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The Academic Board has overall academic responsibility for courses of study (papers) and programmes (degrees, diplomas, certificates, endorsements or majors, and minors) within the Division of Health Sciences.

The Board also sets high-level academic direction, and aims to make strategic decisions on academic matters.

The Board oversees all academic matters relating to:

  • Admission to a programme
  • Approval of paper exemptions and substitutions within a programme
  • Approval of master's thesis topics and supervisors
  • Exclusion of a student from an undergraduate or postgraduate programme
  • Introduction of new papers and/or programmes
  • Modifications to existing papers and/or programmes
  • Deletion of existing papers and/or programmes

The first three responsibilities may be delegated to other boards which have been established by, and report to, the Academic Board.

All proposals for the introduction, modification or deletion of papers or programmes are considered by the Academic Board. The Board can then make recommendations to the Board of Undergraduate Studies or the Board of Graduate Studies.

Academic Board meeting dates

All meetings are on Thursdays at 10am.


  • 16 November
  • 14 December


  • 15 February
  • 21 March
  • 18 April
  • 16 May
  • 20 June
  • 18 July
  • 15 August
  • 19 September
  • 17 October
  • 21 November
  • 12 December

Academic Board agenda deadlines

Academic proposals must be considered by the Health Sciences Proposals Committee prior to inclusion in the Divisional Academic Board agenda.

The deadline for this earlier Committee is one month prior to the Divisional Academic Board meeting. For example, to make a Divisional Academic Board meeting on 17 November, please submit your proposal for Proposals Committee consideration on 17 October.

Contact the Academic Board

The first point of contact for the Academic Board is the Division's Academic Committees and Services Specialist:

Dr Tosh Stewart

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