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Field area approval procedure for Geology students

Procedure for independent field project H&S is explained in this flowchart:

Forms to be completed prior to the commencement of fieldwork.

Reference information to help you fill in the forms:

Example Hazard map

Pre-fieldwork procedure for Geology staff and students

This form must be filled out by the field trip leader or staff/student undertaking fieldwork PRIOR to any fieldwork commencing:

Get Home Safe

All University of Otago staff and students conducting field work are required to use the “Get Home Safe” app during their fieldwork. In preparation for your fieldwork please install the “Get Home Safe – Corporate Safety” app on your mobile device via one of these links:

The Geology Health and Safety team will add you as a user so you can login using your Otago username. For details and guidance, please contact the Health and Safety team:


Personal Locator Beacon request form

Daily report form for independent fieldwork

Daily report and emergency form (One copy for student and one for trusted contact. To be used while the student is in the field).

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