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General postgraduate information

General postgraduate information can be found on the University's Postgraduate website:

Postgraduate Coordinator

The Postgraduate Coordinator is concerned with all postgraduate matters in History and is the first port of call in ensuring that your postgraduate experience at Otago is a beneficial one.

Our MA and PhD Information Booklet sets out key information for students in the History Programme, including what to do when there are concerns about supervision, the student-supervisor agreement, progress reports, thesis submission, funding, and support services.

MA and PhD information booklet (DOCX)

Student supervisor agreement

Completion of a Student supervisor agreement is compulsory and is completed after your acceptance. It serves as an agreement between you and your supervisors concerning supervision practices (how often you meet etc.) and deadlines for the submission of written work.


During the course of study MA and PhD students may require additional funds for unanticipated research which is vital to the completion of their research. The Postgraduate committee will consider such applications through requests from supervisors.

All requests for actual funding must be submitted to the Postgraduate studies committee with the funding request form, supported by your primary supervisor, at least two months before the intended expenditure. MA students may request funding with the support of their supervisors, also using the funding request form, at least two months before the intended expenditure.

No expenditure is to be undertaken without formal approval by the Postgraduate studies committee. Once funding is approved, all possible bookings should be made in advance through us in consultation with the Administrator. For expenditures that cannot be booked in advance, original GST receipts for all expenditure must be provided (not just credit card or eftpos chits). Failure to do so may prevent reimbursement of your expenses.

Funding request form (DOCX)


Conference Funding

PhD students can request overseas conference funding for one conference from the Division of Humanities.

Forms and guidelines on the Humanities website

The current amount that can be applied for is up to a maximum of $2,000. We generally recommend that a research trip is carried out in conjunction with conference attendance.

National Postgraduate Conference at Victoria University, Wellington

The History Programme at Victoria University of Wellington annually hosts a postgraduate conference and we encourage students to attend.

New Zealand Historical Association Conference

Postgraduate students are also encouraged to participate in the biannual New Zealand Historical Association conference.

University-related international travel

For international travel, all flights should be booked and paid directly from our programme through the University travel agents. This is to ensure that in the event of a crisis the University can check where you are and alert embassies accordingly.

It is mandatory that postgraduate students take out the University's travel insurance for any University related international travel. Please see our Administrator for help with this.

Thesis writing guides

Thesis writing guides are available from the University library.

Thesis Information

Contact information

Please contact us for any administrative matters.


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