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Retiring can be the icing on the cake of an exciting career if you have prepared yourself for it. If you are thinking about retiring, there are a few things that you need to consider. We can support you in planning for your retirement, as well as through the process.

When can I retire?

There is no compulsory retirement age, but individual circumstances and genuineness of their retirement are taken into account.

For some people, phased retirement may be helpful. This allows staff to gradually decrease their FTE to a fixed retirement date.

Find out more about phased retirement in the Retirement policy

Retirement gratuities

Upon retirement, staff may be entitled to a retirement gratuity. This is defined in your employment agreement.

View all employment agreements

What do I need to do?

If you have decided that you would like to retire, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Speak to your Head of Department/Manager about your plans so that your department can plan for the future.
  2. Write a formal letter to your Head of Department/Manager stating that you mean to retire. Where appropriate, this letter should be endorsed by your Dean, Pro-Vice-Chancellor or Senior/Manager with a gratuity recommendation
  3. Your letter will then be sent to the Human Resources team who will send you a letter of acknowledgement.

Read the Retirement Policy for more detailed information

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