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Juliet Petre imageWhilst studying for a Bachelor of Science majoring in Food Science at the University of Otago, Juliet Petre received the Kraft Heinz Scholarship. She completed her placement in sunny Hawke's Bay over the summer break prior to her final year of study.

“I gained invaluable practical experience with a research and development team that was crucial in landing me a graduate position at Goodman Fielder.

“During my placement, my main project was reducing the sugar and salt content in Wattie's pasta sauce range – it's pretty cool to be able to say that I played a part in creating a recipe found in most Kiwis' cupboards!”

Juliet also helped out in a range of other projects including shelf-life studies, customer supply negotiations and value engineering projects, and says, “I am consistently drawing from what I learnt during my degree and time at Kraft Heinz in my position at Goodman Fielder”.

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