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We can help with your food safety and food spoilage issues. Assuring food safety means that you have confidence that your product is pathogen free and free of chemical or physical contamination. Food spoilage is different in that it does not typically constitute a food safety issue. Food spoilage is due to the growth of microorganisms that give rise to sensory defects/faults (e.g. flavour and texture problems).

We can help with your product formulation, manufacturing processes and quality/food safety systems so that you can produce food products where of risk of food spoilage and food poisoning has been minimalized.

We can assist with:

  • Design/modification of product formulations prevent/limit food spoilage and prevent growth of pathogens.
  • Design/modification of manufacturing processes to prevent/limit food spoilage and prevent growth of pathogens.
  • Design of food safety (including HACCP) and quality systems to prevent/limit food spoilage and prevent food safety problems.
  • Validation of production processes to demonstrate product safety.
  • Tracking the source of pathogen and food spoilage problems in your factory.
  • Evaluation of sanitation protocols, provide sanitation recommendations and protocols.
  • High throughput screening for antimicrobial activity.
  • Bioadhesion / biofilm formation and removal.

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