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22 Sep 2023

Remains bring stories of the Otago goldfields to life

Findings from the skeletal remains of miners laid to rest in Otago cemeteries in...

OMRS microscope  logo thumbnail

21 Sep 2023

Otago Medical School Research Society celebrates rich history

For more than 100 years, the Otago Medical School and its Research Society have...

Cheryl Davies Image

20 Sep 2023

PCARN is bringing palliative care researchers together

Just two months since its July launch, the Palliative Care Aotearoa Research Net...

Endeavour fund 2023 generic thumbnail

19 Sep 2023

More than $32 million MBIE research funding for Otago

University of Otago researchers have been awarded more than $32 million in the l...

Distinguished Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman thumbnail

19 Sep 2023

Otago researchers rewarded for excellence

The breadth and strengths of University of Otago research were on display when t...

Chris Paton at G20 thumbnail

18 Sep 2023

Dr Chris Paton on WHO’s Digital Health Initiative

The World Health Organisation launched a Global Initiative on Digital Health at...

Emma Wyeth thumbnail

13 Sep 2023

Otago Professor new chair of Health Research Council’s Māori Health Committee

The University of Otago’s Professor Emma Wyeth (Kāi Tahu, Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Tama,...

Associate Professor Anna High thumbnail

05 Sep 2023

Lecturers celebrated for ‘making a difference’

University of Otago lecturers have today been recognised for their teaching exce...

Professor Debbie Hay thumbnail

05 Sep 2023

Professor Debbie Hay made new Associate Dean Space

Professor Debbie Hay has been appointed the new Associate Dean (AD) Space for th...

Eleanor Dunn thumbnail nw

04 Sep 2023

Medic volunteers her way to an ‘outstanding’ nomination

From running a successful beach clean-up at St Kilda to mentoring young women in...

Karla in her lab thumbnail 1 nw

29 Aug 2023

From Chile to New Zealand and beyond, doing science from a wheelchair

Originally from Chile, Karla Araya-Castro is a biotechnologist and visiting post...

Girl sitting on the floor holding knees to chest

25 Aug 2023

Ketamine may help treat depression but use should not become widespread – editorial

Ketamine can be used to manage treatment-resistant depression but researchers wa...

Frisbee thumbnail nw

25 Aug 2023

Otago represents at ultimate frisbee world champs

We’ll give them this – they've got spirit!...

HSFY Admissions event 2023 thumbnail

24 Aug 2023

First HSFY Admissions event a success

The Division of Health Sciences recently hosted the first of what will become an...

Mummification thumbnail nw

22 Aug 2023

Mummification practice of ancient populations latest focus of Otago bioarchaeologist

Professor Siân Halcrow’s work has taken her to some of the most significant arch...

Professor Louise Parr-Brownlie appointed Departmental Science Advisor to MBIE thumbnail nw

18 Aug 2023

Professor Louise Parr-Brownlie appointed Departmental Science Advisor to MBIE

Highly regarded University of Otago researcher, senior leader and wahine toa Pro...

Lisa Kremer thumbnail nw

18 Aug 2023

PhD grad on new evidence for eye drops used in preterm infants

Lisa Kremer’s (Kāi Tahu, Kāti Māmoe, and Waitaha) walk across the graduation sta...

Taliah Su'a thumbnail nw

18 Aug 2023

Medical student investigates rheumatic fever threat in Canterbury

Christchurch-based Samoan medical student Taliah Su'a understands the harsh real...

PhD graduand Ravneel Chand

16 Aug 2023

Possum contraceptive to protect the environment

PhD graduand Ravneel Chand caps off his postdoctoral studies this weekend, havin...

Alex Tups 2023 image

08 Aug 2023

Laboratory research finds gluten caused brain inflammation

In what is believed to be a world first discovery, University of Otago researche...

Associate Professor Hesham Al-Sallami thumbnail

07 Aug 2023

Is Ozempic the miracle weight loss drug?

If Ozempic or similar medicines were funded for weight loss it would take consid...

Jemma Geoghegan image

07 Aug 2023

New prestigious role for Professor Jemma Geoghegan

After a global search, Professor Jemma Geoghegan has been appointed the Webster...

Close up of Clocktower clock angled from below.

04 Aug 2023

Multiple symptoms in veterans could indicate PTSD – study

A pattern of symptoms in veterans has emerged in a University of Otago study tha...

ELORP thumbnail nw

04 Aug 2023

Tauira flourish in by-Pacific, for-Pacific research initiative

Three Pacific tauira traded rest for research as they embarked on their biomedic...

Stock photograph of two people's hands reaching towards each other against a white background

02 Aug 2023

Continuity of care needed from the ‘front of the pathway’ to the back

After undergoing cancer treatment, many survivors deal with a range of psycho-so...

