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Our research mission is: Developing healthy and flavoursome foods that meet consumers' expectations in a sustainable manner.


  • Flavour science
  • Sensory science
  • Food choice and perception
  • Market drivers
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Food Functionality

  • Food composition
  • Food structure
  • Bioactives
  • Enzymes
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  • Quality Management
  • Food Formulation
  • Waste Utility
  • Behaviour change
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Product Development

  • Ingredient specification
  • Processing strategy
  • Food formulation
  • Food Safety & Shelf-life assessment
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Emerging Technologies

  • Hurdle technology
  • Thermal processing technology
  • Non-thermal processing
  • Extrusion and drying
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Current Research

Projects & Partnerships
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Vintage Science

Cutting-edge techniques are being used to inform the future of Central Otago wines, helping identify what makes a truly great pinot noir....

Waste not

Miranda Mirosa Food Waste
Resident food waste aficionado Dr Miranda Mirosa has recently received funding for her project titled "Wasted food: Consumers' food stocking and storing practices and ideas for improvement."

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