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It's important that you keep track of what documents you are attaching to your application.

Attaching documents

Attach your cover letter and CV/Resume, as well as any other documents specified in the job advert.

By attaching your documents, you create a library of documents that you can choose from each time you apply. You can have multiple versions of documents (for example, your cover letter), but each must have a unique name.

Selecting relevant documents

Within each job application, you can add new documents or access your current library. In either case, you need to tick all documents that are relevant to that job application.

If a document is not ticked to mark it relevant to the specific application, it will not be submitted to the selection panel.

Please note: any application without both a CV and a cover letter will be deemed a partial application, and may not be considered.

Updating your documents

If you delete, change or overwrite any document that is being used in any current application, the document will be removed or overwritten within that application. The original document will no longer be available to the selection panel.

It is best to attach a document with a new file name to avoid any issues with current applications.

If you need help, please contact the recruitment team.

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