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TingTing Wang image Tingting Wang

Visiting September 2022–October 2023

Tingting is a PhD student at the China University of Geosciences. She collaborates with Professor James Scott and Dr. Marco Brenna on geochemistry and geochronology, primarily focusing on orogenic peridotite from central China. Additionally, she works on fireball cameras project aiming to increase the deployment of fireball cameras in New Zealand.

Marie Hennequin imageMarie Hennequin

Visiting April–August 2023

Marie recently completed her MSc studies at ENSde Lyon, France.

She is carrying out an internship at the University of Otago with Claudine Stirling and Matt Druce, and is quantifying metal isotope variations across the 'last deglaciation' in marine sediments of the Southern Ocean.

Alex McAlpine imageDr Alex McAlpine

Visiting December 2022–May 2023

Alex McAlpine is a Dunedin-based geoscience consultant with broad experience in multidisciplinary research and innovation.  He has worked in the agriscience, petroleum and energy industries and is currently researching “Induced Seismicity”, and the management of heavy metals in drinking-water.

Alex is initiating a research project within the Geology department to examine the potential for algal-bioremediation of arsenic-rich waters draining from the Otago Schist.


Navot Morag imageDr Navot Morag

Visiting December 2022–November 2023

Navot is a researcher at the Geological Survey of Israel working with Nick Mortimer and James Scott on detrital rutile (and other minerals) U-Pb geochronology and chemistry in various (meta-)sedimentary rock units of New Zealand.


Mark Paetkau imageProfessor Mark Paetkau

Visiting January–May 2023

Mark Paetkau is a visiting Professor from Thompson Rivers University, BC, Canada, where he is a Teaching Professor in the Physical Sciences Department (Physics).  His teaching role spans a wide range of courses, include the advanced lab, introductory physics and, recently, quantum computing.  He is at Otago on sabbatical working to diversify further into the area of geophysics.


Bryn Hubbard imageProfessor Bryn Hubbard

Visiting March–April 2020

Bryn, visiting Otago as a William Evans Fellow, will work on recently-collected data sets relating to the three-dimensional structure and temperature field of Antarctic glaciers and ice shelves. He will also chair a workshop session on the three-dimensional structure of ice masses and give a series of academic and public lectures on his recent research on Himalayan glaciers, Antarctica's Ice Shelves, and the existence and behaviour of valley glaciers on Mars.


Matthew Chadwick ImageMatthew Chadwick

Visiting January–April 2020

Matthew is a PhD student at the University of Southampton and British Antarctic Survey working on reconstructing the Antarctic sea ice extent during MIS 5e. While at Otago Matthew will work with Christina Riesselman on measuring biogenic silica content across a glacial cycle.


Zhongjin XiangZhongjin Xiang

Visiting October 2019–April 2020

Zhongjin works at the Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. While at Otago Zhongjin will work with James White and Marco Brenna on volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks.

Dylan LongridgeDylan Longridge

Visiting January–May 2019

Dylan is working with Dr Tobias Dürig conducting experimental studies on the 2012 submarine eruption of the Havre seamount.


Lena Gurriaran

Visiting March–July 2018

ENS Paris, France  Internship with Christian Ohneiser working on MIS31 current and temp changes in Antarctica at 1Ma.

Lisa GilbertAssociate Professor Lisa Gilbert

Visiting January–July 2018

Lisa is working with James White.

Leny Montheil

Visiting March–June 2018

University Rennes 1, France. Internship with Virginia Toy

Matteo DemurtasMatteo Demurtas

Visiting December 2017–June 2018

Matteo is working for Steven Smith.

Atle RotevatnProfessor Atle Rotevatn

Visiting August 2017–July 2018

Atle is working with Steven Smith, Virginia Toy, Dave Prior, and others on structural geology and tectonics projects such as: structural controls on fluid flow, deformation band faulting, and structure and evolution of sedimentary basins.

Regular visitors

John ConranDr John Conran

Senior Lecturer,
Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide

Working with Daphne Lee and several students on plant fossils from many sites in New Zealand, their palaeoenvironments and the effects of long term climate change. Over the next few years we will be completing various studies comparing the Miocene and Eocene vegetation and floristics of Australia and New Zealand, as well as describing biogeographically important fossils from a range of plant families.

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