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Value: NZD $2,000
Number available: 2
Closing Date: 18 November

Picture of Professor Ron Lister first Professor of GeographyThe Field Research Grants are supported by the Ron Lister Trust which is named after the first Professor of Geography at the University of Otago, who had a very strong interest in Asia. These grants provide financial assistance of up to $2000, for research students to carry out thesis field work in Asia. Students enrolled in Masters or PhD programmes in the School of Geography at the University of Otago, who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, may apply for the grants. Applications will also be considered from students who are undertaking dissertation research.

Applications must be submitted to the Ron Lister Trust by 18 November of the current year, using the prescribed form and is also available in hardcopy from the School's office (address below). The application should be accompanied by a short curriculum vitae (no more than two pages), and a transcript of your University marks.

Up to two grants each year will be allocated at the discretion of the Board which will take into account your grades, the nature of the proposed research and your Supervisor's note of support.

For more information please consult with your supervisor or see the Head of School

Ron Lister Travel Grant:

Applications should be sent to:
The Ron Lister Trust
C/-School Administrator
School of Geography
University of Otago
PO Box 56

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