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Coordinator: Dr Mei Peng

Teaching Staff: Dr Mei Peng

Eligibility: Food Science (FOSC) and Consumer Food Science (CFSC)

Module description

This module provides a broad overview of sensory physiology and perception psychology. Topics covered include modern research in sensory physiology, theoretical psychophysics, perception psychology and neuro-sensory. Emphasis is placed upon the value of approaching these topics from an interdisciplinary perspective known as Sensory Neuroscience.

In addition, a range of methods commonly used to measure sensory capacity will be explored, with an emphasis on the difference between methods commonly used by practitioners and scientists and how these methods can be improved. Appropriate methods for use in sensory science, as well as in industry (product development and consumer testing), will be explored. The application of these methods to the improvement of diagnostic systems and organisational process control may also be covered.


  1. Sensory Physiology
  2. Theoretical Psychophysics
  3. Perception Psychology
  4. Neuro-sensory


4 week intensive course, Semester TBC

4 lectures of 2 hours

4 Labs/Seminars of 2 hours


This module is worth 50% of a 20 credit paper, as follows;

  • Presentation – 25%
  • Written report - 25%

Further information

Postgraduate courses available in the department

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