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Library requirements

We are happy to sequence client prepared Illumina-compatible libraries:

  1. User-supplied libraries are run at the client's risk.
  2. Libraries should ideally be compatible with the Read 1, Index 1, Index 2, and Read 2 primers used by the current Illumina chemistry. If your libraries need custom primers, please contact us to discuss.
  3. Dilutions must be based on quantitation by fluorometry or qPCR, and average size and/or primer/adapter dimer contamination assessed by using a Bioanalyzer or equivalent, e.g. Fragment Analyser, TapeStation.
  4. For single libraries, please submit >20 uL of library at 10 nM concentration diluted with RSB or EB, i.e. 10 mM Tris pH8.5 (with or without 0.01% Tween-20) in 1.5 mL low-bind tubes.
  5. For multiplexed library pools, unless otherwise discussed with us, please submit >20 uL at 10 nM (i.e. do not submit individual unpooled libraries) in 1.5 mL low-bind tubes.
  6. If you cannot submit a 10 nM dilution, then please contact us to discuss.

Client QC requirements prior to library submission

  1. Bioanalyser trace of the library or pooled libraries.
  2. Details of the library preparation that may be relevant to sequencing efficiency and demultiplexing.
  3. Quantification must be by using qubit/picogreen or qPCR.
  4. Fill in the "User-supplied libraries" section of the sample submission form, adding columns if necessary, and email the form to us.
  5. Index sequences must be entered in the sample submission form in the correct orientation for the sample sheet for demultiplexing.
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