Brett Delahunt thumbnail nw

31 Jul 2023

Prestigious international appointment for Otago Emeritus Professor

University of Otago Emeritus Professor of Pathology Brett Delahunt ONZM KStJ FRS...

Professor Suzanne Pitama presents a Matariki staff award to Lauren Wallace.

27 Jul 2023

University of Otago, Christchurch celebrates its very own Matariki “stars”

The weather outside may have been uninspiring but it was all warmth and aroha in...

View of University of Otago clocktower clock face from below-right

26 Jul 2023

Immunity gap likely reason for cluster of NZ whooping cough deaths, experts say

The death of three babies in Aotearoa from whooping cough this year were likely...

24 Jul 2023

Wāhine tauira create a network of support

A supportive sisterhood of tauira is putting in the mahi to help future health p...

University of Otago Clocktower at night

21 Jul 2023

Updated informed consent statement to be introduced by Aotearoa’s two medical schools

A new informed consent statement for medical students in clinical placements wil...

Person vaping and blowing out smoke

21 Jul 2023

Vaping regulations failing children and young people – research letter

As the number of vape retailers in Aotearoa continues to grow – there are now mo...

Dentistry Clinical Research Excellence 2023

21 Jul 2023

Clinical and Research Excellence Symposium 2023

The Faculty of Dentistry's inaugural Clinical and Research Excellence Symposium

Logan Walker 2023 image

20 Jul 2023

Otago University-led research delivers more certainty for genetic test diagnoses

Findings from a new international study look set to improve rates of diagnosis f...

Rural landscape featuring rolling dry grassy hills with trees and blue sky image

12 Jul 2023

Rural residents die at higher rates than those in urban centres – study

People living in rural areas of Aotearoa die at higher rates than those living i...

12 Jul 2023

Pre-operative exercise substantially helps with recovery – study

Study finds that pre-operative exercise substantially helps with recovery with a...

Dunedin campus aerial

07 Jul 2023

Study shows extent of health inequities

The first study to use Māori-specific data from a nationwide health-related qual...

07 Jul 2023

Kids spending one-third of after-school time on screens, study finds

Regulations are urgently needed to protect children from harm in the unregulated...


06 Jul 2023

Funding boost to find out how colour protects sea stars from heat and UV

Dr Nathan Kenny and his collaborators have been awarded a Catalyst Seeding grant...


06 Jul 2023

HRC funding success to develop new tuberculosis treatment

Congratulations to Otago Biochemist Professor Kurt Krause and his team of resear...

Sci expo bananas_650

04 Jul 2023

2023 International Science Festival Expo Weekend

As part of the International Science Festival, the University of Otago puts on a...

Clocktower thumbnail

04 Jul 2023

HRC grants $51 million to Otago researchers

Otago researchers have received a significant $51 million funding boost from the...

HRC funding 2023 Jason Gurney Rachael Taylor Richie Poulton image

04 Jul 2023

HRC grants $51 million to Otago researchers

Otago researchers have received a significant $51 million funding boost from the...

Amanda Landers - image

04 Jul 2023

Matariki a time to remember those who have gone before

Aotearoa has become a “death denying country” and Matariki is the perfect time t...

03 Jul 2023

Diabetes research garners support

A strong partnership between University of Otago researchers and the community i...

Thomas Pirker, Mathew Shuen, Devin TonkinA H Couch 2023 image

30 Jun 2023

Future cardiologists gain funding from A H Couch Trust Heart Foundation Scholarship

Future cardiologists hope their work will have a positive impact on heart health...

Christchurch campus image

29 Jun 2023

Alcohol causes more harm than meth and other illegal drugs – study

New University of Otago, Christchurch, research has found that a legal drug – al...

27 Jun 2023

New psychedelic-assisted therapy trial aims to help cancer patients

Finding a way to help terminal cancer patients struggling with depressive though...

27 Jun 2023

DNA discovery may assist in fight against aggressive cancer

In a significant development in the fight against fatal cancers, University of O...

DNA - generic - image

27 Jun 2023

DNA discovery may assist in fight against aggressive cancer

In a significant development in the fight against fatal cancers, University of O...

Jonathan Broadbent - image

23 Jun 2023

Dad first, Distinguished Scientist second

The support of his family and colleagues are integral to his personal success, s...

Wayne Morriss at WHA - image

21 Jun 2023

Health priorities outlined on the world stage

Clinical Associate Professor Wayne Morriss recently returned from a week in Gene...

20 Jun 2023

Māori-centred approach to mental health care highlights role of whānau

Researchers have developed a “groundbreaking” health model to ensure the cultura...

