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The Department of Food Science offers courses in Food Science and Consumer Food Science. There is some crossover between these two disciplines, particularly with respect to sensory and flavour science.  
There are however some key differences:

What is Food Science?

Food Science builds upon the basic sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and interacts with such diverse scientific disciplines as Human Nutrition, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Process Engineering. All play an important role in the understanding of the foods we produce, manufacture and consume.

Study Food Science – Undergraduate

Study Food Science – Postgraduate

What is Agricultural Innovation?

Agricultural Innovation is about the major issues in agriculture that impact food production, security, safety and quality. Otago offers Agricultural Innovation as a major study option for the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

Study Agricultural Innovation – Undergraduate

What is Food and Agriculture?

Food and Agriculture students learn about the technical, socio-economic and psychological factors influencing food choice, food production, the subtle art of advertising, food labelling and the regulatory environment. Food and Agriculture is taught at postgraduate level at Otago, as an option for the Master of Applied Science (MAppSc), Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science (PGDipAppSc) and Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science (PGCertAppSc).

Coursework master's in Food and Agriculture

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