: 1542 [Wyatt's obit] HHSP39: "A Song Written by the Earl of Surrey by a Lady That Refused to Dance with Him". Ringler TP 358; Rollins 264. Found also in the Arundel Harington MS., fols. 51r-52r (=London, British Library, Add. 28635, fol. 27r) HHSP40: "The Faithful Lover Declareth his Pains and his Uncertain Joys". Ringler TP 825 and TM 712; Rollins 265. Found also in Los Angeles, Clark Library, T 135Z, fols 37 and 53-54 [with music]; Yale University, Osborn music 13, fol. 22r-v [with music], fol. 32v [incipit only, with lute tablature]; Washington, Library of Congress, Music Division, PR1105.R7 1916c [10 stanza version, with music]; Rosenbach Foundation, MS 240 /2, p. 45; Perth, Sandeman Library, N 16 (No. i) [with music]; Dublin, Trinity College, 412, fol. 55 [incipit only, with music]; Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 176, pt. 3, fol. 97r-v [58 lines, with variant 1st line, "If care may cause ..."]; London, British Library, Add. 33933, fol. 85 [incipit only, with music]; London, British Library, Royal Appendix 58, fol. 52 [incipit only, with music; variant 1st line, "Yf care cause me to cry"]; London, British Library, Stowe 389, fol. 120 [incipit only, with lute tablature]
The Practice Practised by the Pope and his Prelates Samuel, William Alas alas, what shall I now doo c. 1550 [STC] Ringler 21690.6 and TP 85. UMI microfilm reel 1840
The Prick of Conscience, Parts 1-3 Anon Firste when God made all thyng of nought ante 1400 [Ringler] Ringler 24228 and TP 1795.5 ('The myght of the Father almyghty ...'), Brown and Robbins 3429 (117). A version of the first three sections of The Prick of Conscience (Southern Version with first two lines Northern), modernized in language and doctrine [see Preston]. Northern Version ptd. from MS. by Richard Morris, _The Pricke of Conscience (Stimulus Conscientiae)_ (Berlin: Philological Society, 1863; repr. 1973). See STC 3360 for Part IV; Huntington MS HM 130, fols. 1-52 used as printer's copy for both vols (i.e. Parts I-III and Part IV). See H.C. Schulz, "A Middle English Manuscript Used as Printer's Copy", _Huntington Lib. Quart._, 29 (1966), 325-36 and Jean F. Preston, "_The Pricke of Conscience_ (Parts I-III) and its First Appearance in Print", _Library_ 6th ser. 7 (1985), 303-14 [Ringler]. UMI microfilm reel 18. Order no. 629
The Pride and Abuse of Women Bansley, Charles Bo pepe what haue I spyed c. 1550 [STC] Ringler 1374 and TP 268. Ed. [J.P. Collier, 1841] for the Percy Soc., but suppressed; ed. Hazlitt, _Remains_, 4, 227-44. UMI microfilm reel 517
The Quatrefoil of Love Anon In a mornyng of may whan medowes can sprynge ante 1400? [Ringler] Brown and Robbins 1453; Ringler 15345 and TP 877.3. Ed. from MS by Sir Israel Gollancz, _An English Miscellany Presented to Dr Furnivall_ (1901), 113-32. UMI microfilm reel 71 (W)
The Remorse of Conscience Lichfield, William Our gracyous god moost in magnyfycence ante 1448 Brown and Robbins 2714. Ringler 20882 and TP 1450.5. The text is William Lichfield's _Complaint of God_, comp. ante 1448, first ptd. W. de Worde, c. 1510 (Ringler). Manuscript versions in London, Lambeth Palace 306 and 853, ed. F. J. Furnivall, _Political, Religious, and Love Poems_ (London, 1866, repr. 1903), EETS os 15, pp. 198-232. UMI microfilm reel 20
The Return of Smyths Envoy Anon [Gray, William] Euen with the same commendacion that to you dothe pertayne 1540 [STC] Ringler 12206a.7 and TP 373. Rpt. Ernest W. Dormer, _Gray of Reading_ (Reading, 1923), pp. 99-102. Single sheet folio, printed on both sides. Part of the Gray-Smyth flyting; for the order of items in this controversy, see STC 22880.2. UMI microfilm reel 1861
The Sayings or Proverbs of King Solomon Anon He that wyll measure / of all the sees the water / is nat very sage c. 1529 [STC] Ringler 22899 and TP 589. (Not in Brown and Robbins.) Trans. from an anonymous French original. UMI microfilm reel 146. Order no. 10002
The Schoolhouse of Women [Gosynhyll, Edward?] The prouerbe olde, who so denyeth 1541? [refers to _King Boccus_ at D3 (STC 3186, 1537?)] Ringler 12104.5 and TP 1823. Authorship disputed, but attributed to Edwarde Gosynhyll in _The Prayse of All Women, Called Mulierum Pean_, (1542?) STC 12102 (A2). However, _Mulierum Pean_ is mentioned in the present work (A1v). According to STC, the present work is answered by STC 12102, 24601 (1542); if this is so, then both STC 12104.5 and STC 12102 must have existed in earlier versions, before 1541. Rpt. from STC 12107 (1572) by E. V. Utterson, ed., _Select Pieces of Early Popular Poetry_, 2 vols. (1817), 2:51-93; ed. from STC 12107 (1572) and STC 12105 (1560) by W. C. Hazlitt, _Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England_, 4 vols. (1864-66), 4:97-146. UMI microfilm reel 423.
