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Emerging Processing Technologies is a key element linking across the four other research themes of the department. Our research focuses on developing safe, nutritious, fresh-like and flavoursome foods using innovative approaches and technologies in a sustainable way. The technologies covered are thermal processing, non-thermal processing, extrusion and drying. These technologies are employed for food processing and preservation.


We are equipped with pilot scale pulsed electric field processing (square wave bipolar, batch and continuous mode from DIL in Germany), a twin screw extruder, freeze drying, spray drying, a pilot scale roaster, heat exchanger, oven, meat injector, microwave and high pressure homogeniser.


Professor Indrawati Oey

Professor Phil Bremer

Professor Aladin Bekhit

Associate Professor Graham Eyres

Current projects

'Meating expectations' – the use of pulsed electric field (PEF) to tenderize meat.

Postgraduate research

Current and previous Consumer related PhD and Master's research projects.

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