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Academic Procedures, Guidelines and Forms

For forms and guidelines for new paper and programme proposals go to the Academic Committees information page.

Application forms – students

Go to the Enrolment Page for enrolment and application information about programmes of study.

Bridging Scholarships

Human resources / employment

Go to the Human Resources website for information on the Academic Confirmation process


For Humanities Research and Study Leave enquires:Email

Humanities expenditure guidelines

Humanities research funding

Humanities research network funding

Te Kete Aronui Division of Humanities Strategic Plan

Māori Strategic Framework (MSF) documents

Performing Arts Fund

Visit the Performing Arts Fund information page



Research Masters' degrees

Taught or Coursework Masters', Honours and Postgraduate Diplomas

These degrees comprise a number of postgraduate papers and sometimes a research component, normally 40–60 points.  Most are administered within Programmes, with Divisional oversight by the Associate Dean Graduate Studies.

The Graduate Studies policies, guidelines and information page provides information on Divisional policy, processes and associated forms, including specific forms for the MA(Coursework).

Support for conferences

Events Hub
Advice and information when organising conferences and symposia.

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