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The industrial processing of foods requires raw materials to be processed through an integrated sequence of unit operations, such as mixing, pumping, heating, freezing, and drying.  Foods must also be protected from the external environment by packaging and may also be required to be stored and transported.  We are researching these operations and how they will alter a food's physical, chemical, biological, nutritional, and sensory properties, which all impact on the product's final acceptability to the market.  This research includes shelf-life testing, prototype development and testing, the development of green-table and environmentally friendly food processing technologies and the development of complex products that integrate unique skill sets in food chemistry, formulation, food processing, sensory analysis and food safety.


We are facilitated by 2 PC2 labs and product development suite.


Professor Indrawati Oey

Professor Phil Bremer

Associate Professor Pat Silcock

Stephanie Then

Current projects

'For the love of coffee' – a Project looking at the coffee making process and the affect on quality and shelf life

Postgraduate research

Current and previous product development and food safety related PhD and masters' research projects.

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