The Second and Fourth Books of Virgil's Aeneid Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey They whisted all with fixed face attent c. 1539-46 [Sessions, p. 136] Ringler 24798, TP 1900 ("They whisted all ...") and TP 282 ("But now the wounded Quene ..."). Type facs. ed. William Bolland, 1815 (Roxburghe Club No. 1); ed. Florence H. Ridley, _The Aeneid of Henry Howard Earl of Surrey_ (Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1963); ed. Frederick M. Padelford, _The Poems of Henry Howard Earl of Surrey_, rev. ed., (New York, 1966), pp. 115-189; ed. Emrys Jones, _Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey: Poems_ (Oxford, 1964), pp. 35-88. Book 2 is found only in STC 24798; Book 4 was first ptd. in _The fourth boke of Virgill ..._ (John Day for William Owen, 1554), STC 24810a.5, and is also found in London, British Library, Hargrave 205, fols. 1-8 [c. 1568] (headed "P. Virgilii Maronis Aeneidos Liber Quartus Britannica Sermoni Donatus per Comitem S." and ptd., with the text of the 1557 ed. on facing pages, in Padelford, _Poems of Henry Howard_, pp. 143-189). It is ed. here from the text of the 1557 ed. in STC 24798. The Day-Owen text is ptd. in _Surrey's Fourth Boke of Virgill_, ed. Herbert Hartman (Purchase, N.Y., 1933). Because the 1557 ed. and the Hargrave MS. present substantially different versions of the text in a number of places, Hargrave has been collated only where the 1557 ed. is deficient. For chronology, see William A. Sessions, _Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey_ (Boston, 1986). UMI microfilm reel 944.
The Seven Sorrows That Women Have When Their Husbands be Dead Copland, Robert The fyrst sorowe that these women haue 1525-26 [Erler, p. 110] Not in Ringler. Ed. John C. Meagher, "Robert Copland's 'The Seven Sorrows'", _English Literary Renaissance_ 7 (1977), 17-50; Robert Copland, _Poems_, ed. Mary Carpenter Erler (Toronto, 1993), pp. 83-124. UMI microfilm reel 920
The Ship of Fools Barclay, Alexander I am the first fole of all the hole nauye 1508 Ringler 3545 and TP 467. Trans. of Jacob Locher's Latin version of Sebastian Brant's 'Der Narrenschiff', 1st ed., 1494? UMI microfilm reel 27. To date Jamieson's is the modern standard reference. For convenience we include page references to this edition, in addition to signature references to the copytext. Another edition has been produced by David Rollin Anderson: 'A Critical Edition of Alexander Barclay's Ship of Fools' Ph.D. diss., Case Western Reserve U, 1974. UMI 7416469.
The Spectacle of Lovers Walter, William For as moche as ydelnesse is rote of all vyces (R) (In a mornynge for my recreacyon) ante 1523 [Sir Henry Marney died 1523 (see sig. A1 and EETS os 205 [1937], p. lxxvii)] Ringler 25008 and TP 430 ('For as moche as ydelnesse...'); also TP 364 ('Endeuer thy selfe...' [Copland's envoy]). UMI microfilm reel 159. Order no. 10229
The Squire of Low Degree Anon It was a squyre of lowe degre ante 1500 [Ringler, MED] Brown and Robbins 1644, Ringler 23111.5 and TP 979. Sigs. A1-2, A 7-8 only. Ptd. W. E. Mead, _The Squyr of Lowe Degre_ (Boston, 1904), 2-6, 16-22. Complete text from STC 23112 ptd. Joseph Ritson, _Ancient English Metrical Romances_, 3 (1802), 145-92; Mead, 3-46; Donald B. Sands, _Middle English Verse Romances_ (New York, 1966), 249-78; _Middle English Metrical Romances_, ed. W.H. French and C.B. Hale, 2 vols. (New York, 1964), II, 721-55. No MS. extant (Brown and Robbins). UMI microfilm reel 483
The Study and Fruits of Barnes Burned in West Smithfield Anon Nowe it is true, that I harde tell 1540 Ringler 1473.5 and TP 1232. Single sheet folio, printed on one side only. Now divided into two halves, with some loss of text
The Upcheering of the Mass Shepherd, Luke Who hath not knowen or herd 1548? Ringler 17630 and TP 2227. Attributed to Shepherd by John Bale. Rpt. Friedrich Germann, _Luke Shepherd_ (Augsburg, 1911), pp. 97-101. UMI microfilm reel 137
The Voice of the Last Trumpet Crowley, Robert If God haue laied his hande on the [Ringler: Who so would that all thinges were well] 1549? [STC] Ringler 6094 and TP 2269 ('Who so would that all thinges were well'), also TP 976 ('It please mine Autor...' [envoy]). Ed. J.M. Cowper, EETS es 15 (1872), 53-104 [STC 6095]. UMI microfilm reel 133
