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SigmaPlot is graphing software that can integrate fully with Microsoft Office.

On this page you will find information about purchasing and licensing SigmaPlot software through Information Technology Services (ITS) including:

System requirements for SigmaPlot software

System requirements for SigmaPlot software can be found on the SigmaPlot website.

SigmaPlot software usage and licence terms

  • Staff and students can use SigmaPlot software on University-owned computers on most campuses, including the Schools of Medicine, the Wellington Stadium and the Auckland Office.
  • An annual licence for SigmaPlot software is available through ITS. The licence period is 1 February to 31 January.

Prices for SigmaPlot software

University Departments

The cost of SigmaPlot software is $240.00 per computer, per year.

How to use SigmaPlot software

The SigmaPlot website has tips for new users and a trial version you can use for 30 days.

Ordering SigmaPlot software through ITS

Please use the online software order form (requires login) to order Minitab software from ITS.

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions about the purchasing and licensing of software products

Last updated: 30 Aug 2017

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