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Students at the University of Otago are expected to comply with all Health and Safety policies, procedures, guidelines and codes of practice. Students play an important role in helping to make the university environment and safe and healthy one.

Download the Code of Student Conduct (PDF)

Student Induction 2019

Reporting hazards and incidents

It's important to report any hazards you may see around campus as well as any incidents (including near misses) that may occur. By reporting hazards and incidents you can help to prevent more serious events in the future.

You can report an incident or hazard by using the button on the sidebar, or by following the link on the Health & Safety home page.

Emergencies and evacuations

It's important to take all alarms and evacuations seriously. Follow any procedures you have been informed of and evacuate the location in an orderly fashion.

Find out more about emergency management


Laboratories can be hazardous places to be, and while university staff will do everything they can to ensure appropriate hazard management is in place, it's your responsibility to ensure your safety when working in a lab.

You should ensure you are familiar with procedures around hazardous substances, properly understand how to use any equipment, and know where to locate any relevant first aid equipment.

Find out more about laboratory safety
Hazards @ Otago


There are specific requirements for anyone who wants to dive at the University of Otago.

Find out more about Diving at Otago

Infectious illnesses and diseases

Practicing good hygiene at uni can help slow the spread of infectious illnesses such as influenza and the common cold.

Find out more about infectious illnesses and diseases

Key contacts

Departmental Health and Safety Officers (PDF)

Andrea McMillan

Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

64 3 479 738

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