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Professional Practice Fellow

Kairuruku Ritenga Utua

Information for hiring managers

Appointments to this title must use the role description provided (see downloadable file in the 'Related info' section). If you need to define specific duties, functions or appointment requirements, then these can be appended to the role description as a separate schedule.


Professional Practice Fellows are qualified professionals who support teaching (including administrative aspects), teach, or provide training in their professionally based area.

Professional Practice Fellows are required to maintain professional expertise and where relevant accreditation through continuing professional development and by working in their area of professional expertise, either within the University or outside the University.

Research is not required although Professional Practice Fellows may provide professional input into a research project.


Teaching, assessment and curriculum development

  1. Present lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratories, and workshop
  2. Support and undertake teaching to a standard that meets the quality standards expected in the Department/School/Division and profession/discipline
  3. May convene papers, modules or courses (normally Band 2 only)
  4. Ensure materials for delivery of classes are prepared and assigned as per the paper and course requirements
  5. Assist with the preparation and development of course material, course plans, assessment criteria and feedback approaches to support the paper and course activities
  6. Invigilate and mark assessment exercises and provide feedback to students on their progress towards learning outcomes
  7. Coordinate the marking process and ensure the provision of constructive and timely feedback
  8. Provide appropriate pastoral support to students
  9. May provide course advice to students as a recognised and trained adviser
  10. Support the professional understanding and teaching capacity of University staff, working collaboratively with academic and professional staff
  11. Share professional practice expertise with colleagues within the Department
  12. Facilitate and support the use of appropriate tools and technology in the delivery of teaching, including for on-line learning

Professional practice

  1. Maintain own teaching practice, evidenced by the ability to demonstrate knowledge of developments including technical or discipline changes
  2. Maintain, as appropriate, vocational, or professional registration or other professional requirements
  3. Be actively involved in professional organisations or groups relevant to their practice
  4. Maintain an awareness of research developments in the discipline
  5. Maintain best practice in their profession

Research and scholarship activities

The opportunity to undertake research is subject to Department, School or Divisional requirements.

  1. May work towards a tertiary teaching, postgraduate or professional qualification
  2. May assist academic staff in the development of research programmes by contributing a practice or profession-based perspective
  3. May provide professional expertise to postgraduate students or their supervisors


  1. Share knowledge with and contribute to the University and broader community
  2. Contribute to the academic goals of the Department, School and Division by applying and sharing knowledge in their discipline
  3. May be required to undertake management/leadership roles within the University and/or community at a level consistent with their band


  1. Take an active interest in the activities relating to the Department
  2. Meet all compliance and reporting requirements
  3. Work collegially with staff and students in the Department, School and Division
  4. May supervise at low levels e.g. Tutors, Demonstrators

Employment conditions


Professional Practice Fellows are qualified professionals who are required to maintain professional expertise and, where relevant, accreditation.


  • Appointments to Band 1 may be a relatively recent graduate in their profession
  • Appointments to Band 2 will typically have several years’ experience in their profession
  • Bands 1 & 2 have registration and, where required, membership of relevant professional body


  • Hold, or be studying towards, a higher degree or tertiary teaching qualification
  • Professional Practice Fellows appointed to Band 2 may have advanced professional qualifications

Authority to appoint

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Dean in Health Sciences)

Find out more about authority to appoint academic staff

Confirmation path

Not applicable.

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Salary scale

  • Professional Practice Fellows scale (Non Medical/Dental) (Bands 1 and 2)
  • Professional Practice Fellows scale (Medical/Dental) (Bands 1 and 2)

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Performance review

Annual Performance Appraisal for Academic Staff.

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Salary progressions

One step annually on salary band through to the top of the Band, subject to satisfactory performance.

For further information, see the Remuneration section of the Academic Staff Employment Agreement.

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Professional Practice Fellows (Band 1) may apply for promotion to:

  • Professional Practice Fellow (Band 2)
  • Senior Professional Practice Fellow (Band 3)

Professional Practice Fellows (Band 2) may apply for promotion to:

  • Senior Professional Practice Fellow (Band 3)

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Research and study leave

Not eligible.

Employment agreements

Professional Practice Fellows are usually covered by one of the following:

  • Academic Staff Individual Employment Agreement or
  • Academic Staff Collective Employment Agreement

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Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF)

Evidence portfolio not required.

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