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These cards were formerly known as "Home Science Catering Cards" and were first produced in 1943.

They were extensively revised in 2000. Sections for breakfast, fish, chicken, soup, vegetarian, and vegetable were added, along with a Christmas baking section.

All recipes include safe handling practices, enabling their use with a Hazard Analysis Clinical Control Point Programme.

The recipe cards come as a box set of 479 recipes in total, each with ingredient requirements for cooking 25, 50 or 100 servings.

The recipe categories are:

• Baking
• Breakfast
• Chicken
• Cold Desserts
• Fillings and Icings
• Fish, Fruit & Veges, Meats
• Hot Puddings
• Salads, Sauces and Accompaniments
• Savouries
• Lunches
• Soups
• Special Occasions
• Vegetarian

The cards have a wipeable surface and come in a sturdy plastic box.

They cost $250 per box excluding GST plus $12.50 postage.
How to order the receipe cards
Phone the Department of Human Nutrition 03 479 7959.

You need to provide a contact name and phone number, delivery and invoicing details.

An invoice is enclosed with the cards when they are sent.
Sample recipe cards.

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