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Brown mouse in a glass cage.

29 Feb 2024

Odours hasten mortality and reproductive ageing

Sensory cues from the opposite sex can influence how animals age, a University o...

Janet Hoek image

27 Feb 2024

Repeal of smokefree laws means thousands will die, researchers warn

The repeal of Aotearoa’s world-leading smokefree legislation means thousands of...

Richard Egan thumbnail

27 Feb 2024

Time is right to focus on spiritual care in the health system

Spirituality in healthcare is “coming of age”, says the Otago researcher co-lead...

Row of beds in a hospital ward image.

23 Feb 2024

Rural New Zealanders less likely to be admitted to hospital – study finds

Despite having poorer health outcomes than their urban counterparts, rural New Z...

Angela Curl thumbnail

21 Feb 2024

Half-price fares benefit people experiencing transport poverty – study

New research from the University of Otago, Christchurch, has found reduced cost...

First time dual winners of Premier Undergraduate Prize thumbnail

21 Feb 2024

First time dual winners of Premier Undergraduate Prize

For the first time, the Division of Health Sciences Premier Undergraduate Prize...

OMRF Summer Scholarships recipients

15 Feb 2024

Summer research projects a great opportunity for a taste of reality

Having a real research experience, with unexpected problems and outcomes, was a...

Medical professional administering vaccination into a persons arm

14 Feb 2024

Urban-rural vaccination divide underscores need for change

Visible gaps between rural and urban COVID-19 vaccination rates highlights the n...

John Stewart image

13 Feb 2024

US-based Otago alumnus leaves $3.8m gift to support students and research

A major bequest of $3.8m from the estate of medical alumnus and radiologist Dr J...

Asthma treatment options thumbnail

02 Feb 2024

The case for cannabidiol inhalers

Professor Shyamal Das has secured funding to investigate how cannabidiol can be...

Black and white etching of several brigs in a harbour in North East England circa 1840

01 Feb 2024

Archaeological evidence of seasonal vitamin D deficiency discovered

Rickets ran rife in children following the Industrial Revolution, but University...

Andrea Teng image

31 Jan 2024

Pacific nations tax unhealthy foods to tackle NCD crisis

Pacific Island governments are increasingly imposing taxes on unhealthy foods as...

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