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“Peer review” is a term used to describe the wide range of evaluative practices that can be undertaken with colleagues.

Peer review can provide evidence of professional development that can be used for the Otago Teaching Profile through documenting the changes you have made to your teaching practice as a result of using this process.

Peer review has three key principles:

  1. It is voluntary
  2. It is collaborative
  3. It is done for the purposes of reflection, learning and change

View/download the Guidelines for peer review (PDF)

This document outlines a five-stage process that is recommended for the peer review of teaching and its use for the peer review of supervision. This is not the only possible approach but it presents a structure that has both validity and reliability in promoting professional learning.

A summary of the process of collecting student feedback on supervision is contained in the document on the right. The evaluation service can assist with data collection if needed.

Peer review forms

Additional resources

Two examples of ways to approach classroom observations are provided in the documents on the right. The first is use of a time-diary technique and the second is a form for recording the observation process that can be adapted to your particular needs.


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