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Research Interests

  • Metamorphic mineralogy & petrology of the Haast Schists
  • Petrogenesis of carbonatites
  • N.Z. lamprophyre dyke swarms
  • Alpine Fault structure and activity
  • Mantle petrology
  • Ross Orogen, Antarctica

Recent Postgraduate Student Supervision

  • Nathalie Lefebvre (2013) - Volcanological Factors Controlling the Diamond Distribution within Kimberlite Pipes Using Drill Core Information and Modern Analogues From Selected Pipes in the Attawapiskat Kimberlite Field, Northern Ontario, Canada and Hopi Buttes, Arizona, USA. (PhD)
  • Andreas Auer (2013)– Sedimentary response to debris avalanche and eruption at Mt Ruapehu (PhD)
  • Nic Barth (2013)- Comparative fault mechanics in quartzofeldspathic, mafic and ultramafic protoliths: a study of the Alpine Fault Zone in South Westland (PhD
  • Anne Ford (2012)- Pleistocene stone tool use at Kosipe, Papua New Guinea (PhD)
  • Nick Hogg (2011) On the edge: studying colonization and mobility in the Western Pacific (MSc)
  • Ben Teele (2011)- Chemical analysis of Lapita and Polynesian Plainware ceramics from Samoa in order to determine settlement mobility and changes that occur to Samoan settlement strategies over the first 1,000 years of occupation. (MA)
  • Sophie Briggs - Geology, petrology and geochemistry of the Alpine Dike Swarm north of the Haast River (BSc(Hons))
  • Giulia Airoldi - Magma transport and propagation of intrusive sheets, Ferrar Dolerite, Allan Hills and Solitary Rocks, Antarctica. (PhD)
  • Campbell Ryland - Geology, mineralisation, and structural evolution of the Bald Hill-Maori Saddle Region, South Westland, New Zealand (MSc)
  • Stephen Read – Koettlitz Glacier Alkaline Province: Late Neoproterozoic extension in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. (PhD)
  • Ake Fagereng - Subduction-related fault processes: Ancient and active. (PhD)
  • Adam Martin - Mount Morning volcanism, Antarctica (PhD)
  • Hanne-Kristen Paulsen - Volcanology, Mount Morning, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. (MSc)
  • Tim Popham - Pounamu and Scott Basin. (MSc)
  • James Scott- Petrology of Eastern Fiordland. (PhD)
  • Virginia Toy - Mylonites and pseudotachylytes found adjacent to the central Alpine Fault. (PhD)
  • Heather Campbell - The Alpine Fault at Jackson River, South Westland. (PhD)
  • Stefan Olsson - The dykes of the Dunedin Volcano; structural and petrological implications. (PhD)
  • Mark Walrond - Alpine Fault Structure. (PhD)
  • Anton Barber - Felsic magmatism and host metasediments of the Ross Orogeny at Reeves Bluff, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. (MSc)
  • John Cottle -Mafic magmatism in the Carlyon Glacier region, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. (MSc)
  • Doc Richardson - Metasediments and mafic intrusions of the Ross Orogeny, Mulock Glacier, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. (MSc)
  • Matthew Wynyard - Skelton Group metamorphism: structure and petrology. (MSc)


Cooper, N. P., Scott, J. M., Brenna, M., Palmer, M. C., le Roux, P. J., Cooper, A. F., Reid, M. R., & Stirling, C. H. (2024). Hydrous veined mantle lithosphere and implications for the source of Zealandia intraplate magmas. Lithos. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2024.107608 Journal - Research Article

Cooper, N. P., Scott, J. M., Brenna, M., Palmer, M. C., le Roux, P. J., Cooper, A. F., Reid, M. R., & Stirling, C. H. (2023). Hydrous veins in the New Zealand mantle lithosphere and their implications for intraplate magmatism. In G. E. Frontin-Rollett & S. D. Nodder (Eds.), Geoscience Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication. 164A, (pp. 51). Wellington, New Zealand: Geoscience Society of New Zealand. [Abstract] Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Scott, J. M., Cooper, A. F., Craw, D., le Roux, P. J., Dalton, H. B., & Palmer, M. C. (2023). Basanite cobbles in Pleistocene sediments in Central Otago and their implications for intraplate volcanism and Clutha River paleo-drainage. New Zealand Journal of Geology & Geophysics. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/00288306.2023.2224579 Journal - Research Article

Martin, A. P., Cooper, A. F., Price, R. C., Doherty, C. L., & Gamble, J. A. (2023). A review of mantle xenoliths in volcanic rocks from southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. In A. P. Martin & W. van der Wal (Eds.), The geochemistry and geophysics of the Antarctic mantle (Geological Society Memoir no. 56). (pp. 33-55). Bath, UK: Geological Society. doi: 10.1144/M56-2019-42 Chapter in Book - Research

Cooper, A. F. (2023). Origin and evolution of nephrites, diopsidites and giant diopside crystals from the contact zones of the Pounamu Ultramafics, Westland, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology & Geophysics, 66(1), 88-101. doi: 10.1080/00288306.2022.2050771 Journal - Research Article

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