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GLBL303 Applied Research Project

In your third year, the applied learning culminates in the GLBL303 Applied Research Project paper. This paper gives you the opportunity to complete an internship or an applied research project – either on campus, with a governmental institution or NGO, or in the private sector.

Here are some examples of student internships and research projects:

  • “The Alliance Française: A Global Organization and its Place in Small Countries. Case Study: New Zealand”.
    Project associated with Internship with the Alliance Française.
  • “Aotearoa and Refugees: The NZ Refugee Quota and Issues of Resettlement”.
    Project associated with Internship with the Christchurch Resettlement Services (CRS).
  • “The Effects of the Animal Rights Movement on the Captive Wildlife Industry in South Africa”.
    Project associated with Internship with the Ukutula Lodge: Wildlife Lodge and Conservation Centre.
  • “Environmental Practices in Spain and New Zealand: What Actions are Taken?”
    Applied research project.
  • “Contemporary Indigenous Governance. Wakatū: A Case Study”.
    Applied research project.
  • “Conservation in Aotearoa and Ireland: A Comparative Study”.
    Applied research – prior to GLBL303, student had also worked as a volunteer for the Department of Conservation in Dunedin as part of the GLBL201 paper.
  • “Migrants & Refugees in New Zealand: Experience with language and culture while residing in Aotearoa, New Zealand".
    Project associated with Internship with English Language Partners (ELP).
  • “Brief Study into Discrimination Against Migrants and Migrant Experiences in New Zealand”.
    Applied research project.
  • "Fast Fashion: A Global Environmental Injustice".
    Project associated with internship with Generation Zero Ōtepoti Dunedin.
  • "Confronting youth issues related to inequality in South Dunedin".
    Project associated with internship with Rock Solid Youth Aotearoa Dunedin.
  • "Representing Minority Histories in Aotearoa New Zealand's Revised History Curriculum".
    Applied research project.
  • “Sustainable Fashion Cycles in Dunedin”.
    Applied research project – proposal to be piloted by Otago Sustainability Office.

Photos featuring some examples of students and their projects

Career opportunities

One of the most sought-after graduate attributes employers are looking for is the ability to look at the big picture and apply it to solve specific problems.

Our Global Studies graduates are ideally qualified to respond to this challenge, as they are trained to analyse issues logically, challenge assumptions, consider different viewpoints, and act with flexibility, adaptability and creativity.

Our graduates find exciting, challenging and highly rewarding careers in a broad range of jobs in New Zealand and around the world.

Communications and creative industries, environmental and human rights organisations, tourism, commerce, foreign affairs, government and public administration are just a few of the career areas open to you.

What our graduates say

Studying Global Studies at Otago was one of the best decisions I ever made, it allowed me to study a variety of subjects that I couldn't do individually and gave me the opportunity to develop my passion for languages and cultures further! The lecturers were amazing - all were very passionate about their subjects and were so helpful if I didn't understand the content or wanted to learn more about a topic.

I was able to complete a research paper regarding migrant discrimination with an amazing supervisor who was extremely hands on which greatly helped me obtain my intelligence job with immigration.

Bianca Malcolm, BA in Global Studies and Politics, currently working for the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment

Global Studies have allowed me personal freedom in channelling what I care about most and applying it. It has allowed me to feel more comfortable in knowing how I want to position myself for the future in this complex world we live in.

It offers amazing outside-the-classroom opportunities and experiences, and the teaching staff is amazing! A quote from the course I won't forget is, "it's not about the work you want to do, rather, it's about the work you want your work to do".

Liam Hansard, BA Global Studies and BCom Economics and International Business.
Liam is currently completing an MA in International Business with a thesis on the potential for developing biofuel capabilities (from seaweed) here in New Zealand.

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