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The Department of Food Science offers courses in Food Science and Consumer Food Science. There is some crossover between these two disciplines, particularly with respect to sensory and flavour science.
There are however some key differences:

eppendorf tubes greenWhat is Food Science?

Food Science builds upon the basic sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and interacts with such diverse scientific disciplines as Human Nutrition, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Process Engineering. All play an important role in the understanding of the foods we produce, manufacture and consume.

Supermarket BlurWhat is Consumer Food Science?

Consumer Food Science is the study of what influences our food choices: culture, sensory perception (taste, appearance, smell, texture), food quality, diet, nutrition, lifestyle and marketing influences. This area of study provides an opportunity to combine papers in Sensory Science, Food Marketing and Management, Nutrition and Food Service with Consumer Food Science.

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