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Kairuruku Ritenga Utua/ Kairuruku Riteka Utua


Professional Practice Fellows support teaching or training, under supervision, in a professionally based area. Professional Practice Fellows are expected to maintain professional expertise through continuing professional development, generally by working within their area of professional expertise, either within the University or outside the University. Research is not expected.


Teaching, assessment and curriculum development

It is expected that Professional Practice Fellows:

  1. assist teaching across a range of papers or in clinical settings, at undergraduate level, under the supervision of a senior academic staff member who is responsible for course design and delivery (A Professional Practice Fellow would normally contribute less than 25% to one course that potentially contributes to a degree. Depending on the course or programme, this might involve less than 10 hours of class contact with students in a course)

It is expected that Professional Practice Fellows may be assisting with:

  1. the preparation of course material
  2. the preparation of course plans, outline any materials for delivery of classes assigned, in consultation with other senior colleagues
  3. the presentation of lectures, tutorials, seminars, workshops and papers
  4. assessment and feedback to students of progress towards learning outcomes

Professional practice

It is expected that Professional Practice Fellows:

  1. maintain their own professional practice, demonstrating knowledge of technical developments and involvement with professional organisations relating to the practice
  2. maintain an awareness of research developments in the field.

Professional Practice Fellows may be:

  1. assisting other academic staff in the development of their own research programmes by bringing a practice perspective, appropriate involvement in research projects, and active participation in departmental research meetings

Service to the University and the community

It is expected that Professional Practice Fellows:

  1. share knowledge with and contribute to the community
  2. contribute to the Department's academic goals by applying and sharing expert knowledge in a professional discipline. They may be undertaking management/leadership roles within the University and/or community.


It is expected that Professional Practice Fellows:

  1. take an active interest in the activities of the Department
  2. meet all compliance and reporting requirements
  3. work collegially with staff and students in the Department

Employment conditions


Normally hold a postgraduate or Professional Qualification or may be studying for a higher degree.

Authority to appoint

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Dean in Health Sciences)

Find out more about authority to appoint academic staff

Confirmation path

Not eligible

Salary scale

  • Professional Practice Fellows scale (Non Medical/Dental) (4 bands)
  • Professional Practice Fellows scale (Medical/Dental) (4 bands)

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Performance review


Find out more about annual performance appraisals

Salary progressions

  • One step annually on salary scale within the PP1 and PP2 bands, subject to satisfactory performance
  • There is no provision for progression within the PP3 and PP4 range

For more information, see section 11 (b) of the Academic Staff (Non Medical/Dental) Employment Agreement or section 5 (b) of the Academic Staff (Medical & Dental) Employment Agreement as appropriate.

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Not eligible

Research and study leave

Not eligible

Employment agreements

Professional Practice Fellows are usually covered by the:

  • Academic Staff (Non Medical/Dental) Collective Employment Agreement OR
  • Academic Staff (Non Medical/Dental) Individual Agreement OR
  • Academic Staff (Medical & Dental) Employment Agreement

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Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF)

Not required to submit an evidence portfolio

Find out more about the PBRF

Other information

The prime criterion for assessing appropriate salary is the market rate for the professional person.

Useful information