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The aim of the Confirmation Path process is to assure both the University and the individual concerned that their appointment is likely to be successful in terms of the University's ongoing performance expectations.

The University expects staff members to:

  • teach at a standard acceptable to the Head of Department and the Dean (in the Division of Health Sciences) or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor;
  • demonstrate that they have established a research profile and are independent researchers;
  • make a service contribution appropriate to their level of appointment.

View the Confirmation policy here.

New staff will be advised of their confirmation objectives soon after their appointment; after which they will be given regular feedback in the form of discussions with their Head of Department and/or Dean and written confirmation reports.

This information sheet provides key information about the Confirmation Path for newly appointed staff.

Newly appointed confirmation path staff information sheet (PDF)

When are confirmation reports required?

The following table summarises when reports are required after the appointment of staff members to Confirmation Path appointments:

 Reminder by HRReport Due
First report1 month after appointment3 months after appointment
Second report16 months after appointment18 months after appointment
Third report28 months after appointment30 months after appointment
Fourth report40 months after appointment42 months after appointment
Final report52 months after appointment54 months after appointment

Due to the impact of the COVID–19 pandemic, the Confirmation process was suspended for 4 months from 26 March 2020 through to 25 July 2020 and 2 months from 17 August 2021 through to 15 October 2021. As a result, the due dates for the progress reports and Confirmation term were pushed out by the suspension period for staff on Confirmation during that period. Confirmation-related work undertaken at the University of Otago during the suspension does contribute towards the confirmation goals.

Changes to confirmation path process

In 2020 the Divisional Confirmation objectives were reviewed and updated. As part of that process the format of the Confirmation reports were also changed.

Staff who commenced in late 2020 will be assigned to the new objectives and reports.

Staff who were already on confirmation at the time will continue on the objectives set at the time and use previous report format.

HR will advise of the applicable report and format when you are sent a reminder.

Refer to the confirmation path process page

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