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The health, safety and wellbeing of our people and our community is one of our topmost priorities

The Office of Māori Development and the Occupational Health team collaborated to create a shared understanding of people being at the forefront of wellbeing. Together, the name Te Toiora Tākata has been gifted to this partnership.

Toiora encompasses wellbeing and welfare and the idea that it should be a priority for people and our community as a whole. Tākata (tāngata) is the Kāi Tahu word for people. Weaving these two kupu together gives us the name Te Toiora Tākata, the wellbeing of people.

This website provides information on the support services available for staff and students to enhance their health and wellbeing. You will also find guidance, tools, resources, training, education and practical evidence-based strategies that will help you care for your health and wellbeing whether you are working or studying or both.

The University of Otago recognises our unique workplace community, and the charter and strategic deliverables need to be about people and their overall wellbeing.

TheTe Pae Māhutonga model is a health promotion framework that captures a holistic view of health and wellbeing and provides us with guidance and direction.

The Te Pae Māhutonga model

   Graphic illustration of Healthy Campus Te Pae Mahutonga model

The symbol of the Southern Cross has been developed as a Māori model of health; Te Pae Māhutonga, by Sir Mason Durie (1999). The two pointer stars represent:

  • Te mana whakahaere – autonomy
  • Ngā manukura – leadership

The four cross stars represent the key areas of Māori health:

  • Mauriora – cultural identity
  • Waiora – physical environment
  • Toiora – healthy lifestyles
  • Te oranga – participation in society

Read more detailed information on the Te Pae Māhutonga health promotion framework

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