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We bring together University of Otago researchers across disciplines who are passionate about understanding anthropogenic impacts and change on our marine ecosystem and physical environment.

The Future Ocean Research Theme supports multi-disciplinary and collaborative research focused primarily upon the Otago shelf region but that is also applicable to New Zealand and the wider South Pacific region.

The Otago shelf encompasses globally important and contrasting water bodies that represent the major water types around New Zealand, such as the highly productive subtropical frontal region and the Otago canyon system. This region has been a focus for marine research for over a century, and is internationally renowned for the 20-year Munida transect, an ongoing collaboration between NIWA and the University of Otago, and one of the longest running ocean carbon time series in the Southern Hemisphere.

We use the development of biological and physical time series, controlled experiments, and modelling to establish the interactions between chemical, physical, and biological processes and the broader implications of change in the ocean around New Zealand. We are active in community outreach and engagement, including communication with policy-makers and decision-makers. In addition, we support University of Otago students through specialised training, travel support, SEED projects, and summer studentships that support excellent research.

Future Ocean has developed from the Ocean Acidification Research Theme.

For more about the process and impacts of ocean acidification:

Ocean acidification

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