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An environment of safety, respect and dignity for all members of the University community.

Mediation at Otago is an informal process designed to resolve problems and differences as early as possible.

  • Voluntary – you and the other person(s) choose mediation
  • Confidential – records are not kept and no one need know mediation has occurred
  • Collaborative – those with the problem work out solutions, with the help of the mediator

University Mediator

Jennifer Anderson headshot image 2021 Jennifer Anderson is the University of Otago Mediator. She has a background in mediation working with families and as a lawyer specialising in family and mental health law. She has a keen interest in helping people to resolve conflict.

While Jennifer is based in Dunedin, she frequently travels to the University of Otago campuses outside of Dunedin and can do so at short notice, if required. Meet with her when she is visiting your campus or phone/meet with her via zoom to discuss any concerns.

Contact details

Jennifer Anderson
University Mediator
Tel +64 3 479 5679
G09 Scott Shand House

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