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2023 Competition Overview

The 2023 Inter-College Competition is set to be another exciting one with a wide variety of Sport, Cultural and Games events.

Additional initiatives include the Positive Impact Points and Points Grabs which provide further opportunities for colleges to gain points.

For more details on each event, view the specific competition sections or more information on the additional initiatives can be found below.


The Inter-College Competition is grounded in the value of Whākawhānaukataka. A mana enhancing concept and value that enables students to create connections and a sense of belonging (tūrangawaewae) fostering each student's personal growth by helping them create a balanced first-year experience. This competition allows students to interact not only with their own college but with the wider collegiate community. It allows students to create social connection in an aim to enhance relationships beyond the four walls of their college.

Points Grabs

Points Grabs are events run outside of the Inter-College Competition where students can earn Podium Points for their college. This is an opportunity for those involved in disciplines beyond what is run within the competition to gain points for their college or provide an incentive for students to try something new. Students who take part in these events, and who have registered their involvement with the Inter-College team will be eligible for Podium Points based on their performance in the events.

There will be three events on offer in 2023:

  • Three Peaks Mountain Race (Sunday 26 March)
  • Dunedin Marathon (Sunday 10 September)
  • Silver Peaks Walk (can be completed anytime between 27 February and 24 September)

Full details, including criteria and points allocations are available in the Inter-College handbook and the Points Grabs registration form.

Positive Impact Points

This initiative will be introduced in the Inter-College programme as a way to recognise and celebrate the acts of good will, charity and volunteerism within the Colleges of Residence at the University of Otago. Colleges will be able to earn small amounts of Podium Points by submitting evidence of the what the students have been engaged in that meets the criteria.

The purpose of Positive Impact Points is not to incentivise colleges and students doing good deeds, because they already do, but instead to reward sharing the stories of those deeds with us.

Colleges are able to select any initiatives that their students are engaged in that fall within the scope of:

  • Charity
  • Volunteering
  • Community support
  • Sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing

Following the completion of the chosen initiative a person who was involved will complete and submit the supporting form. Full details including criteria and points allocations are available in the Inter-College handbook.

Inter-College Competition Points 2023

Sport CompetitionPoints Cultural CompetitionPoints Games CompetitionPoints
Studholme 374 Studholme 138.5 Arana 229
Arana 241 Arana 121.75 CFC 194
Unicol 196.5 Hayward 99 St Margaret's 189
St Margaret's 187 CFC 88.25 Studholme 186
Salmond 170 Carrington 79.25 Salmond 172
Cumberland 147 Salmond 73.25 Hayward 139
192 Castle 120.5 192 Castle 52.5 Unicol 120
CFC 77 Unicol 51 Aquinas 119
Carrington 54 St Margaret's 41 Cumberland 119
Hayward 38 Aquinas 35 Carrington 118.5
Uniflats 31 Knox 25 192 Castle 115
Locals 15 Toroa 24 Uniflats 97
Aquinas 12 Uniflats 7 Toroa 55.5
Toroa 12 Locals 5 Locals 20
Knox 7 Cumberland 3.5 Knox 10
- - - - Te Pā Tauira 5
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