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In 2013, the Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) with a major in Community Nutrition was replaced with the above-mentioned Health Science qualification endorsed in Human Nutrition. If you've completed CMNX papers towards the PGDipSci (Community Nutrition), you can transition to the new Health Science qualifications, receiving credit for CMNX401, CMNX402, CMNX406, CMNX407 as NUTN401, NUTN402, NUTN404, and NUTN407, respectively.

The PG Dip Community Nutrition has been replaced with three new endorsements in Human Nutrition within the 'Health Sciences suite' of programmes:
• Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences endorsed in Human Nutrition
• Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences endorsed in Human Nutrition
• Master of Health Sciences endorsed in Human Nutrition

For example, if you have completed one CMNX paper you will be eligible to enter the PGCertHealSc programme (provided you are able to fulfill the requirements for the Certificate in the specified timeframe) and have the respective NUTN paper credited from your completed CMNX paper. Alternatively, you can transition from the PG Dip Community Nutrition to the PG Dip Health Sciences (Endorsed in Human Nutrition).

Papers offered:

NUTN 401 Principles of Human Nutrition

An overview of macronutrients and micronutrients, including analysis of topical research specific to each nutrient. Assessment of nutritional status, with particular emphasis on dietary assessment and interpretation.

NUTN 402 Nutrition and Health Promotion

The aim of the paper is to become familiar with current evidence-informed approaches to nutrition education, promotion, and communication.

NUTN 404 Nutrition and Chronic Disease

A critical and in-depth analysis of current and topical issues in the role of nutrition in chronic disease, specifically heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

NUTN 407 Advanced Sports Nutrition

A critical and in-depth analysis of current and topical issues in the nutritional aspects of exercise, performance and sport.

Diploma: NUTN401 and two of NUTN 402, 404 or 407; further approved papers to the value of 30 points.
Elective papers: Those considering progressing to the MHealSc (Nutrition) need a 30 point research methods paper.
Other elective papers include: GENA737, GENA709, HASC701, GENA704, PRHC701.

Important note:
The papers are not intended to enable participants to dispense therapeutic advice to individuals with medical conditions. By gaining an enhanced knowledge and understanding of nutrition, participants will gain an appreciation of the situations where referral to a qualified dietitian is appropriate.

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2023 Calendar and supplementary material.

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