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Kairuruku Tuarua


Assistant Research Fellows support the research activities of senior researchers by carrying out specified research activities. The position is dependent on specified research funding.

Assistant Research Fellows demonstrate collegiality with the Research Team/Department.


Research and/or advancing professional practice and scholarship activities

It is expected that Assistant Research Fellows:

  1. contribute to a research programme by carrying out specified research, research related and/or analytical activities

It is expected that Assistant Research Fellows may be:

  1. demonstrating a significant degree of independence and initiative in their work
  2. being responsible for co-ordinating the involvement of others in a project
  3. assisting the Principal Investigator(s) with preparation of research funding proposals, analysis of results and be involved in drafting papers for publication
  4. making contributions to or publish original work

Service to the University and the community

It is expected that Assistant Research Fellows share their knowledge with and contribute to the academic community.


It is expected that Assistant Research Fellows:

  1. take an active interest in the activities relating to the Department
  2. meet all compliance and reporting requirements
  3. work collegially with staff and students in the Department

Teaching is not expected

Employment Conditions


  • Bachelor Degree minimum and a research qualification preferable.
  • Experience in relevant research techniques and, where appropriate, statistical analysis.
  • Assistant Research Fellows are supervised by senior researchers.

Authority to appoint

Appointment is approved by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Dean in the Division of Health Sciences).

Further information about authority to appoint academic staff

Confirmation path

Not eligible

Salary scale

  • Assistant Research Fellow scale below the bar (steps 1 to 6)
  • Assistant Research Fellow scale beyond the bar (steps 7 to 10)

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Performance review


Find out more about performance and salary review

Salary progressions

  • One step annually on the salary scale below the bar to step 6 subject to satisfactory performance
  • One step annually on the salary scale beyond the bar to step 10 subject to satisfactory performance

For further information see section 10.2 of the Academic Staff (Non Medical/Dental) Employment Agreement.


Assistant Research Fellows may apply for the following promotions:

  • Assistant Research Fellow beyond the bar (to step 7)
  • Research Fellow
  • Senior Research Fellow beyond the bar
  • Research Associate Professor
  • Research Professor

Find out more about academic promotion

Research and study leave

Not eligible for Research and Study Leave

Employment Agreements

  • Academic Staff (Non Medical/Dental) Employment Agreement OR
  • Academic Staff (Non Medical/Dental) Individual Agreement OR
  • Student Individual Employment Agreement (if enrolled in a tertiary institution in an undergraduate course of study of 0.6 EFTs value or 0.5 EFTs value for postgraduate study, or greater over an academic year, and who is employed as an Assistant Research Fellow for less than 20 hours per week during semester time, and up to full time during vacations).

Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF):

Not required to submit an Evidence Portfolio.

Information about PBRF


The Assistant Research Fellow position also includes Assistant Research Fellow beyond the bar. Assistant Research Fellows on the range beyond the bar are expected to be working more independently and may be publishing original work.

Useful information

Key contacts

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HR Manager - Promotions & Remuneration
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