The lyfe of Saynt Radegunde Anon [Bradshaw, Henry?] Whan the feruent heate, of the somer season ante 1513 [Ringler] Ringler 3507 and TP 2193 ('Whan the feruent heate, ...'). Ed. F. Brittain (Cambridge, 1926 [attr. to Henry Bradshaw]). UMI microfilm reel 132
The praise of all women Gosynhill, Edward What tyme the crabbe his course had past 1542? [STC] Ringler 12102 and TP 2142, also TP 1064 (titlepage verse). UMI microfilm reel 134
Titus and Gesippus Walter, William What tyme in Rome reygned Octauyan 1523-1525? [See Sig. A1: Sir Henry Marney died 1523 (Wright, p. lxxvii)] Ringler 3184.5 and TP 2141. Translation of Philippo Beroaldo's Latin translation of Giovanni Boccaccio's _Decameron_, 10th day, tale 8. Ed. Herbert G. Wright, EETS os 205 (1937), 133-74. UMI microfilm reel 1746
Treatise Answering the Book of Beards, The Barnes, (Master) As longe as any berdes be worne 1541? [STC] Ringler 1465 and TP 175.5; also TP 205 ('Barnes I say...' [printer's epilogue]) and TP 2018 ('To drynke with me...' [verse on t.p. verso]). Rpt. Frederick J. Furnivall, EETS es 10 (1870), 305-16. "In two parts of probably ten sts. each ... opening 5 lines or more lost because A4 is lacking" (Ringler). No copy of A. Borde's _Book of Beards_ is known to survive. UMI microfilm reel 24
Two Poems Gardiner, Stephen and "H. S." Theyr dedes in effecte, my lyfe wolde haue 1548? [STC] Ringler 11593.5. Two poems without heading, the first signed 'Stephen Wynton' [=Stephen Gardiner, Bp. of Winchester] (Ringler TP 1869), the second in reply, signed 'H. S.', beginning: 'Your dedes in effecte...' (Ringler TP 2340). Half sheet oblong folio. UMI microfilm reel 1861.
Upon the Dolorus Dethe and Muche Lamentable Chaunce of the Mooste Honorable Erle of Northumberlande Skelton, John I wayle I wepe I sobbe I sigh ful sore 1489 [Scattergood] Ringler TM 693. Brown and Robbins 1378
Verses in Honour of the Emperor Charles V and Henry VIII Anon Long prosperitie/ To Charles and Henry 1522 Ringler 12721 and TP 1061. Anon. trans. of two Latin verses by William Lily ("Carolus, Henricvs, viuant defensor vterq[ue] / Henricus fidei, Carolus Ecclesie"), celebrating the entry of the Emperor Charles V and Henry VIII into London on 6 June 1522; quoted by Halle. For another trans. of Lily's verses, see _Of the tryu[m]phe, and the v[er]ses that Charles themperour, ... Henry the .viii. were saluted with, passyng through London_ (R. Pynson, 1522), A3 (STC 15606.7)
Ware the Hauke Skelton, John This worke deuysed is/ For suche as do amys 1505? [Scattergood] Ringler 22598 and TP 1924 ("This worke deuysed is ..."). Brown and Robbins 3648.5. UMI microfilm reel 19
Why Come Ye Nat to Courte? Skelton, John All noble men of this take hede/ And beleue it as your Crede 1522 [Scattergood] Ringler 22615, TP 411 [Brown and Robbins 813.3] and TP 2055 [Brown and Robbins 194.5]("To hasty of sentence"). Ed. Dyce 2.26-67; ed. Scattergood, pp. 278-311. UMI microfilm reel 19 Page nos. of the following reference ed. are entered: _John Skelton: The Complete English Poems_, ed. John Scattergood (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1983), pp. 278-311 (no. XX)
[Norfolk Sprang Thee, Lambeth Holds Thee Dead] Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey Norfolk sprang thee, Lambeth holds thee dead 1545 Not in Ringler. Padelford 47. "The subject of this poem is Thomas Clere (died April 14, 1545), Surrey's companion and squire, who, in saving the life of Surrey at the siege of Montreuil (September 19, 1544), received a wound from which he never recovered. Clere was buried at Lambeth, in the chapel assigned to the Howards, and the verses were inscribed on the tablet suspended near the tomb" (Padelford, p. 228). UMI microfilm reel 878
[Poems from London, British Library, Add. 36529] Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey var. 1530-47 Not in Ringler, _Bibliography and Index of English Verse in Manuscript, 1501-1558_
[Poems from Sussex, Arundel Castle, MSS (Special Press), 'Harrington MS. Temp. Eliz.'] Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey var. 1543, 1546-47 Page nos. of the following reference ed. are entered: _The Arundel Harington Manuscript of Tudor Poetry_, ed. Ruth Hughey, 2 vols. (Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State Univ. Press, 1960). Page refs. are to vol. 1. For chronology, see William A. Sessions, _Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey_ (Boston, 1986).
Total items: 188