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How can I participate in the Academic Leadership Development Programme?

Upcoming ALDP workshops and courses are regularly emailed to members of the ALDP distribution list. People automatically join the list when they take up a leadership role (e.g. Head of Department) or are nominated by their Academic Head/manager because workshop content is relevant to their role.

If you are not receiving information about ALDP activities and want to join the distribution list, then contact the ALDP team to discuss:


What will participation cost?

The ALDP activities are centrally funded and there is no charge to departments or participants.

Where are the sessions held?

ALDP course and workshops are mainly run at a variety of locations on the Dunedin campus or via zoom. With travel constraints since 2020, there has been limited opportunity for on-campus delivery at University of Otago Wellington or University of Otago Christchurch.

If you would like to have a conversation about holding a session on your campus, please contact us:


Can I attend a session in Dunedin if I am not located on that campus?


ALDP has limited funding for the travel and accommodation of participants and this is allocated to priority roles such as Academic Heads. In some instances you may need to cover your own travel and accommodation expenses.

If you would like to have a conversation regarding travel and accommodation for a workshop / course, please contact us:


Who facilitates the workshops and courses?

Academic and professional leaders in their disciplines from throughout the University community, generously give their time as facilitators. External facilitators run some of the 1–2 day courses.

Are the Zoom workshops and courses recorded?


Zoom workshops and courses are not recorded because we want the opportunity for participants to ask questions that, may at times, be very specific to their own role and context

If I can't attend a workshop can I get the resources?


Depending on the delivery format of the workshop resources are often available in the form of stocktake tools, readings and slides. Please contact us:


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