Lucy Broughton - Nathan Monk - image1

20 Jun 2023

Achieving ‘one thing at a time’ this World Productivity Day

Two University of Otago PhD candidates from very different walks of life share t...

Otago Science Expo 2021 - image

19 Jun 2023

Otago @ NZ International Science Festival

The University of Otago is honoured to once again be a major partner supporting...

Hannah Maher 1 - image

15 Jun 2023

Triathlon success takes student by surprise

After injuries and illness, Otago medical student Hannah Maher felt just making...

NZCYES team members

15 Jun 2023

Child health under the spotlight

Child health under the spotlight....

14 Jun 2023

Off-Campus: Tramping to save lives

There’s a special sense of solidarity that comes with being part of a team that...

te aka image 2

13 Jun 2023

Katherine gets her kicks in Canada

Swapping her Otago hoodie for an American Football shirt to kick a ball in a far...

Wellington Science City - lab image

13 Jun 2023

University welcomes funding for Science City initiative

The University of Otago welcomes new funding in the Government’s 2023 Budget for...

Tom Bergen Sport NZ image

12 Jun 2023

Promoting physical activity in young adults

Encouraging adolescents to develop good physical activity behaviours is the focu...

Margot Skinner - image

09 Jun 2023

Physiotherapy’s highest global honour awarded to Dr Margot Skinner

Distinguished physiotherapist Dr Margot Skinner has been awarded World Physiothe...

08 Jun 2023

Smoking and weight can impact daily vitamin C requirements

People who smoke need to consume twice as much vitamin C per day as non-smokers,...

Diermeier lab scholarships_650

07 Jun 2023

Diermeier Lab students awarded Māori and Neurological Foundation scholarships

Congratulations to Kiri Burich and Amy Bennie - students of the Diermeier Lab wh...

Robin Turner - image

07 Jun 2023

Becoming a biostatistician a happy accident

Robin Turner’s journey to biostatistics was a bit of a roundabout one....

Kyla-Louise Horne - image

06 Jun 2023

Major CMRF grant to research hallucinations in Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Kyla-Louise Horne has received a significant funding boost for her research w...

Cameron Lacey Tracy Haitana - image

02 Jun 2023

MIHI Bipolar Research team wins prestigious international award

A team from the University of Otago, Christchurch’s, MIHI (Māori and Indigenous...

01 Jun 2023

Major CMRF grant to research hallucinations in Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Kyla-Louise Horne has received a significant funding boost for her research w...

Christchurch campus image

31 May 2023

MIHI Bipolar Research team wins prestigious international award

A team from the University of Otago, Christchurch’s, MIHI (Māori and Indigenous...

Pippty Pop - image

31 May 2023

Balloon art provides a little magic for all

Winning a national game show with her impressive balloon twisting skills has giv...

Aliesha Kemp image

31 May 2023

Understanding the brain mechanisms underlying anxiety

Aliesha Kemp likes to keep busy. And pausing part-way through a medical degree t...

29 May 2023

Study results prompt call for medicinal cannabis policy evaluation

A New Zealand study into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis has added to the g...

Rob Walker - image

26 May 2023

Contribution to managing kidney disease across the globe recognised

Otago Professor Rob Walker’s significant international contribution to understan...

10 May 2023

New study reinforces timely need for Pneumococcal Vaccine Switch

New research from the University of Otago, Christchurch, backs a recent Pharmac...

Black and white photograph of a dense forest of slim trees image 650

10 May 2023

Photos give men a voice to discuss mental distress

An innovative research project at the University of Otago, Wellington, is using...

02 May 2023

University of Otago scientist wins Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize

Associate Professor Dianne Sika-Paotonu from the University of Otago has won the...

14 Mar 2023

Policy changes urged to ensure Aotearoa’s health workforce reflects society

Policy changes are urgently needed to ensure Aotearoa’s future health workforce...


10 Mar 2022

Members of Microbiology: Meet Dr Cara Adolph 

Members of Microbiology: Meet Dr Cara Adolph...

02 Dec 2021

Biostatistics Centre makes it official after four years

The Biostatistics Centre was officially launched last week, four years after it...

TRG 2020 Winners thumbnail

14 Dec 2020

University of Otago Translational Research Grant competition 2020 winning team

The winning team in this year’s University of Otago Translational Research Grant...

2019 Cycle Challenge logo thumbnail

28 Jun 2019

Cycle Challenge to help Heart Foundation

Cycling at the end of July may not be everybody's cup of tea but when you are ra...

27 Jun 2019

HRC Grants of almost $35 million to Division of Health Sciences researchers

HRC Grants of almost $35 million to Division of Health Sciences researchers...

06 Mar 2019

Changes to scoring for admission categories

From 2019, there will be changes to admissions scoring for entry to some of the...

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