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Contact details

Room 2S11, Arts 1 (Burns) Building
Tel +64 3 479 8605

Academic qualifications

2001: PhD University of Connecticut
1994: MA University of Connecticut
1992: BA(Hons), University of Sydney

Research interests

Mark specialises in modern Italian history (from the 1850s to the 1970s), with a particular interest in the links between personal experience, politics, and the law. His first book, Debating Divorce in Italy (Palgrave, 2006), analysed the long struggle to reform marriage law in Italy, using the question to explore traditional fault-lines in Italian society from new angles. Since then he has published on a wide range of subjects, for example on King Victor Emanuel III's tours of 'Africa italiana', and on homosexual liberation in Italy.

Mark's most recent research makes micro-historical use of a sensational Roman murder trial to examine the way emotions were experienced, expressed, and shaped in the wake of Italian unification. The resulting book is Emotional Arenas: Life, Love, and Death in 1870s Italy, published in Oxford University Press's 'Emotions in History' series (April 2020).

Looking beyond Italy, Mark edited (with Sean Brady of Birkbeck) the volume From Sodomy Laws to Same-Sex Marriage: International Perspectives Since 1789 (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019). This pioneering collection offers historical and international perspectives on dramatic shifts in attitudes to same-sex relationships.

Mark was co-editor of the Cambridge journal Modern Italy from 2015-2020. He is currently working with Milena Sabato (University of Salento) on an analytical primary-source collection, Italy from Risorgimento to Refugee Crisis: A History in Documents, 1815-2015, for Bloomsbury Academic.

Courses taught

Editorial responsibilities

Mark is on the editorials boards of Modern Italy, the Journal of Modern Italian Studies, Italia contemporanea, and Memoria e ricerca.

Areas of research supervision

Europe from 1789; Modern Italy; Italian settlement in New Zealand.


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Seymour, M. (2020). Emotional arenas: Life, love, and death in 1870s Italy. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 256p. Authored Book - Research

Brady, S., & Seymour, M. (Eds.). (2019). From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage: International perspectives since 1789. London, UK: Bloomsbury, 264p. Edited Book - Research

Guaiana, Y., & Seymour, M. (2019). From Giarre to civil unions: The "long march" for same-sex relationship in Italy. In S. Brady & M. Seymour (Eds.), From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage: International perspectives since 1789. (pp. 167-181). London, UK: Bloomsbury. Chapter in Book - Research

Seymour, M. (2018). The throne behind the power? Royal tours of 'Africa Italiana' under fascism. In R. Aldrich & C. McCreery (Eds.), Royals on tour: Politics, pageantry and colonialism. (pp. 211-232). Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press. Chapter in Book - Research

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