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The Academic Leadership Development Programme ( ALDP ) is part of Organisational Development within the HR Division. It is one of a number of opportunities to learn at work in academic leadership roles, such as: Academic Head, Course Convenor, Chair of Committee and Principal Investigator.

Continuous professional development activities for academic staff are also available with:

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The University of Otago values the importance of academic leadership for the wellbeing of staff and students as well as the success of the organisation.

Leadership attributes are outlined in:

Academic Leadership Framework (PDF)

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Academic Leadership Development Programme

Structure of the programme

The programme provides opportunities for staff to develop reflective leadership practice, grow in confidence, learn from peers in the community of Otago leaders, extend understanding of the University and strengthen connections.  The programme activities emphasise applied 'just-in-time' learning and focus on “So what does this mean for me as an academic leader? How can this assist my academic unit and my work in the leadership role?”

The programme is centrally funded with no charge to departments or participants.

Activities include the following:

New Academic Heads' Leadership Development

This programme is specifically designed for the role of Academic Head of Department/Programme, School and Directors of Centre/Programme (5 days over 12 months).

Developing Academic Leadership

Workshops (2–4 hours) and courses (1–2 days) that are open to:

  • Academic Heads/Directors
  • All academic staff for whom the content is relevant to their roles (e.g. Associate Dean, Course Convenor, Chair of Committee, leading a working group / research team and who have been nominated by their Academic Head to attend as part of leadership development and succession planning. Participants can select as many, or few, activities as are of interest to them.

Policy and Practice

The Policy and Practice series is open to all academic and professional staff as part of the whole University community working and learning together. During these 1–2 hour sessions subject matter experts provide 'need to know' information about University policy, procedures and guidelines.  Participants can select as many, or few, activities as are of interest to them.

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ALDP team

Alison Stewart 2019 imageAlison Stewart

Head of ALDP

Tel +64 3 479 8657

Lena Vogt-KendrickLena Vogt-Kendrick profile photo.

Training Co-ordinator

Tel +64 3 479 8455

Lyall Hanton imageProfessor Fiona McDonald

Chair of the Academic Leadership Advisory Group
Department of Physiology

Tel +64 3 479 7329

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